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'Captain's Mast' - Jan. 7, 2016


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Dec. 21

09:29 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Dieckgraeff Road.

09:30 - Public Works reported an injured common murre at Seward Highway and Phoenix. ASLC advised.

09:40 - Individual reported a domestic disturbance on Third. Officer contacted the female who said the male had left the residence.

12:01 - Individual turned in a phone found behind the Sea Bean.

15:30 - SCCC advised they would do a fire drill at 16:30.

16:52 - An accident on Washington was reported with unknown injuries. A driver hit a parked vehicle head on. Medics to stand down per officer. Vehicle was left at the scene.

16:58 - An anonymous caller reported a vehicle near Subway that rolled into the street. It was unoccupied. Officer got the vehicle moved to a safe area.

17:18 - SCCC advised the fire drill was over.

21:45 - SCCC would have a fire drill at approximately 22:00

22:28 - SCCC called to say the fire drill was completed.

Dec. 22

20:20 - Individual reported he was receiving only half of the 220 power from the city and that his generator started running providing the other half.

23:20 - During foot patrol downtown the door to the Sea Bean Café was found to be open. Officer secured the door.

Dec. 23

00:59 - Citation for failure to provide insurance issued to Robert Terrel Garner in Bayside north parking lot. Verbal warning for failure to stop at stop sign.

05:24 - Written warning for expired tags issued at Fifth and Adams.

11:00 - Individual turned in a diamond willow walking stick found at city hall. Owner retrieved his walking stick.

11:13 - Officer requested a case for a subject and the middle school.

14:22 - Individual reported a group of young juveniles fighting in front of the library. Officer met a juvenile and his mother at the station.

13:57 - Seward Health Center requested a welfare check on subject. Officer advised all OK.

18:13 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Oak.

19:48 - Citation for head light requirements issued to Sylvia Ingram at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

Dec. 24

04:48 - Verbal warning for speed given at Essential One parking lot.

06:14 - AST requested an SPD officer to The Farm B&B for a disturbance.

08:42 - Individual reported his wife passed away in the morning. SAST advised.

13:08 - Individual reported a possible domestic disturbance on Fourth. Officer spoke with the reporting party. At 14:39, officers had attempted to contact the suspect at his residence that was found empty. A warrant was issued for his arrest and SeaView was contacted to assist the victim.

16:28 - Winter Storm Alert: Effective from 9 a.m. Friday until 6 a.m. on Saturday - Heavy snows, 14 to 30 inches expected in the Moose Pass and Turnagain Arm areas. Low visibility of 1/2 mile.

16:31 - Trooper arrested Michele Spiers for Assault III and took her to SCJ.

18:24 - Individual reported there were three Rottweillers running loose around Bayside and they were making people nervous. Officer was unable to locate the animals.

18:54 - Individual requested an officer to the Breeze Inn Hotel parking lot about an argument taking place between a female and male. Officer contacted the involved parties. The female was provided with transportation home and left in the care of a friend, as she was intoxicated.

22:23 - AST requested an SPD officer to meet at Stoney Creek and Seward Highway for a disturbance.

Dec. 25

00:55 - Individual reported he heard his neighbor tell a male that he was not welcome and then the male pushed his way into the building. Officer spoke with a female who said that everything was OK, it was just a verbal altercation.

01:34 - An automated fire alarm rang at Seward Military Resort. The front desk said it was a false alarm, and to cancel fire and medics.

07:03 - Ambulance requested to Eads Way.

16:01 - Individual reported hearing shots in the old horse corral off of Phoenix. He said it sounded like an automatic weapon. A second complainant, reported hearing approximately 100 rounds of rapid fire shots. Contact was made with two subjects who were given verbal warnings for firing a weapon inside city limits

17:29 - Individual reported a deceased juvenile bald eagle near the Icicle Seafoods plant on the east end of the building. Officers found the bird and took care of it.

18:56 - Personalized “CMONEY” was unoccupied in the ditch about mile .75 Nash Road. SAST notified.

21:08 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to change driver’s license to Alaska issued on Fourth near Madison.

23:19 - Sean Vincent Jones arrested for DV assault and taken to SCJ.

Dec. 26

00:42 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at stop sign issued at Third and Jefferson.

13:10 - Citation for head light requirements issued to Shelby Thompson on the Seward Highway near Safeway.

16:37 - Ambulance requested at the airport for a crew transport.

17:02 - Ambulance requested to Bayview Trailer Park.

17:26 - Verbal warning for failure to stop while entering a roadway from a non roadway issued in front of Essential One.

18:36 - Verbal warning for driving without head lights issued on Seward Highway near the Breeze Inn.

20:05 - Troopers arrested Eddorah Alan Zinis Guillemette for DV Assault IV and took her to SCJ

23:81 - 911 caller reported his girlfriend Sheila Ruth Berticevich hit him in the face. No weapons involved but weapons located at the house. Officers arrested Berticevich for Domestic Violence Assault IV.

23:40 - Citation for no proof of insurance issued to Todd Allen Patten on Third between Madison and Jefferson. Verbal warning for no driver’s side mirror, failure to use blinker and failure to carry registration.

Dec. 27

00:17 - 911 caller wanted Providence Seward Medical Center’s ER number.

09:40 - Verbal warning for head light requirements given at Seward Highway and North Harbor.

09:49 - Citation for head light requirements issued to Sean Lindemann at Third and C.

10:12 - Citation for head light requirements issued to Jessica Bamford on Third near Bayside.

13:33 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

14:31 - Officer assisted a driver whose vehicle was stuck in the snow on South Harbor.

18:00 - Officer provided transportation to subject from Safeway to T Dock.

18:43 - Lowell Point Road was glare ice with water on top.

20:17 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign issued in NAPA parking lot

22:18 - Street department notified of dangerous road conditions throughout town. They said they would be out at 03:30.

Dec. 28

01:52 - Individual reported his daughter had been missing since about 8 p.m. She went to 5th Avenue Fitness around 5 p.m., she texted the reporting party around 8 p.m. that she was with a friend. The reporting party had unable to contact her since. Officer spoke with reporting party. The reporting party later called to say that the daughter had texted him.

04:11 - Individual requested an ambulance to Seward Highway. SVAC/MPVFD dispatched.

11:40 - Individual turned in expired medications to be destroyed.

11:41 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and A.

16:29 - Trooper requested assistance on Roundtable, Camelot Subdivision for public assist. No sign of any entry to the property.

17:39 - Automated fire alarm received from Seward Military Resort. Alarm was reset.

20:15 - Citation for failure to stop at a stop sign issued to Seth Michael Robertson on Seward Highway at Airport Road.

21:50 - Summons for DWLR and citation issued for insurance requirement given to Harold Buffington on Seward Highway at Van Buren. Verbal warning for expired registration and head light requirement. Passenger Mary Lou Mestas arrested for PTRP after contacting Kenai probation office. Vehicle searched and transported to SCJ

Dec. 29

01:36 - Officers arrested Jeremy Dean VCOR and drunk of license premises. While on foot patrol officers found Dean drinking at the Yukon Bar.

12:00 - Mountain Haven did a scheduled fire drill at Fireweed Lodge.

12:01 - Individual requested an officer to Essential One stating he was with a subject and did not want to be her third-party custodian any more. Officer told the reporting party he needed to contact the court.

17:00 - Melissa Odomin remanded to jail per the Naknek court.

18:53 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Kathleen Robin Martin at Third and Madison. Verbal warning for tail light out and failure to carry registration.

20:05 - Ambulance requested at Seward Mountain Haven Lupine Lodge for a male patient with a 102 fever.

20:40 - Individual reported a bird in distress in his driveway. He didn’t know what kind it was but described it as having a large beak. Alaska SeaLife Center notified and given the reporting party’s phone number.

Dec. 30

01:45 - Ambulance requested to the area of Seward Highway. While on the phone the reporting party requested to cancel rescue. He said he would call again if needed.

05:50 - Officer advised that Lowell Point Road was mostly impassable due to rock slides. On-call street department notified and said they would get right on it.

13:20 - Safeway reported Erick Antrim was in the store with two small children and running around screaming, and then left in a maroon cab traveling northbound. Officers were unable to locate Antrim. Criminal Trespass Advisement entered in APSIN for Antrim.

12:48 - 911 test at the high school elevator.

13:52 - SAST requested MPVFD be dispatched for a vehicle accident with injuries at Mile 55 Seward Highway. MPVFD dispatched and advised it was unable to respond due to not enough manpower. AST advised.

16:40 - Individual turned in a black backpack found on Mount Marathon. The backpack contained a water bottle, clothing, keys and a wallet belonging to female. She was contacted by phone and told her belongings had been found.

17:03 - 911 caller reported she had a golden retriever she found near the post office. While the officer was meeting with the her at the animal shelter, the owner picked up the dog.

17:53 - 911 caller reported an aggressive driver in a tan Chevy pickup who was passing in no passing zones, swerving and tailgating. Caller said the vehicle pulled into the Safeway parking lot. Officer located the vehicle and gave the driver a verbal warning for passing in the center lane.

18:56 - Caller reported a blue Tundra truck was speeding up Benson Drive toward the high school. Officer located the vehicle parked at the high school. No one was in the vehicle.

20:17 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued to Simone Johnson at Seward Highway and Sea Lion. Verbal warnings for failure to illuminate head lights after dark and failure to carry registration.

20:34 - 911 caller requested assistance for to damage to his vehicle. Officer met with the caller at Kimberly Court Apartments. Photos were taken of the damage.


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