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'Captain's Mast' - Sept. 10, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 19

23:34 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and C.

Aug. 20

00:11 - While on another call, a trooper reported witnessing two vehicles drag racing down Nash Road. The trooper also reported a blue Subaru whose driver may have been intoxicated. Officers responded but were unable contact any vehicles driving recklessly or matching the trooper’s description.

00:43 - On a security check at the airport, an officer contacted a vehicle parked in a pull-out near the end of the runway. They were trying to see the aurora.

00:55 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Resurrection Boulevard and Seward Highway.

01:12 - Citation for speed issued to Akaash Prasad in the Wells Fargo parking lot. After FSTs Prasad was arrested for DUI and taken to SCJ. PBT 0.105. Passenger Shivani Prasad was issued MCA.

03:26 - Fire Alarm Co. reported a smoke detector alarm going off at Icicle Seafoods on Leirer Road. SVFD and SVAC dispatched, and Icicle contacted. The night watchman said there was no fire just a fire extinguisher set off in the kitchen.

05:21 - 911 caller reported suspicious activity in the alley behind her house on Sixth. Officer spoke with the caller.

06:15 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and B.

06:26 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Coolidge.

Aug. 21

09:05 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Williams Tent Camping . SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

09:14 - Seward Dentistry reported that someone left a sharps container at the business overnight.

12:58 - Kenai Fjords National Park ranger advised AST of a vehicle accident with a moose near Exit Glacier.

14:28 - Officer was requested to AVTEC on Second for a fender bender. Officer contacted the subject who provided vehicle information for the other involved party, but the driver had already left the area.

16:19 - Individual requested an officer to Sailing Inc. about a break in. Officer contacted the reporting party, who found his boat had been broken into during the night. A backpack belonging to the subject was found inside of the vessel. The reporting party requested the subject be trespassed from the Sailing Inc. property.

20:36 - 911 caller reported an intoxicated male passed out on the waterfront rocks near the skate park. Officer contacted the subject PBT of .199. Subject placed into protective custody and taken to SCJ.

20:54 - An off-duty officer reported an intoxicated male at Third and Jefferson. Officer contacted the subject who was provided with transportation to Resurrection Bay Seafoods bunkhouse and left in the care of a friend.

21:12 - 911 caller said she wanted to speak with someone at PSMC. Caller said that she did not want an ambulance nor wanted to go to the hospital, but wanted a house call. She was provided the number to PSMC ER.

21:19 - Trooper arrested Lynne Winstanley for DUI at Mile 16 Seward Highway and took her to SCJ.

23:49 - Verbal warning for failure to yield issued at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

Aug. 22

00:11 - Individual turned in a black bifold wallet found on the back path near Essential One. It contained an identification card, credit card, Social Security card and business card.

00:15 - Several people reported a group at Resurrection Campground playing loud music. Officer contacted a group of 15 people. They were all given disorderly conduct warnings and advised to turn off the radio.

01:13 - Several 911 callers reported a male screaming threats at a female for the previous hour in Williams Tent Campground. Officer contacted two people in a tent that had been pointed out by a witness. Both subjects denied and it could not be confirmed that they had been the couple arguing. A reporting party called back to say they were again arguing. Officer contacted the two, who again denied any altercation and were given disorderly conduct warnings.

02:19 - Individual reported an intoxicated male who had been staggering up the street and fallen once at the corner of First and Jefferson. Officer contacted the subject near the hospital and transported him to Williams Tent Campground.

05:24 - Individual turned in a rental car key from Dollar Rental Car that was found in the street near Once in a Blue Moose.

05:55 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Aspen.

09:48 - Individual requested to speak to an officer about the credit fraud of $10,000 and a break in at Icicle Seafoods. The reporting party spoke with an officer. Suspect was believed to have broke in around 04:00 and used a credit card belonging to another subject. APD was requested to assist in contacting the suspect who left Seward that morning on the bus. APD was unable to respond. Anchorage Airport Police was then requested to try to locate the suspect in the airport.

10:22 - Caller from Three Bears reported an intoxicated male who drove away in a white car after he was asked to leave the store. Officer located the suspect vehicle on the north side of Chevron. Michael Hutchinson arrested for DUI, then taken to SCJ.

10:35 - Burn permit issued for the day only at the corner of Mill and Chamberlain. No bigger than 5x5.

12:17 - Individual reported that two dogs, a French bulldog and a bull mastiff/pit attacked his dog on Ash. The owners stood by while his dog was attacked. The case was forwarded to the ACO officer, who contacted the involved parties.

14:30 - Individual reported her black fanny pack lost in the harbor area. The pack contained $50, keys, a Samsung Galaxy 3 cell phone and wallet with identification credit cards and Social Security number.

Aug. 23

00:15 - 911 caller reported that her boyfriend cut his finger badly on her knife. Officers, SVAC and SVFD responded to scene. Cut was found to be accidental and no crime had been committed. Patient was transported. The reporting party remained on scene with friends who were watching over her while she calmed down.

01:41 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Gateway Apartments. SVAC/SVFD responded and patient was transported.

02:34 - Individual reported an intoxicated male lying on the bike path near Resurrection Campground. Officer contacted the subject who could not identify where his lodging was or someone who could care for him so he was transported to the ER for evaluation since his PBT was .399, and then to the SCJ for protective custody.

07:45 - Individual on Ravina reported a power transformer blowing and that their power was out.

09:17 - Caller from Anchorage reported that a cottonwood tree at Resurrection Boulevard, her property in Seward, fell and took out a power line.

13:10 - Caller reported a blue truck hauling a boat with a possibly stolen picnic table belonging to Miller’s Landing in the back. The vehicle was heading north on Lowell Point Road. SAST advised. The reporting party called back to say he contacted the suspect at Three Bears and confirmed that the picnic table belongs to the business. Officer contacted the reporting party and suspect. It was discovered that the table had been mistakenly given away and subject willingly returned it.

Aug. 24

00:58 - Individual reported a fight in progress at the Breeze Inn lounge. Officers contacted two subjects, one of whom advised that it was mutual combat. The bartender did not want to press charges and one subject was told no more bars for the night and was put in a cab to Icicle Seafoods.

01:34 - While on foot patrol officers contacted Daniel Kowalczewski at Tony’s and he was arrested for intoxicated on licensed premise. The bartender was interviewed and reported the subject drank a half a beer in the bar before being cut off for being obviously intoxicated. PBT of .344. Subject was transported to hospital for evaluation. After being cleared the subject was transported to SCJ.

01:54 - 911 caller reported an intoxicated male at her home she could not care for, Kimberly Court Apartments. Officer contacted the subject who had a PBT of .343 and was transported to the hospital for evaluation, then to stay with a friend. Subject was issued a disorderly conduct warning for the night.

01:56 - Individual reported an intoxicated male at Icicle Seafood tent area was passed out in someone else’s tent. He was breathing but unresponsive. Ambulance responded, and subject was roused and was able to find his own tent. He needed no medical attention.

06:55 - Warning for parking against the flow of traffic left on a vehicle on Fifth near Hotel Seward.

07:44 - ARRC requested an ambulance at Moose Pass. MPVFD/SVAC dispatched.

08:13 - USCG wanted to speak to an officer about missing a license plate on one of their trailers.

08:36 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Ballaine.

09:01 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the cruise ship. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

14:50 - Amy Campbell arrested at city hall for a Soldotna AST warrant ($250, FTA, OC DWLR) and taken to SCJ.

16:59 - Individual at Old Exit Glacier Road reported that he was experiencing voltage problems.

17:40 - Individual went into SPD to report her black/white Samsung cell phone and car keys lost. The reporting party had set them down along the waterfront and was unable to relocate them..

18:24 - Individual requested an officer to Jesse Lee Drive about an intoxicated female walking down the street with a beer can. The reporting party said she was accompanied by two males. Officer contacted the subject at Three Bears. She did not have a beer can, nor was she intoxicated to excess.

18:41 - Trooper advised of a 911 call from subject at Kimberly Court Apartments. The caller had eluded to a possible domestic disturbance which just took place at his residence between female and male. Officer contacted the reporting party at his residence and he explained that he called 911 so that the female would leave because she was being loud. The boyfriend left shortly afterwards. The reporting party did not wish to trespass the female, but said that if she returned that he would call the police.

19:37 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at the main boat launch.

19:55 - Officer requested a case for a necklace that was turned into him.

20:03 - Individual requested an ambulance and an officer on Third.

22:19 - Individual reported a vehicle parked in the upper parking lot of city hall near the storage building. Ladders and tools were being loaded into the van. Reporting party called back to say that the van was parked near the bathroom on Ballaine.

22:35 - Individual reported various people parking at Pacific Parks Apartments, then going across the street to another apartment complex. The reporting party believed that the suspicious activity was related to drug dealing and added that there was a silver van which had been left in the Pacific Parks lot for about three weeks. Officer patrolled the parking lot on foot. No crime was being committed. Officer located the suspicious van.

22:47 - Officer conducted a security check at the high school after discovering two doors were open. The school was cleared and left secured.

Aug. 25

09:45 - GCI turned in a found Samsung that is with AT&T.

10:42 - Wallet found at SMIC was turned in.

12:47 - Individual reported that he heard 12 or 13 shots fired while he was at the Kenai Fjords Tours bunkhouse at Dora Way and Phoenix.

13:45 - Individual reported a truck towing a trailer, unknown plate, traveling northbound on Third. Officer unable to locate the trailer or any leak.

14:28 - Officer gave a parking warning for oversized parking to a driver in front of TelAlaska.

16:35 - Individual reported two vehicles speeding and driving recklessly down Lowell Point Road. Officer unable to locate the vehicles.

19:13 - Individual requested an officer to AVTEC on Second about a subject who had been trespassed from the properties and was skateboarding at that location. Officer contacted the subject, who had not been advised of the trespass. He was asked to leave the property and informed of the trespass.

18:5 - Individual advised of possible suspicious activities in the woods on Dora Way. SPD officer and a trooper hiked back into the woods and contacted Stephen Cowder who was arrested on a $250 felony AST warrant and taken to SCJ.

20:53 - Individual requested an officer to Lowell Canyon about illegal campers at the base of Bear Mountain just north of the houses. Officer responded but advised that someone would have to return during daylight hours.

22:48 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Dairy Hill B&B.

Aug. 26

07:15 - Officers checked on an illegal campsite near the north end of the AVTEC shop on Leirer Road. Camping warning was still intact from Aug 22. Officers dismantled the campsite and brought back several items as found property.

09:56 - 911 caller reported a seal pup on the beach near the culvert. The pup sat for awhile before returning to the bay, but seemed to be fixated on the shore. ASLC advised.

11:09 - Burn permit issued at Mill and Chamberlain for the day only.

11:18 - Burn permit issued to the city dump for Aug. 26 and 27.

12:57 - 911 caller reported an electric pole on fire on Lowell Canyon Road across from the Glacier View Apartments. SVFD/SVAC/Electric dispatched.

14:50 - SAST requested an ambulance to Camelot Cottages. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched. AST responded.

15:40 - Individual reported the front license plate was stolen from the vehicle.

17:52 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to J Dock.

17:57 - Individual turned in a wallet he found at the bottom of the jeep trail. Officer returned wallet to the owner.

15:49 - Individual reported illegal camping on the trail between 1st and 2nd Lake. Officer contacted the subject and him to stay the night.

20:45 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Jefferson.

20:54 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Monroe.

22:35 - A phone was found near the Harbormaster’s office and turned into SPD. Phone returned to owner.

22:41 - Officers assisted troopers with a traffic stop. FSTs were conducted.

Aug. 27

01:01 - Individual reported seeing an intoxicated man who fell in the empty lot at Fourth and Railway. Officer provided him transportation to Birch.

01:19 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to carry proof of insurance issued in the parking lot of Ray’s.

01:28 - Citation for expired registration issued to Dean Lohman at Mile 2, Seward Highway. Verbal warning for failure to carry registration and non-visible taillights.

09:50 - National Weather Service advised that Seward would get winds of up to 50 mph with gusts to 60 mph that night. NWS put the Seward area in a High Wind Warning from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Friday.

10:01 - Fire drill at the elementary school.

11:30 - Individual reported a vehicle accident with damage in front of GCI.

12:15 - Troopers arrested Amber Stackhouse on an Anchorage AST Warrant (Probation Violation, OC ASLT 4/Theft III) and took her to SCJ.

14:35 - Apollo Restaurant requested an officer for a male who took an employees backpack the night before, and was back at the restaurant. Officer was unable to locate the suspect.

15:01 - 911 caller reported a truck that was carrying too large of a load in the bed turned onto Sea Lion.

17:14 - Brian Eickmeyer arrested for Burglary II and Theft IV. He was taken to the SCJ and the stolen property returned to the owner.

18:55 - Michael Enright arrested by the troopers for DUI, DWLR, IID Violation and taken to the SCJ.

19:26 - Individual requested an officer to her residence at Bayside Apartments to remove Mary Elizabeth Moore. She was arrested for violation of conditional release and taken to the SCJ with a PBT of .220

19:30 - Individual reported a power line down directly behind Brown & Hawkins.

20:32 - A power outage darkened city hall, and out as far as Mile 25 Seward Highway.

21:11 - A person was stuck in the elevator at the Holiday Inn Express.

21:35 - A person was stuck in the elevator at the Breeze Inn

21:30 - SPD Dispatch was notified that the power outage disarmed the alarm at the Orca Building.

21:30 - SVAC notified Dispatch that they received a call about a patient with oxygen problems due to the power outage. A family member transported the patient to the hospital.

21:31 - A tree was down on the power line at Swetmann.

21:40 - A tree was down on Fifth near city hall. Partially on a vehicle.

22:28 - SPD administration phone lines in Dispatch were inoperable since the power outage.

22:33 - Several 911 calls about the power outage and a transformer that was sparking.

23:00 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

23:19 - Multiple 911 callers reported power outages and sparking transformers in the alleys between Fourth and Fifth, and near the post office.

23:38 - SVFD responded to the Orca Building and reset an alarm caused by the power outage.

23:55 - While on foot patrol it was reported to officers that a transformer was sparking near Alaska SeaLife Center.

Aug. 28

00:28 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Dairy Hill Road.

01:29 - After FSTs, Matthew Mooter arrested for DUI at Third and Van Buren. PBT 0.097. Subject taken to SCJ. Citation for speed.

03:43 - Report of a tree down on a power line on Lowell Point Road near the fire house. Also reported that the power was out.

04:18 - Report of a tree down on a power line that caught on fire on Salmon Creek Road near the trailer park. BCVFD/SVAC found the power arcing. They cleared the area and stood by while Electric responded.

04:36 - Power outage reported on Fifth.

04:44 - Fire alarm company reported a general fire alarm sounding at Sixth. SVFD/SVAC found that there was no fire. Alarm reset.

04:53 - Fire alarm company reported a supervisory alarm sounding at Mountain Haven, Lupine Lodge. SVFD responded.

05:48 - Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry proof of registration issued at North Harbor and Seward Highway.

07:57 - AVTEC at Fourth and Madison reported they were out of power. Thorn’s, Grant’s and Zudy’s downtown reported half power. In the alley of Second, reported a line pulled out from a transformer.

08:02 - Reports of a tree blocking the alley behind Second between Jefferson and Adams, and a tree down on the bike path along Waterfront Campground.

10:30 - Individual requested to speak to a trooper about a domestic disturbance at Bear Paw and Rabbit Run.

10:45 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to E-Float. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

12:15 - Individual turned in a flip phone that was found at 4th of July beach.

12:42 - 911 caller requested an ambulance. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

13:49 - Zudy’s requested an officer to remove a sleeping patron from their restaurant. Officer contacted the subject who left the area at the officer’s request.

14:03 - Troopers arrested Christopher Talbot at Mile 18 Seward Highway and took him to SCJ.

14:36 - A fire alarm was reported by Temple in Fairbanks for the Orca Building.

14:55 - SAST reported to SPD that a black Chevy Suburban was passing on blind corners in no passing zones inbound at Mile 4 Seward Highway. Unable to locate.

16:19 - Verbal warning for crossing the fog line and speed given at the Chamber of Commerce.

17:23 - ACO advised that the shelter had significant wind damage and not to put any animals in the first or second kennels.

18:53 - Caller reported a power line down at Phoenix near the bike path.

19:53 - SPD Dispatch advised of a power outage in the area of Troll Road. Guinevere also out.

19:06 - A truck with logs on it was blocking the road near Chamberlain at Mill. Vehicle gone on arrival. The logs were on the property, partially in the road but with a traffic cone.

19:53 - Ambulance was requested at the cruise ship terminal.

20:30 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Tiffany Ann Ramsey.

22:14 - Adelia Gutierrez arrested for Criminal Mischief and taken by troopers to SCJ.

22:47 - A wallet was turned in to the Chevron clerk who reported it to SPD. Officer retrieved the wallet.

23:01 - Individual reported a vehicle was parked in the middle of the aisle of the North Harbor parking lot next to Chevron and blocking traffic. Officer was able to push it back into its parking space because there was no parking brake engaged. Note left for owner.

Aug. 29

00:13 - Electric advised that power was restored in Camelot area.

00:47 - Electric advised that the power issued in Phoenix/Alice area had been fixed.

01:27 - Verbal warning for speed issued in Chevron parking lot.

01:51 - Citation for speed issued to Caitlin Richardson on Third at Jefferson.

06:50 - Verbal warning for speed issued in the parking lot of No Sweatt Auto.

08:21 - A clerk at the Holiday Inn requested a welfare check on a guest who locked the door from the inside and was not responding to knocks on the door. Officers found the subject in the room was fine.

09:52 - 911 caller reported a baby seal was floating in the water near the culverts. He been there for a couple of days. The caller was afraid that a fisherman may catch him by accident. Alaska SeaLife Center notified.

11:02 - Verbal warning for passing in a no passing zone issued at Nash Road and Seward Highway.

11:56 - 911 caller wanted ER to refill a prescription for her. She was given the phone number to the ER.

13:08 - Individual reported Christopher Snow was screaming and yelling, and threatening to murder family members. The reporting party said that Snow was calling his grandmother names and banging around the apartment putting him in fear for his grandmother. Snow was arrested for DV Assault IV and taken to SCJ

13:45 - 911 caller reported his wife had a broken leg. They were trail riding when the horse went down and broke her leg.

13:55 - SAST requested Moose Pass be paged to respond to Crown Point to rescue two people in a canoe that tipped over. The male and female were hanging on to the side. People were swimming to shore, but requested Moose Pass continue to the scene.

14:04 - Individual reported a Comfort One Death.

14:44 - Calls were received from both parties involved in an altercation at the Van Guilder Hotel. Two female guests complained about the service and grabbed their credit card information from the manager’s desk and left so they could not be charged for their stay. Officer spoke the subjects.

Aug. 30

08:44 - An ambulance was requested to the cruise ship Van Dam.

12:20 - Harbormaster’s office requested an officer to O ramp for a boat owner causing a disturbance.

13:52 - Christo’s reported a dine-and-dash. Officer was unable to locate.

14:45 - A power outage reported at Marathon and Bear drives. A transformer blew in the alley behind Bear Drive.

Aug. 31

01:05 - Disorderly conduct warnings were given to two subjects. Officer witnessed one urinating in the street by Resurrection Rentals.

02:40 - Individual reported an intoxicated pedestrian sleeping outside the Alehouse entrance. Subject was taken into protective custody.

07:40 - Fire alarm reported at Seward Military Resort. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. Cooking caused the alarm and all panels were reset.

09:25 - Individual turned an Alaska identification that was found near ACE Hardware.

10:12 - Fire alarm activation at the Seward Middle School. SVFD/SVAC/BCVFD dispatched. Fire officer advised that it was a water flow alarm. Fire Chief requested SVAC/BCVFD be canceled.

11:26 - Individual turned in expired medication to be destroyed at city hall.

11:42 - Individual requested that a trooper check the area at Mile 3.5 to 4 Seward Highway about something suspicious, like a model rocket on top of Suicide Hill.

15:11 - SFD Fireboat John Foster moved from Z-Float to S Float for the next day.

18:29 - Individual reported that her water was discolored and chunky at Pacific Park Apartments. Water Department said they just fired up a new pump in the area and it should clear up shortly.

20:41 - Individual reported a male sleeping in Wells Fargo bank near the ATM. Officer contacted the subject who was taking a nap in the bank to get out of the wind. He had a tent and camping gear, and was told where he could set up his camp.

23:37 - John Nieto arrested on charges of Assault IV, Theft IV, MCA and drunk on licensed premises. Gateway Liquors had reported that a patron refused to pay and was intoxicated. (.315 PBT) He was transported to the hospital to be medically cleared and then was taken to SCJ.


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