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'Captain's Mast' - Sept. 3, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 9

14:37 - Caller reported a brush fire at Chamberlain and Mill Street. People were monitoring the fire but the caller was concerned that it was in a spruce grove and wondered if they had a permit. A burn permit was issued until 21:00.

15:15 - 911 caller reported a female asleep in the alley behind Nellie’s. Officer contacted her and she was fine.

17:30 - Individual turned in a Brazilian passport.

17:46 - Individual requested an officer to Benson about a juvenile who was yelling and threatening to harm family members. Officer was advised that the juvenile left the residence on foot, but should be nearby. Officers were unable to locate the juvenile and advised the reporting party to call if he returns. The reporting party called back and said the juvenile had returned. Officer mediated until the juvenile left the scene again, peacefully.

19:00 - Individual requested an officer to the Yukon about “a creative parking situation.” The reporting party disconnected before providing further information. Officer said that an RV was parked partially blocking the lane and officer advised the owner to park elsewhere.

19:46 - Individual reported a vehicle southbound at Mile 5 Seward Highway which was driving erratically and braking to a stop when oncoming traffic approached. Officer and SAST advised. Officer stopped the vehicle at Seward Highway and Resurrection. A verbal warning given for speed.

20:05 - Citation for speed issued to Michelle Jones at Third and B.

23:37 - Verbal warning for open container and disorderly conduct given to two subjects. Both poured out their alcohol and returned to Icicle Seafoods.

Aug. 10

01:48 - While doing a security check at the car sales lot officer witnessed two individuals trespassing in the tent and drinking. Amber Luker arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor. Ethan Montgomery issued a summons for MCA.

07:24 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Brent Pikolas at Fourth and Jefferson. Verbal warning for failure to yield to right of way.

07:52 - 911 caller from Icicle Seafoods requested an ambulance at the front dock. SVAC and SVFD dispatched.

09:20 - Individual reported she lost her German passport.

13:07 - Simplex Grinnell was working on the alarm system at the hospital and would call back when they were done.

13:16 - Individual reported he believed he left his medication at Breeze Inn when he checked out and requested a police report to have the prescription re-filled.

14:14 - Individual reported damage to her tent by a dog. The reporting party thought they knew who the possible dog owner was. The dog owner said she would repair the damage and was going to the hardware store. The reporting had not heard back from the dog owner since morning and requested to file a report.

14:47 - Alarm test completed by Tyco.

15:00 - Individual found a wallet at Seward Brewery. Wallet given to the officer.

17:05 - Individual requested that an officer check on an unknown male lying face down on the sidewalk near the Marina Motel. Officer contacted the subject who was lying on the side of the road as part of an awareness project for deaths on roadsides.

18:25 - Individual reported a vehicle speeding through a residential area. The reporting party said it was the third time the vehicle was seen speeding and that this time the vehicle swerved around a corner where a pedestrian was walking. Officer contacted the subject who admitted speeding. He was given a verbal warning and the officer spoke with the football coach to address his team about safe driving.

19:48 - Caller reported he was locked inside the boat storage behind Ace Hardware. The owner’s wife was contacted and said that the manager would be sent down to open the gate.

19:56 - 911 caller from the owner of Ace Hardware’s wife said that she could not reach the reporting party from above entry.

21:10 - SAST requested an SPD officer to assist a trooper at Bear Lake Road about a break in at an abandoned gas station. Trooper requested an officer assist in clearing the buildings as one male might still be hiding inside. The reporting party said that the intruders had blunt weapons. Officer cleared the scene. No one was found. The officers spoke to the juvenile suspect at Creekside Cabins. His parents were contacted.

21:40 - Individual filed a lost property report for a white vest with a wallet inside containing approximately $40 and her license. At 22:00 the reporting party said the vest had been found.

Aug. 11

00:48 - Verbal warning for speed given at North Harbor Street and Seward Highway.

01:31 - While on foot patrol near the railroad terminal officers encountered four individuals drinking in public. Officers interviewed several other subjects. Summons issued to Kishon Fonoti for furnishing alcohol to a minor. Summons issued to Tagifano Suka for MCA. All subjects left the area on foot.

02:35 - A subject placed into protective custody. An officer witnessed the subject kneeling next his patrol car. The officer interviewed the subject and he was advised of a potential criminal charge. Subject registered .313 on PBT and was transported to the hospital to be medically cleared.

08:01 - Ambulance requested at SCCC for a 34-year-old male. SVAC and SVFD dispatched.

11:39 - Ambulance requested at the airport to assist with transport. SVAC dispatched.

13:24 - Burn permit issued to Glacier Towing at Airport Road.

14:14 - The alarms at Mountain Haven tested by Tyco.

15:40 - 911 caller requested an officer to the culvert for a possibly intoxicated male who was harassing others. At 16:24, Dispatch received a second 911 call from a juvenile advising of the same male. The male had been threatening to cut fishing lines and wouldn’t allow others to fish. Officer contacted all involved parties. The male subject was given a verbal warning.

16:19 - Several 911 callers reported a subject passed out near the side of the road at Third and Van Buren. SAST advised a trooper was on scene. Officer responded to assist and contacted Mary Moore, with PBT .326. Moore was placed under arrest for Violating Conditions of Release and taken to SCJ after being cleared at PSMC.

16:53 - Officer requested to contact a young female on a bicycle near the library who had a baby sitting on the handlebars. Officer was unable to locate the female.

17:41 - Burn permit issued for Mile 29 Seward Highway for the day.

18:28 - Officer attended a meeting at the high school to speak with the football team about responsible driving.

19:23 - Trooper arrested Cole Harren for DWLR at Dimond and Cedar and took him to SCJ.

20:22 - Citation for speed issued to Brian Oliver at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

Aug. 12

11:02 - Verbal warning for speeding given on Sea Lion at Seward Highway.

13:57 - SVFD investigated an unattended burn at Chamberlain and Mill Street. A burn permit with special conditions issued until Aug. 13 at midnight.

14:55 - Individual turned in a found Alaska driver’s license.

16:00 - 911 reported someone who fell was unconscious and breathing.

16:39 - 911 caller reported a plume of smoke in the area of Mill and Chamberlain. Subjects have a permit.

19:16 - Citation for speed given to Emma V. Ordemann at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway.

19:37 - Chet Aaron Brewi arrested, on the authority of a SAST warrant, for Misdemeanor FTA. Subject was taken to SCJ.

20:04 - SCCC called to let Dispatch know a sprinkler head that was popped off. They thought it would trigger an alarm but none was received.

21:13 - SCCC alarm called with an automated message reference water flow. SCCC said that they are were working on the sprinkler heads that were popped off earlier.

21:25 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and Jefferson.

21:39 - Citation for speed issued to Donald Valiant Robbins at Three Bears parking lot.

Aug. 13

03:17 - Alarm company reported the supervisory alarm going off at Mountain Haven, meaning that the fire alarm panel was down. The alarm company called back and said that their contact person at Mountain Haven canceled the request.

03:50 - Multiple individuals reported an intoxicated male pedestrian lying on the sidewalk near Fourth and Van Buren. Officer transported him to his tent at Icicle Seafoods.

05:05 - Holiday Inn employee reported a male who was not a guest entered the building several times and was acting mentally unstable. He just left the building, unknown direction of travel. Officer contacted the Holiday Inn employee and contacted subject on Seward Highway near Napa. He was able to care for himself.

05:06 - SAST notified Dispatch that at 03:42 they had been advised that a male left Indian House after reporting to staff that he was going to Seward to kill the person who had murdered his brother. He had a 9mm gun. It was later reported to Dispatch that the subject was at the hospital and had reported a vehicle accident outside of city limits. Officer contacted the subject at hospital and found circumstances to be different than what was originally reported. All was fine

05:40 - Individual reported that a red minivan taxi was swerving all over the road northbound on Seward Highway near Sea Lion. Officer was unable to make contact .

05:57 - Individual reported that her daughter had reported by text message that a stranger was in her tent holding her and a friend against their will. From the mother’s description, officers were able to determine the area. After walking the tent area and speaking with the night watchman, the reporting party’s daughter could not be located.

06:30 - MPVFD/SVAC requested to respond to Mile 33 Seward Highway for a vehicle in the ditch. Unknown if occupied or when the accident occurred. First responder on scene reported unoccupied and no evidence of injuries. The rest of the units were canceled.

06:49 - Holiday Inn employee reported that a subject reported earlier was again in the building and refused to leave. Officer advised William Washington subject that he was criminally trespassed from the property.

08:24 - Individual called back to report she made contact with her daughter who was at the train station. The reporting party said her daughter was sexually assaulted earlier that morning. Officer made contact with the daughter. Under investigation.

09:58 - 911 elevator rescue call - a female was stuck in the elevator at city hall between first and second floor. SVFD responded.

13:18 - SVFD investigated a alarm going off at Swetmann. After investigating, SVFD reported a false alarm.

15:54 - Ambulance requested to the airport to meet a Guardian Flight and to transport the crew to the hospital.

16:54 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the corner of Fourth and D near Murphy’s Motel for a female fall victim bleeding from the head.

19:41 - Citation for speed issued to Patricia Ann Turner Johnson at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

19:49 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at about Mile 5 Exit Glacier Road.

19:53 - A fire alarm was reported at Mountain Haven Fireweed Lodge. The lodge advised that it was a false alarm but the alarm needed to be reset.

21:18 - Citation for speed issued to Camille Monique Wood at Third and Van Buren.

21:26 - Individual reported a male on Fifth climbed a ladder past her apartment window and into the apartment above. She contacted the owner of the building and no one was supposed to be in that unit. Officer found that the people who crawled in apartment are supposed to be in that unit.

22:00 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Fourth and Jefferson.

Aug. 14

00:43 - Citation for speed issued to Jeremy Stokesbary in the Safeway parking lot.

00:55 - 911 caller reported an alarm going off on the breakwater near the Mariner’s Memorial.

02:16 - Alaska SeaLife Center security reported they could see a male had knocked over the basketball hoop in Thorn’s parking lot and was screaming. Officer contacted the subject outside Hotel Seward. He identified the subject as named “Pineapple.” Officer was unable to contact the subject.

02:38 - Individual reported males outside of two white passenger vans in the Iditarod RV parking west who were making a lot of noise. Officer spoke with three subjects. They were quiet when officer arrived and agreed to keep it down.

06:53 - Verbal warning for speed issued in Hertz parking lot.

08:54 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the cruise ship. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

12:06 - Found property turned in by Kenai Fjords Tours.

13:37 - Motor vehicle accident on private property of Hotel Seward’s parking lot.

15:56 - Citation for speed issued to Courtney Griffin at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

16:42 - Individual requested an officer to the area near the skate park for children climbing trees and ripping off branches. Officer contacted the children and advised them to stop swearing and breaking off tree branches.

17:26 - Off-duty officer advised of a vehicle passing in a no pass areas and speeding. Officer stopped the vehicle at Mile 1 Seward Highway and issued a citation for negligent driving to Nicholas Wibisono.

19:47 - Officer conducted a foot patrol in the pedestrian tunnel. He contacted four individuals who were loitering and had them disperse.

20:05 - Citation for speed issued to Haley Dearborn on Leirer Road.

20:59 - Individual reported that his neighbor at Pacific Park Apartments built a fire on the grass near the apartments. There was no fire ring or burn barrel. The on-duty fire officer found it to be a man grilling.

23:19 - Individual requested an officer to the skate park about excessive noise. Officer contacted subjects who agreed to leave.

23:37 - 911 caller requested an officer to Resurrection Tool Rental about an intoxicated male lying in the street. As the officer arrived on scene, the reporting party called back and said they were giving the subject a ride home and he did not need assistance.

Aug. 15

00:02 - While on foot patrol, Tony’s reported they had removed an intoxicated male who was causing trouble at the bar. Officers went to the Yukon to make sure he had not gone there. They contacted two subjects who were issued disorderly conduct warnings and advised them not to return to the bars that night.

00:05 - Verbal warning for speed issued on Fourth near Harbor Light condos.

00:15 - Trooper requested assistance on a traffic stop at Seward Highway and Sea Lion. Officer took over case from trooper and conducted FSTs. Kaysie Patka was arrested for DUI. Patka was taken to SCJ, then the hospital for evaluation since her PBT was .374.

01:39 - After FSTs, Lisa Boyd was arrested for DUI in Chevron parking Lot. PBT .173. Verbal warning issued for speed and failure to maintain lane. Subject was taken to SCJ.

03:07 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Aspen.

06:42 - Verbal warning for speed issued in Safeway parking lot.

07:40 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Seward Military Resort.

08:48 - Ambulance requested to Third and Monroe for an intoxicated pedestrian.

10:34 - Individual from Icicle Seafoods reported a male that SPD was looking for was in their tent city. She said that he does not work there and an employee was following him. Subject was gone on arrival. The watchman said that the male picked up a female in vehicle and left the area.

10:59 - Citation for speed issued to Manuel Alfonso De Gracia Penaloza at Third and D.

11:23 - Seward Parking Authority reported a vehicle parked in a handicapped space. Ronald Joseph Oberhauser was issued a citation for unauthorized use of a handicapped parking space.

11:21 - Burn permit at Chamberlain and Mill was extended by Fire Chief..

12:16 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.5, 65 miles southwest of Atka. No tsunami was expected.

13:41 - Caller reported a brown F250 XLT pickup parked in the handicapped space every day. The caller, who needs a handicapped space, spoke with the wife of vehicle owner who said, “That’s just who he is.” Richard August Ericson was issued a citation for unauthorized use of a handicapped parking space.

14:20 - Trooper Conner from Emmonak requested a welfare check on a subject. Her mother was intoxicated and kicked her out of the apartment. The grandmother contacted troopers for help. It was believed that she was in the AVTEC family dorm. The child was located and interviewed. Roberta Waska was arrested for criminal non-support.

14:34 - Citation for passing in a no passing zone issued to Muamua Semeatu, Jr. on Seward Highway near Safeway.

19:19 - Officer flagged down on Fourth and told of an intoxicated male walking into traffic near Fourth and Van Buren. Officer contacted the subject with PBT .195. The subject was placed in protective custody and taken to SCJ.

19:34 - Individual requested an officer to the AVTEC dorm office to collect contraband. Officer collected a small tin containing trace amounts of marijuana which was placed into evidence for destruction.

23:05 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate head lights after dark given at Hemlock and Seward Highway.

23:35 - Verbal warning for tail light requirements given at Hemlock and Seward.

Aug. 16

09:05 - A citizen reported an eagle that seemed injured near the Ray building. Alaska SeaLife Center hotline was called and they were going to check on it.

12:40 - Individual reported that someone was driving around town shooting paint balls at cars. He was threatening the reporting party with the paint ball gun since he was fired.

16:41 - Individual went into SPD to advise he had been listed as a missing person. Officer spoke to the reporting party .

18:53 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate headlights and speed given on Seward Highway near Safeway.

18:56 - An officer was requested to contact a suspicious male who approached SCCC from the woods and circled the perimeter. Prison guards had attempted to contact the male, but he had already left the area on foot via Bette Cato Road about ten minutes before. Officer searched the area but was unable to locate the described male.

20:01 - Caller reported an unknown male identifying himself as Bobby who was calling hotels around town, requesting room numbers, and asking the occupants for their credit card information.

Aug. 17

01:37 - Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry license given at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street.

01:57 - Verbal warning for speed given in Chevron parking lot.

04:15 - Caller advised that the alarm on her Honda Ridgeline was malfunctioning and that any reports involving the alarms were her trying to fix the issue.

05:56 - Individual requested an ambulance at Moose Horn Road near Nashwoods.

10:17 - Burn permit issued for Chamberlain and Mill Street for Aug. 17 and 18.

10:50 - Individual reported a possible abandoned vehicle parked on Adams near Brownell. Officer placed an abandoned vehicle notice on the vehicle.

11:09 - Individual reported that a subject shot paint balls at their vehicle.

12:00 - Christopher Campbell arrested on Fifth for AST warrants both $500 for Criminal Mischief V and Reckless Endangerment. He was taken to SCJ.

14:00 - AST advised of a white Chevy pickup that was southbound at Mile 20 Seward Highway, and was all over the road and almost caused several accidents.

14:50 - Individual requested an officer to the alley outside city hall about a vehicle accident at Fourth and Adams. Officer responded.

16:21 - Caller reported a male they were going to hire came to the business and caused a scene. He threatened to sue the business, asked for cash and phone access before yelling at customers and pedestrians, instructing them not to eat there. The reporting spoke with an officer and was told that he could be trespassed if she could provide more identifying information.

16:50 - Simplex called advising of a commercial fire alarm on First. An individual at the address called shortly after advising not to tone out, that it was a test.

16:55 - 911 caller requested that an officer contact a female who was intoxicated walking up the alley from Tony’s Bar.

17:08 - Individual requested an ambulance. Responders requested an officer respond after arriving on scene. Officer advised the medics to transport the patient to PSMC as a Title 47.

17:27 - Officer and a trooper contacted Christopher Campbell at Eagle Lane. The trooper served a protective order to Campbell and the SPD officer placed him under arrest for Terroristic Threatening II and took him to SCJ.

22:25 - Individual requested someone respond to Resurrection Campground about a neighbor running a generator. Campground personnel responded.

23:10 - Individual reported an underage male from Colorado who had a bottle of liquor in his left pocket. Officer was unable to locate the subject.

Aug. 18

11:30 - Harbormaster’s office requested extra patrols for the restrooms at the Harbormaster’s building and the one near the Mariner’s Memorial. Reporting party said they were seeing vandalism inside the restrooms.

13:00 - Individual reported a vehicle was driving erratically and turned into the Safeway parking lot. Officer contacted the driver and all was OK.

14:37 - Individual reported a black Chevy Suburban that was speeding on Bear Lake Road. AST advised.

14:43 - Icicle Seafoods did a scheduled fire drill.

16:00 - Individual turned in a handmade leather hat they found.

16:11 - Trooper advised of a revoked female leaving SCCC in a vehicle. SPD officer assisted the trooper, who had stopped the vehicle at Rabbit Run and Nash Road. Driver Rachel Lopez was and arrested for DWLS and taken to SCJ.

16:11 - Trooper arrested Grover Casey at Icicle Seafoods on a $1,000 Palmer AST warrant and took him to SCJ.

17:49 - Individual requested an officer meet him and retrieve a lab he found running loose. The lab had a collar and a leash, but was unable to locate the owner. Officer responded, but the owner had been located.

18:34 - Caller reported an unknown male who had been calling her at Essential One, and saying derogatory and inappropriate comments.

19:24 - Individual requested an officer to the skate park area about three teenagers who were cursing and destroying a tree. Officer contacted five individuals who were advised to stop cursing and climbing the tree.

19:24 - Trooper arrested James Morgan for driving while license revoked and took him to SCJ.

19:48 - Individual turned in a found wallet.

21:33 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued to Andrea Luper in the Harborview lot. Verbal warnings were given for speed and expired registration.

22:04 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Van Buren.

22:08 - Citation for passing in the center lane issued to Adan Hadad on Third near Monroe.

Aug. 19

00:11 - Verbal warning for inoperable tail light given at Seward Highway and Nash Road.

00:17 - Subject placed into protective custody after registering .185 on PBT.

01:45 - Verbal warning for seatbelts given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

06:33 - Individual reported a sinking vessel. Harbormaster notified.

11:40 - Officer spoke with an individual about fraud.

13:00 - Seward Middle School requested an officer for a disruptive student. Officer advised that the child left the school. Officer contacted the teacher, parent and child and said the child would go home for rest of the day.

17:13 - Individual reported that the dog she was taking care of got out of the yard.

17:44 - Individual with Parks and Rec reported an intoxicated male at the bathrooms between the downtown softball fields. Officer transported the subject to his campsite near Mile 1 Nash Road. He was left in the care of sober friends.

18:46 - AST requested an ambulance to Hayden Berlin Road. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

18:54 - Individual reported that someone hit his vehicle in the Safeway parking lot and did not leave insurance information. Another individual witnessed the accident and gave information to the officer.

19:44 - Individual requested an officer to the Kenai Fjords Tours parking lot on Phoenix Road for a motor home that refused to leave the area despite the reporting party telling them that there was no camping in the lot. Officer spoke with the subject in the motor home and it was just a miscommunication. Subjects left the scene.

19:52 - Citation for failure to stop at stop sign issued to Nitin Mitra at Seward Highway and Phoenix.

20:02 - Individual reported a broken water main at slip K5 in the harbor..

20:19 - An ER nurse at PSMC, requested an officer for a victim who wanted to press assault charges on Clark Lane. Officer discovered the assault happened in trooper territory. Information forwarded to SAST.

22:38 - Troopers, with SPD officer assistance, arrested Clark Lane at Mile .5 Nash Rd.

23:08 - Verbal warning for tail light requirement and failure to use turn signal given on Fourth in front of the Fish House.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail.


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