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'Captain's Mast' - July 2, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

May 29

21:39 - Officer advised a driver that there is no overnight camping at 4th of July Beach.

21:48 - Officer advised a driver that there is no overnight camping or parking at the pull out at Mile 4 Nash Road.

21:55 - Citation for speed issued to Brittney Cornell at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

23:49 - Hospital requested an ambulance to transport a patient back to Mountain Haven. SVAC responded.

23:55 - William Singleton arrested for DUI, after FSTs were conducted, at Third and Resurrection. Subject was taken to SCJ. PBT was 0.122. .

May 30

02:05 - 911 caller reported that a group in the campground near the culvert was arguing loudly, possible physical altercation. At the Harborside Campground, officers gave a subject a disorderly conduct warning for the night.

04:36 - SAST requested an ambulance to a mile north of Nash Road for a male who was laying on the bike path on the northbound side of the road. SVAC/BCVFD responded. Patient refused transport.

04:44 - Citation for speed issued to Ryan Quinlan at Seward Highway and Resurrection.

05:28 - Citation for speed issued to Patrick Hankins at Seward Highway and Dairy Hill Road.

06:17 - Evergreen Group Home reported a client left without permission 10 minutes earlier. Officer found her and took her back to the group home.

06:43 - 911 caller reported a disturbance involving an intoxicated and aggressive male who was possibly going to drive and one other party at the McDonald Campground, Mile 2 Nash Road. Officers provided transportation to two subjects to Waterfront Campground and advised them they were trespassed from McDonald Campground.

08:21 - 911 callers requested an ambulance to the Holiday Inn Express for 70-year-old woman with a possible broken hip. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

10:07 - 911 caller wanted to know how to get to SPD. The caller responded to speak to an officer.

12:00 - 911 caller requested an officer to Essential One for a male wearing waders who was screaming at people. Then he left in a vehicle and went to Three Bears. Officer contacted the subject at the culvert. Officer advised tht he was upset at family and all OK.

12:16 - Verbal warning for fail to stop at stop sign given at Fourth and Ballaine.

12:30 - A First National Bank Alaska debit card was found.

12:43 - 911 caller reported many people were speeding in front of Safeway.

13:30 - Verbal warning for fail to stop at stop sign given at Third and Bear.

13:35 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

13:51 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and South Harbor Street.

13:57 - Citation for speed issued to Christopher Lanning at Third and A.

14:12 - Verbal warning for improper stop at a stop sign given on Fourth.

18:06 - Individual went to the station and advised that Resurrect Art Coffee House was unsecured. Officer advised that the building appeared to be fine and secured the entrance.

18:18 - Verbal warning for speed given at First and Jefferson.

21:36 - Individual requested an officer to Lowell Canyon about a suspicious vehicle parked outside of his house. Officer contacted Dustin Harrison. Harrison agreed to move the vehicle and was issued a citation for expired tags.

22:18 - Individual was contacted on his cell phone to confirm that he knew his credit card had been turned in to SPD. He said he had already canceled the card and that it could be destroyed. Card was shredded.

22:26 - Officers contacted a driver in the pull out at Mile 4 Nash Road and advised them there was no overnight parking in that location. Driver agreed to move the vehicle.

23:09 - Individual reported meeting a juvenile female at 1st Lake Park who appeared to be being held against her will by her boyfriend. Officers couldn’t find anyone matching the description in the area. Officers met with the reporting party and gave her and her daughter a ride back to where they were staying. Then officers went to listed residence of the subject and spoke with brother who said he had seen her earlier in the day with the boyfriend and she did not appear to be distressed or held against her will. Officers told the brother to please tell the subject to contact SPD the next time he saw her.

May 31

00:24 - Lifeline reported an 89-year-old man hit his Lifeline button at Sixth and was heard calling for help but was not responding to questions. Officers, SVAC, SVFD responded to scene and contacted the patient who had fallen, without injury, but could not get up. Patient’s son also responded. Ambulance was refused.

01:32 - Individual and Marathon Campground reported a loud party at Williams Tent Campground. Officers contacted subject and the rest of the party he was with and they agreed to keep it down.

02:17 - A driver was stopped at Seward Highway and Sea Lion for a head light out. During the stop, the issue was resolved.

03:10 - Individual reported an intoxicated male driving a white older model Ford pickup truck leaving the Pit and headed toward Icicle Bunkhouse. Officers were unable to make contact with the vehicle.

05:05 - Citation for speed issued to Joseph Decino on Seward Highway near Essential One.

10:08 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.0, 55 miles southwest of Amchitka. No tsunami was expected

13:00 - Individual turned in a yellow/green Camelback back pack with a laptop and a passport found in the woods.

13:00 - Caller from Harbormaster’s office asked for an officer to pick up found property.

13:50 - 911 caller reported a REDDI vehicle near Safeway, a tan older model Suburban. No contact.

14:00 - Verbal warning for speed given at Wells Fargo.

16:12 - Individual requested an officer to the culvert on behalf of subject who said someone stole his backpack. Officer contacted the reporting party. A case was created for his stolen items, which included a black backpack, an iPhone 4 and a camo wallet containing $12 and two credit cards.

17:23 - 911 caller requested an officer to Little Bear Mountain Apartments about a possible DV in progress. Officer contacted Ida Henry and victim. Henry was arrested for DV Assault IV and taken to SCJ.

19:32 - Individual requested an officer to PSMC about a male screaming in the parking lot. Officer responded but was unable to locate the individual.

20:14 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Second for a 57-year-old man with a possibly broken ankle who fell about 8 feet off a ladder.

21:58 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Adams.

22:01 - 911 caller advised, on behalf of a friend, that the friend’s ex-boyfriend was threatening via text messages to commit suicide by overdose. Officers located the subject and took him to PSMC for evaluation.

June 1

00:40 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to William Obrien III at Third and Jefferson.

03:59 - Citation for speed issued to Hector Cintron-Rosado at Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

05:10 - Citation for speed issued to Jesus Prent at Seward Highway and Airport Road.

10:12 - 911 caller on a boat wanted the phone number for USCG. The caller had observed oil bubbling on the surface in Resurrection Bay between Jefferson and Adams.

11:11 - Individual reported that a 1 year old and a 5 year old were playing outside of Little Bear Mountain Apartments and the parents were not home.

11:31 - Citation for speed issued to Robert Ingram Jr. at Third and Monroe.

11:49 - Individual requested an officer to check on subject, who works at Vigor and was staying in a tent at Spring Creek Campground. Officer contacted the subject. Roger Olson was arrested on an Anchorage AST warrant ($2,500, OC Forgery II) and taken to SCJ.

12:31 - Ambulance requested to the skate park for an 11-year-old boy with a possible broken ankle. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

13:59 - Verbal warning for fail to stop at stop sign given at Small Boat Harbor.

14:56 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.2, 75 miles southwest of Adak. No reports of tsunami.

15:25 - Seward Mountain Haven held a scheduled fire drill.

16:41 - Individual requested an officer to the playground near the skate park about teenage boys playing with garbage can lids.

17:05 - A female and Brandon Perkins went into SPD to speak with an officer about their mother. Perkins was arrested on a $250 SAST warrant and taken to SCJ. Perkins was also advised of his revoked status.

17:38 - 911 caller was experiencing difficulty speaking between breaths. Caller provided a location of Thorn’s Showcase Lounge before disconnecting. Ambulance and a police officer were dispatched. Upon callback the patient was advised medics were en-route and disconnected again. Officer arrived on scene and provided patient status and basic first aid until medics arrived.

18:00 - Individual turned in a cell phone and a wallet containing money and multiple business cards which was found in a parking lot.

22:25 - Caller reported that their 14-year-old boys were under dressed and on top of a mountain, possibly Mount Marathon. They last spoke to them approximately ten minutes before and were told by the juveniles that they were near the snow line and off of the trail. SAST and SFD advised.

23:17 - Individual requested an officer to Forest Acres Campgrounds about bones he found in the area. Officers determined the remains were not human.

23:45 - A subject went into SPD to speak with officers and she agreed to go to the hospital to be evaluated. Officers transported her to the hospital. Officers remained on scene until the hospital had evaluated the subject and were releasing her.

June 2

03:14 - The hospital requested officers to assist with same subject as above who was agitated and slightly aggressive. Officers responded but the subject, who needed to remain at the hospital, had left the premises. Officers found her at Third and A, and took her back to the hospital where she was secured in a room by staff with an officer’s assistance.

04:22 - 911 caller reported that while passing the Marina Restaurant, through the window they saw an open flame on the stove. The flame appeared large and he believed the stove might be catching on fire. SVFD/SVAC and owner responded. It was found that the stove had been left on. It was turned off and the property was released back to the owner.

04:51 - SAST confirmed that the subjects possibly lost on the mountain made it down safely and no SAR was necessary. SVFD notified.

15:55 - Individual turned in a found camera.

20:00 - Verbal warning for speed given to in The Cup parking lot.

23:36 - Caller asked for assistance with a puppy which was hit by a car at Seward Highway and Exit Glacier Road. Neither vets were successfully contacted, nor were the ACOs. The caller was told that Dispatch can provide numbers for emergency veterinary clinics in Anchorage and Kenai/Soldotna.

23:38 - Verbal warning for speed given in Safeway parking lot.


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