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'Captain's Mast' - June 25, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

May 22

22:00 - Individual reported two intoxicated males harassing people at the Harbormaster’s bathrooms. Officers contacted Samuel Ferguson, who was arrested for disorderly conduct. Officers requested SVAC/SVFD to the scene to medically clear Ferguson and then he was taken to SCJ. At SCJ Ferguson assaulted the police and corrections officers, and was charged with felony Assault II PO, Assault IV PO and felony assault II CO as well as resisting arrest. Assaulted officers went to the hospital for medical treatment. Officers also contacted a second subject on scene who had a PBT of 0.360 and was taken to the hospital to be medically evaluated.

May 23

00:00 - Individual reported a possibly non-regulation campfire in the empty lot near Fifth and Madison. Fire on-call person responded and reported that the only fire in the area was within regulation.

06:30 - Individual requested an officer to meet her at the Breeze Inn to check on subject who had not come to work that day or been in contact with his family in the past 24 hours. Upon arrival, officer was unable to make contact with anyone at room. Subject did not, at that point, qualify as a missing person and there was no evidence of a crime.

08:56 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Border Avenue at Lowell Point for an unresponsive 61-year-old woman.

12:24 - Individual lost his wallet, phone and keys around the Alehouse.

14:57 - Individual reported a vehicle parked in handicapped space in front of the Alaska Shop. Driver was 72-year-old man who uses a wheelchair.

15:11 - SAST advised of a vehicle accident with entrapment at Mile 30 Seward Highway.

22:00 - Verbal warning for speed given at Fourth and D.

23:09 - 911 caller reported an overturned kayaker about 200 or 300 feet offshore from Lowell Point beach. SVFD/SVAC responded. Dispatch initiated a distress call over channel 16 and Miller’s Landing responded, rescued the kayaker and delivered her to medics.

23:14 - Verbal warning for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle given at Seward Highway and Aspen.

23:17 - Verbal warning for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle given at Safeway parking lot.

23:36 - 911 caller requested an officer to the Yukon about someone who pulled a knife on him. Officer and trooper could not confirm the report.

May 24

05:06 - Tyco Alarm Co. reported a fire alarm activated from the keypad button of Essential One, then a burglar alarm. Officer spoke with an employee of Essential One who said they accidentally hit the alarm button and that there was no emergency.

12:06 - 911 caller reported a vehicle accident in the Safeway parking lot.

12:28 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Stoney Creek RV Park for complications from surgery.

13:38 - 911 hangup call. Dispatch finally reached subject who said there was a big commotion after getting home from church and they’d left and she would call back if they needed SPD. Officer responded and was told the grand kids were playing with the phone

17:07 - Ambulance requested to Exit Glacier trail head for a male with a knee injury.

17:13 - A Safeway employee dropped off multiple items which were left at the store: an ID card; a driver’s license; a debit card; a leather wallet, ID and credit cards; a driver’s license; an iPod touch and a LG tracphone.

17:21 - Ambulance was requested to meet and transport a medical flight crew.

21:35 - 911 called about a 1 year old who fell and hit his head. Caller said they would take the child to the hospital themselves. PSMC advised.

May 25

00:40 - Individual reported he lost his wedding ring at Terry’s Fish and Chips around 16:00 to 18:00 on May 24.

04:40 - SAST requested an officer to assist with a drunk male who had created a disturbance at the Pit and was walking south on the bike path. Officer contacted the subject on Seward Highway and detained him until the trooper arrived and then accompanied the trooper to the Pit for his investigation. Trooper then took subject to Resurrection Bay Seafood bunkhouse.

10:52 - Individual reported that a green Subaru Outback was at 4th of July Beach and had tow straps on the front of it.

16:12 - Employee at Best Western Edgewater Hotel reported that the neighbor across the alley was using their dumpster for construction debris from their remodel. Officer contacted a friend of the owner who said that they had their own garbage cans but may have thrown a couple bags in the hotel dumpster and did not realize it was private.

18:24 - Individual went into SPD to report a white dog on Monroe heading east. It was similar to a husky and skittish. Officer did not find the dog.

May 26

04:55 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Washington.

05:44 - Warning for parking against the flow of traffic left on vehicle at Fifth and Adams.

06:59 - Verbal warning for speed given in Post Office parking lot.

09:15 - Deputy Fire Chief issued a burn permit to the transfer facility for May 26 and 27.

10:45 - Individual reported his wife’s wedding band missing while at the Gateway Texaco gas station on May 23. Reporting party said that his wife took off the wedding band to wash her hands and went back to get it and it was gone.

14:30 - Individual turned in expired medications to be destroyed.

14:38 - AVTEC advised they would be doing fire training at SMIC.

15:17 - Individual requested a welfare check on children at Kimberly Court Apartments.

15:30 - Individual turned in a notebook found at the ballpark.

16:25 - Individual reported he was at the culverts and the FBI locked his phone. He requested an officer to respond and help him figure out what was going on.

19:14 - Individual requested an officer to pick up a dog that was harassing her cat. Officer responded to Gateway Apartments and picked up a black and white young female pit bull and took her to the animal shelter.

21:09 - Community Alaska Security reported a fire alarm on Sixth. Burned food.

21:20 - Yukon Bar reported that a subject lost his key and could not get into his residence at Bayside Apartments. He went into SPD and was given a ride to his residence.

23:39 - 911 caller reported his keys taken from the Yukon. He was intoxicated, ranting and was not content with the response.

May 27

11:12 - Little Bear Mountain Apartments manager requested an officer for a noise complaint. Officer responded and advised resident inside had a headache.

17:52 - Caller reported a suspicious male in Williams Campground riding his bike from site to site looking for his fishing pole. Officers contacted the subject.

19:37 - Citation for failure to carry registration issued to William Ivan Chiklak on the Seward Highway at Sea Lion. Verbal warning for speed.

19:39 - Individual reported that someone took her bowling ball. Later in the shift, subject located a juvenile who took it and the bowling ball was returned.

21:58 - Male caller reported that he had received a text from his wife’s phone but from a male who told him what he was wearing and that he had seen him that day. He was afraid but did not know who the suspect was.

21:56 - SAST advised of a possible intoxicated driver inbound from Bear Lake area

May 28

00:30 - Zachary Martin was arrested for MISC VI at Fifth and Adams after his vehicle was searched with a warrant and marijuana found. Verbal warning for tail light out.

00:38 - Individuals at Bayview Apartments reported an intoxicated male who was stumbling drunk outside the front of the building. He was also reported to have gone inside and banged on peoples’ doors. Officer was unable to make contact with anyone at the apartments or in the vicinity who met the description.

00:41 - Citation for speed issued to Kuan Yu Chen at Seward Highway and Coolidge.

04:12 - Citation for parking in a posted prohibited area issued Ro Billy Jewell on Fourth in front of the Alehouse.

10:34 - Individual requested an officer to Pacific Park Apartments for vandalism done to his vehicle.

11:11 - An officer was on scene at Safeway with a vehicle accident in which the vehicle a light pole.

11:32 - Individual reported that early in the morning, a male boarded his vessel in the Small Boat Harbor. The reporting party chased the subject off. Nothing damaged or taken.

13:28 - 911 caller reported seeing smoke in Small Boat Harbor but it was disappearing. No signs of a fire.

13:30 - USCG reported the M/V Elliana was without power and drifting toward shore near Calisto Head in Resurrection Bay.

16:30 - A wallet was found at the DMV office.

19:50 - Individual reported someone having a beach fire near the Carlile building on Port Avenue.

20:26 - Individual requested a welfare check on his brother who had been ill. He had not been able to contact him for a couple of days. Officers responded to Fourth. The subject no longer lived at that residence.

22:54 - 911 caller reported a black lab and another dog got in a fight in the tent camping area. No one was hurt but the lab was running loose in the area.

23:00 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.8, 80 miles northeast of Chignik. No tsunami danger.

23:23 - Verbal warning for driving with head lights off given at Essential One parking lot.

May 29

00:07 - Citation for speed issued to Aaron Aseltine on Jefferson near Third.

00:17 - Verbal warning for head light out issued at Fifth and Adams.

01:48 - After FSTs Crystal Mappala was arrested for DUI at Fourth and Monroe. Subject was take to SCJ.

02:34 - Individual requested an officer to assist her in locating her brother who she last spoke to at 06:00 on May 29. He had not arrived on his flight to Buffalo, New York. Officer spoke with the reporting part and informed her he could not yet be treated as a missing person. Officer planned to contact his last known employer in the morning.

03:27 - Individual reported that there was a loud party around a campfire in Williams Tent Campground. Officer contacted three individuals who were advised to keep it down and said they would go to bed.

0630 - Officer found the Alaska ID card and sunglasses belonging to a subject who was in the back of his patrol vehicle from the night of May 22. Officer was unable to locate the subject to give him back his property so it was logged into lost and found.

13:45 - Individual reported large amount of glass in the street at Fourth and Port Avenue near the Train Wreck.

13:47 - Officer flagged down by tourist who found a Mexican passport. Officer found the owner at the cruise ship terminal and the passport was returned.

14:40 - 911 caller requested an officer to the ball park near Bayside about a possibly intoxicated handicapped male who was crawling on the ground. Officer was unable to locate the male.

16:34 - SAST requested an ambulance to Mile 21 Seward Highway after a report of a vehicle hitting a guardrail. Ambulance was dispatched, but canceled shortly afterwards.

16:59 - Individual reported visible smoke coming off the side of Mount Marathon in the tree line. SFD personnel responded and said that the smoke was from a residence on Aialik Street.

17:14 - Caller reported her roommate missing and the last time she spoke to him, he was in Anchorage. The call was forwarded to APD.

18:02 - 911 caller requested an officer to escort him to his ex-wife’s house to fulfill a child custody order. The caller spoke with an officer and was able to come to a conclusion over the phone.

18:18 - Individual reported a missing resident. She was last seen approximately 30 minutes before wearing a blue jacket and jeans. Individual called back shortly afterwards and said that she had been located.

18:39 - Verbal warning for speed, failure to carry registration and failure to carry driver’s license given at Fifth and B.

20:58 - Ambulance requested to Lupin Lodge Seward Mt. Haven for a non emergency transport.

21:14 - Citation for speed issued to Gabriel Garcia on the Seward Highway near the rec camp.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMC, Providence Seward Medical Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence; MICS, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance; DV, Domestic Violence; FTA, Failure To Appear; MCA, Minor Consuming Alcohol.


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