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'Captain's Mast' - May 21, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

April 27

02:18 - Individual reported that a male guest called the front desk requesting an officer for a confrontation he was having with a female in his room. Officer spoke with the subject who said “Alisa,” broke the latch on the window in his room and attempted to destroy his property. The female was not on scene. Officer searched for the female but was unable to make contact with anyone.

05:55 - Citation for proof of insurance issued to David Fryxell in the Safeway parking lot. Verbal warning for improper display of tags and speed.

11:35 - Individual reported her smoker, valued at a few hundred dollars, was vandalized.

12:13 - Fire department issued a burn permit to the city dump for April 27 and 28.

16:16 - Several calls received about a faulty railroad gate on Nash Road. ARRC said they dispatched someone from Whittier who would arrive in about an hour.

18:38 - Individual requested an officer to Essential One for an intoxicated male who was panhandling outside. Officer contacted the subject with PBT .138. He said he was going to hitchhike to Anchorage. Essential One did not request he be removed from the property.

21:36 - Individual requested an officer to Boulder Field about an intoxicated male. Officer contacted the subject with PBT .253. The subject was taken to SCJ and placed in protective custody.

22:22 - Individual requested an officer to Harbor View Inn about a disturbing note found in a room. Officer contacted the reporting party and the manager. Photographs were taken of the note and all the graffiti.

April 28

00:26 - Individual reported a male sleeping on the side of the road opposite Safeway. Officer spoke with the subject who said was trying to hitchhike to Las Vegas and believed he was in Nevada. Officer took the subject to the hospital for evaluation.

15:24 - First Student bus company reported an intoxicated pedestrian, stumbling and weaving, at Sixth and Monroe. Officer was unable to locate the subject.

16:12 - Received an automated phone call of an activated fire alarm at Seward Resort. SFD found the alarm to be false.

18:29 - Dominic Simons and female called 911 from outside SPD and requested to speak to an officer about stalking. An officer met with them and was advised that whilst in prison, Simons became a target of a gang and believed they placed a hit on him. Simons was arrested for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender and taken to SCJ. After Simons’ arrest, officer spoke with the female who said she would like to separate from Simons. She said they have a history of domestic violence, are currently homeless and living in a vehicle. SeaView was contacted and aided in finding her a place to stay.

20:34 - 911 caller requested assistance with his landlord’s cat which was stuck in a tree 20 or 30 feet up. The fire department was unable to assist due to lack of a ladder truck. Officer advised the caller to let the cat come down on its own. Officer estimated the cat to be stuck only 15 feet up.

April 29

00:06 - While on foot patrol, officer encountered an open door to the Seward Properties building. After clearing the building he secured the door and continued on with his foot patrol.

05:48 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Kelly Cinereski in the Safeway Parking Lot. Verbal warning for failure to carry proof of registration and speed.

12:28 - Seward High School requested an ambulance for a 16-year-old male who hit his leg on a fire hydrant. SVAC and SVFD dispatched.

18:28 - REDDI caller reported a maroon Chevy SUV inbound to Seward driving on the wrong side of the road. First he was headed outbound then suddenly turned around and went the other way. Unable to locate.

18:40 - Verbal warning for failure to yield given at NAPA.

20:46 - Individual requested an officer to her residence due to her neighbor smoking marijuana and the smoke filtering into her bedroom. Officer advised complainant that it is a civil issue.

21:18 - SAST dispatched Moose Pass Fire and Cooper Landing to a vehicle accident involving a semi truck and a jeep. Both were on their side and blocking both lanes of traffic at the wye. Moose Pass requested Bear Creek for possible extrication but all occupants were out of the vehicles and injuries were minor and FM 18 requested Bear Creek stand down.

April 30

01:48 - Individual reported an intoxicated male would not leave when requested to do so, then called back to say subject had left and was near First National Bank. Officers spoke with the subject who was advised that he was trespassed from all bars for the rest of the night and of his revoked Colorado driver’s license status..

04:07 - Individual reported the occupants of Pacific Parks Apartments were having a loud party and that she witnessed two intoxicated males have an altercation outside. Officer spoke with one subject.

08:54 - Wells Fargo Securities called to report a cash door alarm at the Wells Fargo bank. There was no answer upon calling the bank directly. Officer responded and everything was OK.

10:42 - 911 caller requested the number of the people to talk to about domestic violence. The caller didn’t leave his name and stated there was no domestic violence currently happening. He was given the number for SeaView Community Services.

12:27 - An officer was requested to PSMC finance department for an individual threatening to come back and shoot the staff if they didn’t change his bill. Officer spoke with the subject, calmed him down and reminded him there are consequences for the language he uses when he speaks to people. He had not threatened anyone.

13:38 - Individual turned in medication for destruction.

14:50 - First Student bus requested an officer to Sea Lion to assist with traffic flow in a construction zone. Officer said there was no construction seen on Sea Lion.

15:08 - Officer spoke to driver of a vehicle and advised that the Air Force Rec Camp is closed to the public.

May 1

00:01 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued to Robert Korda at Jesse Lee and Bluefield drives. Verbal warning for tail light requirements.

16:13 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at Glacier View Apartments for chest pain.

18:18 - Individual reported a man and woman arguing, and children crying outside at Gateway Apartments. Officers spoke to several subjects outside and no one was aware of anyone arguing.

19:55 - Verbal warning for speed given on Seward Highway near Port.

20:03 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Resurrection Campground for a fall victim who hit her head. Possible seizure.

20:13 - Citation for speed given to Kimberley Dawn Helms at Seward Highway and Airport Road.

20:53 - Individual went into SPD to report that about two days before $300 worth of damage was done to the sponsorship signs at the ball field. Many were torn down and ripped in half.

21:49 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Mary Ann Gray-Comeau at Third and D. Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry driver’s license.

22:48 - Verbal warning for head light requirement given at Mile 2 Seward Highway. Driver fixed the light during the stop.

23:02 - Anonymous caller reported that a female in Little Bear Mountain Apartments was yelling at her child and she was afraid for the child’s welfare. She also believed that the female was intoxicated. Officers found everything to be all right.

May 2

00:04 - Verbal warning for riding a bicycle in the turn lane issued Seward Highway near Wells Fargo.

02:00 - Clinton Hutchinson arrested for DUI at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street after FSTs were performed. PBT of .092. Subject taken to SCJ.

05:56 - Individual at the campground reported they found a dog loose in Resurrection Campground. Officer picked a female French bulldog and took it to the shelter. Owner called at 06:55 to say he was outside the shelter and saw his dog inside. He was directed to leave a message for ACO who would get back to him when they came in. ACO called at 07:44 hours to report that the owner left a message saying he jumped the fence to reclaim his dog. ACO was going to search for owner to have a talk with them.

07:57 - An officer was on duty at the health fair at the AVTEC Gym for about four hours.

10:01 - Individual reported a vehicle had been parked in front of his home the previous couple of days and he wanted it checked out. An abandoned vehicle notice was placed on the vehicle.

11:29 - Individual turned in a purse she found.

12:08 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at the finish line of the race for a runner who was having trouble breathing.

14:55 - Individual reported that marijuana was found on a juvenile at Seward Middle School.

15:00 - Citation for failure to stop at a stop sign issued to Dominic Aaron Simons at Third and B. Verbal warning for failure to carry registration

23:45 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and not having mud flaps on her vehicle issued on Seward Highway near Safeway.

23:53 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Van Buren.

May 3

00:20 - Citation for speed issued to Moria Washington at Third and Adams. Verbal warning for window tint.

00:25 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street.

01:36 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

01:49 - AST advised of a 911 call they received in which a male said he was hit in the shoulder at the Yukon before hanging up. There was no answer at the number upon call back. Officers spoke with the subject outside who said he made the call but that there was nothing they could help him with. Everything at the bar seemed OK as well.

08:27 - Individual reported that she lost her phone that morning. Possibly in a taxi or at Safeway. It is a brand called “Very Kool,” is black and does not have a case.

09:39 - Individual reported that he was hand cranking his airplane and it took off, breaking the tie downs and hit another airplane.

09:39 - Traffic citation issued to Heather Rone Anderson at Third and C.

11:44 - Individual turned in a bicycle he found at John Perry Field near the high school.

12:48 - An eagle flew into the mast of the sailboat Freedom and was deceased. ASLC was en route to F Float to pick up the bird.

13:15 - Individual reported someone was cutting trees on his property off of Cliff View Drive. Officer contacted two subjects. Remains of the tree were left on the property and the debris cleaned up out of the roadway. This was a civil matter between the reporting party and neighbor.

14:21 - A subject and another male both called to report they were in an altercation that got physical. The subject was served with a seven-day eviction notice.

15:22 - Individual reported that a subject was harassing her and would not stop knocking on her door at Brownell Street. Officer determined the incident to be a civil matter. Both parties were advised to speak to building management.

17:37 - Individual reported an unattended fire ring which was still smoking.

22:03 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and D.

22:05 - REDDI caller reported a black SUV with no rear bumper driving erratically in the car wash parking lot. The driver was wearing a red short sleeve shirt and continued on towards Safeway. Officer located a vehicle which matched the vehicle description. An officer in the ACO vehicle advised the same vehicle had been driving erratically near Chevron. Driver David Bartley was issued a citation for failure to stop before entering a roadway from a non-roadway. Verbal warning issued for speed and Bartley was advised to park the vehicle until the registration and insurance is worked out.

May 4

00:33 - While on foot patrol officers discovered an open door at Seward Properties. The building was cleared and secured.

01:37 - Verbal warning for inoperative tail light given at Old Nash and Nash roads.

08:57 - Burn permit issued to Lowell Canyon Road for May 4 and 5.

11:42 - Burn permit issued to the city dump for May 4 and 5.

13:25 - Citation for speed issued to Eric Marsh at Seward Highway and Air Force Rec Camp. Verbal warning for IID Device.

14:45 - ARRC advised that a crew would be working the next day on the crossing at Port Avenue to the freight dock.

18:53 - Individual requested a welfare check on a male camping on his property near the airport. The reporting party did not know the male very well, but it appeared that he may not have left the tent in the last few days. Officer found the tent unoccupied.

19:22 - Caller reported the fire hydrant at Fifth and Adams was leaking.

19:26 - Individual requested a welfare check on a male who was in the lot near the parking office who appeared distraught. Officer contacted the subject who said everything was OK.

19:55 - A juvenile reported his black Hyper BMX bike was stolen from his residence at Madison.

20:58 - Verbal warning for speed given to at Third and Jefferson.

21:12 - Verbal warnings for open container given to five men on the railroad tracks across from Safeway. The men were advised they were trespassing on railroad property. They poured out the alcohol and returned to their bunkhouse.

May 5

07:46 - Verbal warning for speed given at Bear Road and Jesse Lee Drive.

10:35 - Officer requested case for destruction of medications.

11:56 - Officer requested a case reference to subject who had been seen hanging around residences on Phoenix Road.

14:00 - Individual reported that his garage at Afognak was broken into.

18:45 - Individual requested an officer to the Kenai Fjords Tours bunkhouse at Phoenix Road about trespassing by an unwanted guest who was no longer on scene. Officer met with the reporting party who requested the subject be trespassed from the property.

May 6

02:01 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to William Arrigall-Watkins on Seward Highway at Bear Street. Verbal warning for speed.

06:40 - Individual reported that her upstairs neighbor at Gateway Apartments made noise all night. Subjects told officer they have a newborn but would try to be quieter.

11:00 - Public Works requested an officer to SMIC about trash being spread over 4th of July beach from SCCC.

13:57 - ARRC Police advised they found an unattended case on their property. Anchorage, FBI Bomb Squad and officer and SVFD responded.

18:58 - Individual requested a welfare check on Mary Lou Mestas at Bear Drive. Mestas posted a concerning message on Facebook. Mestas was arrested on a felony AST warrant and taken to the SCJ

20:49 - Kenai Police Department requested assistance in interviewing subject who was brought in on a felony AST warrant.

May 7

00:14 - Citation for no proof of insurance issued to Bradd Patterson at Seward Highway and Phoenix Drive. Verbal warning for no proof of registration. Subject advised of his revoked driver’s license status and told he should not drive again until he took care of the issues.

15:20 - 911 caller requested an ambulance Seward Mountain Haven Eagle Lodge for an 84-year-old woman having a stroke. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

16:34 - Individual requested a case for a vehicle accident that occurred on April 30 near the culverts. Both parties exchanged information and left the scene prior to contacting the police.

17:23 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to use turn signal given on Seward Highway at Iron Drive.

17:34 - A husky dog was found in Questa Woods.

18:09 - Individual requested an officer to speak about a civil issue over the sale of a truck.

18:48 - Apollo Restaurant notified SPD of a plastic globe that fell off a street light in front of the restaurant. At the request of the power company, the officer brought the globe into the station for the night.

21:36 - Citation for speed issued to Leslie Mayes Adams on Seward Highway at Airport Road.

22:33 - Citation for speed issued to Peter Them Green on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

23:40 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Samantah Susac at Seward Highway and Bear Drive. Verbal warning for no head lights after dark.

23:44 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Logan Coats in the south parking lot of Bayside Apartments. Summons arrest for driving with no valid driver’s license. Verbal warning for speed.

May 8

07:55 - Citation for speed issued to Zoey Simpson at the high school.

08:38 - AVTEC would be doing flare/smoke training the morning.

15:23 - First National Bank requested an officer to take a report and also to have Michael Corn trespassed from all First National Banks in the state of Alaska.

18:18 - Verbal warning for speed given at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

19:35 - Verbal warning for speed given on Seward Highway near the rec camp.

19:53 - Individual reported containers leaking into the salt marsh near the end of Port Avenue. The substance appeared to be similar to asphalt. The general manager of Carlile Transportation was going to take care of it. Fire chief placed absorbent pads in the pools.

22:00 - Caller reported a large boulder blocking Lowell Point Road. Officer surveyed the road to confirm the size of the boulder and placed flares on the road.

May 9

01:03 - Citations for passing in a no pass zone issued driver Lewis Casper and to passenger Gina Joyce for not wearing a seat belt on Fourth near the south 72-hour lot.

01:51 - Owner of Taroka reported that one of his guests just reported personal property stolen out of room. Officer spoke with the reporting party and guest. Subject reported his wallet had been stolen from his room. He did not wish to file a missing property report but wanted a refund for his room, which he received from owner and then left the premises. As the officer left owner located the subject’s wallet in another room and said there had been a mix up with the keys and rooms. Officer found subject walking to AVTEC dorms and returned the wallet. A taxi was called for subject and a friend.

07:16 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Fourth and C.

02:16 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.1, 30 miles northwest of Valdez. There was no tsunami danger.

14:00 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Van Buren.

14:11 - Verbal warning for speed given near Ray’s Waterfront.

14:23 - Citation for speed issued to Brian James Massey on Fourth near Bayside.

15:54 - Citation for failure to register vehicle left on vehicle at Third and Madison.

16:28 - Automated alarm about water flow received from SCCC. A correctional officer advised SPD that a response was not necessary.

20:01 - 911 caller requested an officer to Thorn’s Showcase Lounge where he was having a dispute with the bartender. Officer contacted the caller and a witness. Officer determined no crime was committed and advised the caller not to visit any more bars for the evening.


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