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'Captain's Mast' - April 23, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 30

23:39 - AST requested assistance at the Farm B&B for a male who cut his throat. Trooper was en route. Officers responded, contacted the person and cleared scene for BCVFD/SVAC to enter and give medical assistance. The patient was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. Officers followed ambulance and stayed at hospital until the trooper no longer needed their assistance.

March 31

06:00 - Ambulance requested at Glacier View Apartments for a 54-year-old woman who was having trouble breathing and felt dizzy. SVAC/SVFD responded and the patient was transported to the hospital.

12:58 - Citation for speeding and failure to carry proof of insurance given on Fourth near AVTEC gym.

23:30 - Trooper arrested Tamara Graham for felony DUI and breath test refusal and took her to SCJ.

April 1

00:30 - Individual reported that Richard Setters was in the parking lot of the Breeze Inn even though he was trespassed from the property. Officer spoke with the reporting party who said Setters had been harassing her and trying to get guests to buy him alcohol. The officer advised the reporting party of her rights to get a restraining order against Setters and the process to do so. No evidence of a past criminal trespass from the Breeze Inn was found SPD record and Setters said he was not aware of one. Officer advised Setters that he is now trespassed from all Breeze Inn properties.

02:07 - Officers observed suspicious activity at the electrical box at Swetmann and Benson. Officer contacted the subjects involved and found that they were TelAlaska employees who were working during low service hours to update the system.

03:41 - Officer noticed a vehicle parked at Fourth and Jefferson in front of TYC with its hazard lights on for several hours. A note was left on the windshield advising that the officer attempted to contact them and to open the vehicle and turn off the lights to save their battery, but the door was locked.

09:17 - Individual said they were at the animal shelter to drop off a dog for the day. Arrangements had been made however there was no ACO at the shelter to take possession of the animal. Attempts to contact ACO were unsuccessful. Officer responded to the shelter to take possession of the dog.

09:53 - City employee requested an officer to the utility counter due to the utility staff dealing with an angry customer.

09:58 - Individual called from an out of country phone number to report that SPD computers had been hacked. He wanted dispatcher to access the computer while on the phone with him. He had a strong accent and was difficult to understand. When asked to speak to his supervisor or someone who spoke clearer he hung up the phone. He said he was from Windows.

12:36 - School officer interviewed a student at Seward High School for marijuana possession. Officer seized some drug paraphernalia. No charges were filed and no drugs were found.

14:31 - Individual turned in medications for destruction.

06:06 - AST transferred a 911 call from a small child who did not know their location and could not get their parent to speak with dispatch. Upon call back the phone was disconnected. The system showed only a tower hit within city limits. SPD records showed that the number was associated with a person and address outside of city limits. Information was passed on to the troopers and they pursued the case.

15:47 - SAST, requested an officer to assist on a welfare check at the Farm B&B with a male who cut his throat. On arrival officers found the subject sleeping.

16:32 - Individual from Safeway reported they were having trouble with a local and wanted him trespassed from the store for 30 days.

17:15 - Dylan Shannon turned himself in and was arrested on two SAST misdemeanor warrants.

18:05 - Adventure 60 North requested an ambulance to the south ramp for an injured hiker who had possibly broken an ankle and dislocated a shoulder.

20:46 - Citation for head light requirement issued at Mile 2 Seward Highway. Verbal warning given for expired tag.

21:03 - Citation for speed issued at Fourth and B. Verbal warning given for failure to carry proof of insurance.

22:40 - Individual requested an officer for two minors consuming alcohol. Officers arrested Paul Wilton III, 20, and Adam Brockman, 18, and issued citations to both for minor consuming. Another male was drinking but was over 21. Wilton’s PBT was .050, Brockman’s PBT was .028.

23:51 - Individual requested on officer to the Baptist church by AVTEC dorms because she saw two people and could hear them drilling. Officer contacted one subject at home. The subject told the officer he was using the outlet from the church to blow up his air mattress and did not use the outlet from his apartment because it was too noisy.

April 2

02:17 - Verbal warning for crossing the fog lines and driving 10 mph under the speed limit given. Driver told officer she was tired. Officer advised her to go get some rest.

06:54 - Citation for speed issued to at Seward Highway and Hemlock. Verbal warning given for failure to carry proof of insurance.

10:04 - Guardian Flight requested an ambulance at the airport in 30 minutes to meet the flight crew.

17:13 - Medical personnel at Mountain Haven Lupine Lodge requested an ambulance for a patient possibly having a stroke.

18:15 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

19:11 - Citation for speed issued on Seward Highway near Sea Lion

Unknown time - Troopers arrested Daniel Adamos Orlino Jr. on a warrant and MICS 4, and Robert Maal for MICS 4 and DWLR. They were taken to SCJ from Mile 39 Seward Highway.

21:11 - Citation for speed issued on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

21:25 - Citation for head light requirement issued on Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

April 3

10:05 - Alaska driver’s license left at First National Bank Alaska several months ago turned in by bank staff.

15:28 - Verbal warning given for obstructing traffic and improper display of tags.

17:41 - Citation for brake light requirement issued at Third and C. Verbal warning given for speed.

18:00 - Individual reported she lost her Android phone in the Seward harbor.

18:38 - Citation for speed issued in the Essential One parking lot.

19:10 - SAST advised of a REDDI vehicle crossing center to fog and driving in the opposite lane of traffic. Vehicle was a pickup, unknown color with a white camper, no tag information. Complainant is behind in green Suzuki.

19:51 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued at Mill and Chamberlain. Verbal warning given for speed

19:53 - Troopers arrested Shainna Lynn Wootton on a warrant and al charge of providing false information to an officer. She was taken to SCJ from Mile 40 Seward Highway.

21:31 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway. Verbal warning given for head light out.

21:44 - Individual requested an officer to Bayside Apartments for an intoxicated male. Officer placed the subject under protective custody. PBT was .237

21:46 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway. Verbal warnings given for failure to carry proof of registration and tail light requirements.

22:20 - SCJ requested an ambulance for an intoxicated male.

April 4

01:25 - 911 caller reported a domestic disturbance at a motel. The dispute had been going on for over an hour and he heard a male’s and female’s voices. The reporting party said he heard the female tell the male to “leave her alone” several times, and heard yelling and screaming. Officers met with the involved parties. Officer transported one person to the Holiday Inn Express for the night.

01:41 - 911 caller reported that a blonde female in her mid 40s wearing an orange sweatshirt was attempting to break into his room at the Breeze Inn. The female was pounding and kicking on the door, and trying to open the door. Officer arrested Phyllis Kilgore for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

02:06 - 911 caller, the subject of the previous call, called from the SCJ to report she was arrested unfairly and said she did nothing wrong.

04:45 - Individual went to SPD to retrieve his shotgun being held from an earlier case.

05:01 - Individual from Camelot Drive reported a power outage at her home.

06:04 - Caller from the Breeze Inn reported a tenant was calling the front desk every hour with a complaint of his upstairs neighbor and hearing noise in the stairwell. Officer responded to the Breeze Inn, spoke with staff and served an eviction notice to a person.

07:26 - Individual from the Breeze Inn reported that a suspect was walking around Murphy’s Alaska Inn parking lot. Officer contacted the subject at the mini storage and advised him of permanent trespass from the Breeze Inn. Same subject was given a disorderly conduct warning.

08:11 - Citation for speed issued near the military rec camp.

09:08 - Burn permit issued for the day only to 2404 Afognak Avenue.

10:33 - Individual went to SPD to request an officer help her with her gun. Officer responded to her residence where he released the hammer on a loaded weapon. She was afraid to do it herself.

12:11 - Individual reported that he and his ex-girlfriend had been arguing and wanted an officer to respond. OCS was aware and would follow up.

13:06 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third between Jefferson and Madison.

15:01 - A female in a long pink skirt left the post office walking up Monroe with a little girl. The female was staggering.

15:12 - Officer was out with three loose dogs on Second.

17:07 - Citation for expired tags left on vehicle in front of Cover to Cover Books.

17:22 - Citation for expired tags issued in front of Cover to Cover Books.

17:28 - Individual requested to speak to an officer concerning a private matter. Officer advised the individual that her concern was a civil issue and provided advice towards a solution.

18:19 - Citation for speed issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

18:21 - Individual reported a bicycle in the creek next to the Harbor Lights Condos. Officer found the bicycle and removed it from the creek. The bicycle, a black Raleigh mountain bike, was taken to SPD and logged into lost/found.

19:09 - Individual requested an officer meet her at the city pound, advising that she picked up a gray, short haired medium sized dog running around Third near the Marina.

20:13 - SAST transferred a 911 call advising that the subject on the line needs an ambulance to transport his intoxicated, suicidal wife to PSMC. SAST was advised that an ambulance can be dispatched, but a trooper needs to clear the scene. SAST called back via land line advising that the trooper will transport since law enforcement response is necessary.

20:37 - Individual requested an officer to his place of work, Cristo’s, where an intoxicated male identified as Richard Setters was causing a scene. The reporting party requested Setters be criminally trespassed from the establishment. Officer responded and contacted Setters outside of Mountain View Sports and advised him of his trespass. Setters was then arrested for Harassment II and taken to SCJ.

22:07 - Verbal warning for improperly displaying tags and not carrying driver’s license on person issued at Seward Highway and North Harbor.

22:58 - Individual reported five or six young adults being loud and running around outside his residence on Second near Jefferson. Officers contacted two juveniles who said they had been with a group of other juveniles who were all now on their way home.

23:21 - Citation for failure to carry driver’s license issued at Seward Highway and Port Ave. Verbal warning given for head light requirement.

April 5

01:32 - Individual reported that a small silver older model sedan, possibly a Geo or a Cavalier, with a broken muffler had been acting suspiciously in the area of his residence. Officer was unable to make contact with a vehicle matching that description in the Forest Acres or Jessie Lee subdivisions.

01:42 - Verbal warning for speed and inoperable tail light issued at Jessie Lee and Benson.

01:55 - Officer contacted a vehicle in the 2400 block of Cedar as a possible match to the vehicle described in an earlier case to speak with the occupants, driver and his girlfriend. The driver said he had been visiting with friends and was now parking his car until the morning since his license is provisional. Officer also advised the driver he is not to drive with non-family member as passengers.

02:13 - Individual reported a female burned him with her cigarette. Because he was distraught, he agreed to go to the hospital for evaluation. Because the reporting party said that the suspect was taking a taxi to The Pit, officers went to The Pit and contacted a female who was identified as the suspect. Assault was unfounded.

06:19 - Verbal warning for head light requirements issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

06:48 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

08:41 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Monroe.

08:45 - Verbal warning for speed given near Safeway

09:27 - Verbal warning for speed issued on Seward Highway and Aspen.

10:03 - Verbal warning for parking on the sidewalk issued at Essential One.

10:08 - An automated alarm phoned dispatch with an alarm at Seward Military Resort. Nothing showing. Alarm was reset.

13:44 - Citation for speed issued at the Safeway parking lot. Another citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued.

21:01 - Officer arrested Lane Spradlin for DUI and MICS VI on Port Avenue near the cruise ship terminal and took him to SCJ.


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