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'Captain's Mast' - April 9, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 24

00:10 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Fourth and Madison.

06:21 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and Monroe. Also advised that driver he needs to notify an officer at first contact whenever he is carrying a weapon.

09:10 - Individual turned in a HTC phone found outside the Seward Saloon.

09:21 - Individual reported a smell from the lagoon at Lowell Point Road.

10:58 - Individual went to SPD to speak to an officer about harassing communication he was receiving from a female from Palm Springs, Florida.

March 25

13:46 - Caller reported a male requested she call the police to Pacific Park Apartments. He and his girlfriend were fighting and she broke his phone. Officers dispatched. Second reporting party reported her mother requested an officer respond to the same apartment as she heard her son get punched in the face and kicked before loosing contact with him on the phone. The first caller was the sister of reported victim and was not in town so was unable to check on the situation. Officers contacted a juvenile female suspect at the residence.

14:40 - Individual lost his black tri-fold wallet at an unknown location in Seward.

17:43 - James Michael Redmon, Jr. arrested on a probation/parole violation and taken to SCJ.

20:41 - Oaken Keg employee requested an officer to trespass a male for 24 hours. He was intoxicated and kept returning to the store for more alcohol. Officer did not contact the subject and notified Chevron not to sell him alcohol.

21:03 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Van Buren.

21:30 - Ale House advised on 911 that a couple of intoxicated fishermen were trying to start a fight. Officer contacted the subjects. Both were given a disorderly contact warnings and told to not go into any other bars that evening.

21:58 - Oaken Keg employee called back to alert the officer that the same male from earlier returned to the store and attempted to purchase more alcohol. He was denied by employee and left.

22:00 - Verbal warning for driving without tail light given on Seward Highway by Safeway.

March 26

00:04 - Individual requested an officer at the Holiday Inn Express to turn in marijuana that was confiscated from a student he was chaperoning. Officer removed marijuana.

08:42 - Citizen took a required breath test for employment with the City of Seward.

09:45 - Individual from Beach Road on Lowell Point complained of sewage smell.

14:24 - Road Conditions: Citizen reported a rock slide on Lowell Point Road blocking half the road.

16:25 - Trooper reported a rock slide on Lowell Point.

16:27 - Guardian Security reported an alarm at 221 Third. Repair people were on the premises fixing the boiler and set off the alarm.

15:15 - Trooper took a male to SCJ for protective custody.

20:50 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.3, 50 miles southwest of King Salmon. No tsunami danger was expected.

March 27

03:53 - Individual requested an officer to Glacier View for an incident that occurred at 23:00. Individual said she was watching the security cameras and was concerned that her neighbor on the third floor was carrying something into his unit that looked like a mattress rolled in a blue tarp, but reporting party was worried that it could have been a body. Officer responded, spoke with reporting party and would follow up with the manager.

09:48 - Verbal warning for speed given on Seward Highway near Essential One.

13:30 - Officer Brockman conducted an A.L.I.C.E. training class at the high school.

14:39 - Office of Children’s Services requested a welfare check in the 1700 block of Phoenix Drive.

17:37 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign given at Seward Highway and Port Avenue.

17:50 - Officer stopped a driver at Seward Highway and North Harbor for head light requirements. Driver was able to repair the head light.

18:50 - Citation for failure to stop at a stop sign issued to driver at Sixth and B.

21:29 - Caller reported that Richard Setters was intoxicated walking down Third near Bayside without a jacket on. Officer located Setters at Chevron. Setters was arrested for criminal trespass and taken to SCJ, as he was trespassed from Chevron with advisement last year.

22:41 - SAST requested an SPD officer to assist a trooper with a welfare check. Officer and trooper arrived on scene, and separated the subject and her boyfriend.

March 28

00:04 - Breeze Inn staff requested an officer for an intoxicated male passed out in the lobby. Officer spoke with the subject. Officer attempted to look for the subject’s boat, to drop him off with a responsible party but could not find anyone. Citizen was taken to SCJ for protective custody with a PBT of .180

02:40 - Verbal warning for crossing the center lane given on the Seward Highway at Nautical Avenue. FSTs performed on driver, PBT of .075. Driver parked vehicle for the night and took a cab.

09:20 - Individual reported that the ATM at Wells Fargo looked like it was damaged and there was a male on the premises who said it was just fine. Officer contacted an employee who was the installer of the ATM. He was painting and finishing up the install. He had a worker’s identification that was legitimate.

09:22 - Citation for head light requirement issued at Third and B. Verbal warning for speed.

12:00 - Officer was asked to lead a parade from AVTEC gym to Railway.

16:25 - Individual from Safeway turned in a wallet. The wallet had otters on it and contained membership, credit and debit cards as well as $48.25, a bag of tea, a Sharpie and notes.

18:10 - Individual turned in a silver card case she found near the playground on the bike path. Inside were business, debit and credit cards.

March 29

23:37 - Officers contacted a citizen who was holding an open container walking out of the Yukon. The subject appeared as if he was going to urinate outside the bar. Subject was PBT .135 and was advised to stay out of the bars for the rest of the evening and was going to walk home on foot.

00:53 - Verbal warning for white tail lights given.

04:05 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third at Madison.

06:13 - Officer contacted a vehicle parked at the Seward Resort. Driver said he was walking his dogs.

06:44 - Verbal warning for speed given on the Seward Highway at Nash Road.

07:17 - Citation for speed issued at Seward Highway and Preacher’s Pond.

07:17 - Citation for speed issued on Seward Highway at Preacher’s Pond. Verbal warning for failure to provide proof of insurance.

11:32 - An ambulance was requested to the 300 block of Sixth for a male with an injured knee.

16:15 - Individual called to file a missing persons report to comply with Colorado Springs police department’s policy. The caller reported his brother missing from Colorado Springs. His brother had not been contacted in the last four months. Officer forwarded the case to Colorado Springs PD. Approximately a half hour later the subject was located by Colorado Springs PD and contacted his brother.

23:31 - SAST advised of an abandoned 911 call they received. They could hear a frantic child and believed the call possibly be domestic violence in progress. Records with the number indicated that the call may have come from Little Bear Mountain Apartments. Officer contacted the victim and a juvenile witness. They said the aggressor was the victim’s husband David who was not on scene. The apartment manager confirmed the husband’s name and the officer began searching for the suspect.

March 30

01:20 - Officer contacted David Miller III at Seward Ale House and he was arrested for DV Assault IV, DV Assault III and interfering with the report of domestic violence. He was taken to SCJ.

05:50 - Road Conditions: Lowell Point Road, small slides but clear road.

11:51 - Seward Campground staff reported two people yelling at each other in the SeaLife Center parking lot next to Iditarod Campground. Both parties admitted to officer they argued and agreed to keep it down. No violence or physical contact was reported by either party.

12:31 - Individual requested a welfare check on a person at Glacier View who was not answering her phone or door. Officer found the subject out to lunch with her daughter.

15:36 - Individual reported a vehicle spinning doughnuts in the AVTEC Applied Tech building parking lot. The windshield of reporting party’s vehicle was damaged. Officer contacted the reporting party on the scene and a witness. The reporting party did not wish to press charges, but requested that the suspect be contacted. Officer contacted the suspect driver by phone after speaking to the vehicle’s owner. Suspect said that he will use more caution while driving.

15:38 - Officer arrested James Morgan for DWLR at Old Nash and Nash roads and took him to SCJ. A citation was issued for failure to provide proof of insurance. Verbal warnings were given for failure to use turn signal and improper mud-flaps.

17:03 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued on Seward Highway near Hemlock. A verbal warning was given for speed.

17:17 - Individual requested an officer to Safeway where, after confronting another person about a $50 debt, was threatened by him with a gun in front of his three children. Officer spoke separately with both parties. The suspect, when contacted, did not have a gun on his person. Officer contacted the store manager to review video surveillance. Due to conflicting statements and lack of evidence, no crime was charged.


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