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'Captain's Mast' - April 2, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 15

23:22 - 911 caller requested an officer to the premise in reference to an intoxicated female who was verbally threatening people, and stumbling in and out of the bar. Officers contacted Jacquelyn Garza who was advised she was trespassed indefinitely from the premises, arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to SCJ.

March 16

02:33 - Individual reported a fire alarm going off somewhere north of their residence at Mile 5.5 Seward Highway. BCVFD responded but could not locate anything that sounded like a fire alarm or any heat signature of the building in the vicinity.

03:27 - Road conditions: Lowell Point Road, four inches of unplowed snow with some rain making roadway slick.

03:56 - Road conditions: Nash Road, four to six inches of unplowed snow.

1036 - Individual from NAPA reported an abandoned vehicle in their parking lot.

12:12 - 911 caller reported his neighbor was beating his dog for the last 10 minutes. The sounds were coming from Caines Street. Officer responded and ACO advised. Officer contacted the owner of the dogs in question. Dogs were inspected by ACO and officer and had no injuries. Owner said he was yelling at the dogs and they responded with yelping back at him. Owner was warned of animal cruelty laws and creating a disturbance.

13:20 - Individual reported an accident with a single injury at Mile 5 Seward Highway, just north of the Pit Bar. Driver was breathing and conscious with possible altered state of mind. SVAC/ BCVFD dispatched.

17:28 - SAST requested MPVFD, BCVFD and SVAC respond to Mile 23 Seward Highway for a vehicle in the ditch with injuries. Report of a diesel spill at Mile 24.

22:55 - Individual, who was out of town, requested an officer to her residence on Fifth where her friend reported that Annalee Brown, Luke Spiers and Rene Baker were entering her residence with criminal intent. Officer responded and met Brown, Spiers and Baker on scene. The reporting party requested all three people be criminally trespassed from her residence indefinitely. The key they used to enter the building was confiscated, and Spiers and Baker were advised of their OLN statuses.

23:05 - Ambulance requested to Seward Mountain Haven Raven Lodge for a woman with a 100.3-degree temperature and low O2 stats. Patient was administered medication to lower her fever, but it failed to take affect.

23:46 - During foot patrol officers discovered the door to Flying Skein open. They cleared the building and after contacting the owner, secured the building.

March 17

04:01 - Road conditions: Nash Road, very slick.

04:17 - Road conditions: Lowell Point Road, minor rock slides but still passable.

05:26 - Verbal warning for inoperable head light issued on Seward Highway near Safeway.

06:00 - Verbal warning for speed issued in the Three Bears parking lot.

08:28 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Hemlock for unresponsive male. CPR in progress. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

09:31 - Individual reported that the light bar off her vehicle was stolen during the night at the Holiday Inn Express.

13:37 - Individual complained about the smell coming from the sewer pond at Lowell Point. Public Works director and city manager advised.

20:29 - Individual from Thorn’s Showcase requested an officer assist with a subject who would not leave after being asked to. Officer contacted Donald V. Robbins. Robbins refused to leave and was arrested for drunk on license premises. Robbins PBT was 0.213. Officer also gave a disorderly conduct warning to another man ans instructed him to not go to any bar for the remainder of the night.

22:18 - While on foot patrol officers discovered the door to Jaffa Construction unsecured. They cleared the building and then contacted the owner. Her son met the officers to lock the building. He reported that nothing appeared to be missing or out of place.

23:13 - Bartender at the Alehouse reported a fight. Officers contacted two subjects involved in the fight. They also contacted involved subjects Steven Garcia and Charles Rodriguez who, at the request of the reporting party, were advised that they are criminally trespassed from the Alehouse indefinitely. All parties refused medical treatment and to press charges.

23:23 - Caller reported that someone would not stop contacting him by phone. He would not identify his exact location. While speaking to an officer it was found that he was located outside city limits. Officer advised the caller to notify the troopers.

March 18

00:46 - Individual reported that the storm drain on the east corner of Third and Van Buren was broken and could pose a hazard. Officer investigated and reported that it was not a hazard to vehicles but was broken and Public Works should be notified.

08:46 - Wells Fargo Bank Security called in a silent alarm. Per SPD policy, Wells Fargo was called. There was no answer. Officer contacted staff and no problems were reported.

12:54 - Caller reported that a subject who was criminally trespassed from Safeway and was in the store earlier. Safeway would like him re-advised at next contact but no charges at this time.

13:52 - Caller reported her dog was attacked by a dog at Ravina Drive. ACO responded. The reporting party called back and said her dog was uninjured but shaken up.

17:25 - Officer contacted Aiden Richardson and again advised him he was trespassed from Safeway.

19:31 - SPD dispatch received many calls reporting a power outage from Lowell Point to Mile 17 Seward Highway. Electric was notified and was working on the problem

20:37 - Deputy Fire Chief responded to Lowell Canyon to change out medical equipment.

21:17 - SPD dispatch received additional calls reporting the power was out at Mile 19 to 23.

22:08 - Citation for no proof of insurance given to Elannah Camp on Seward Highway by the Chamber of Commerce. Verbal warning for head lights.

March 19

00:18 - Citation for expired registration given to Aaron Hewlett-Sorensen at the Trainwreck. Verbal warning for failure to carry proof of insurance.

00:41 - Verbal warning for inoperable tail light given at the Breeze Inn

01:43 - Officer advised there was an audible alarm going off at the Seward Middle School and the lights were on inside the school. Contacted school principal who went to the school and advised that there was a problem with the generators and they were contacting borough maintenance to take care of it.

11:26 - Individual from the Harbormaster’s officer reported a vehicle was parked in a fire lane. SPD officer left a message at owner’s home number stating vehicle must be moved.

11:45 - Providence ER requested an ambulance to meet LifeMed at Seward Airport at 12:05. SVAC dispatched.

17:37 - KRP called to report that three men in a blue Dodge pickup stopped by his business and tried to sell him three Honda outboard motors. The reporting party thought the motors might be stolen. He did not get names or a tag number but the men said they were from Homer. SAST notified

17:56 - Individual reported that a white pickup with a camper was parked on Second just north of Adams, and that the bumper and the multi bike rack were sticking out in the road and he feared someone was going to clip it. Officer responded and did not see a parking violation

19:45 - TYC reported that the kids were being defiant, chucking things over the roof of the building and making prank calls to Seward residents. Officer spoke to the juveniles.

21:54 - Verbal warning for head light requirement was given near Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

21:58 - Verbal warning for driving with head lights off after dark given in Safeway parking lot.

March 20

01:08 - SeaLife Center security reported a yellowish green flare went off 20 or 30 feet from the shore while she was standing at the overlook. She said the flare did not go up very high. Officers searched along the beach near the area and the Seward Marine Center dock and found nothing out of the ordinary. Officers contacted a male doing late night photography near the shore and reported he saw the similar light in the water near Lowell Point. Alerted SAST of situation. Officer did not find anything on Lowell Point Road shore area. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage Command Center notified of situation and given all information.

06:38 - Caller from Lowell Canyon Road reported an aggressive husky. She said the dog was walking outside and barking near the townhouses where she lives. She reported she had never seen the dog before and was concerned for people about to leave for work. Officer responded. The animal returned home and was let back inside by his owner.

07:07 - Individual reported seeing a middle aged woman standing in the middle of the road on Bear Drive and Swetmann wearing red pajama bottoms and a brown shirt. The reporting party was concerned because she was just standing still and staring. Officer contacted the subject and took her to the hospital.

17:13 - LifeLine requested an ambulance at Nash Road for a 73-year-old man with difficulty breathing.

17:42 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and D.

17:52 - A citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Ian Osbourne Schamber at Ray’s Restaurant. Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry registration.

18:03 - Verbal warning for speed given to near the harbor office.

18:04 - 911 caller reported that her daughter left about noon with her dog and the dog came home (Laughlin Way and Bear Lake Road) all wet but without the daughter. Troopers advised.

18:38 - Troopers arrested Joseph Ian Dotomain and took him to the SCJ. Trooper dispatch reports the arrest was for one count of Sexual Assault II and Sexual Abuse of Minor II.

18:47 - A citation for expired registration on a vehicle issued to Laurie Kay Stuart for a vehicle parked unoccupied in front of Thorn’s

19:15 - Citation for expired registration issued to Karrie Lee Brown at Mile 1 Seward Highway. Verbal warning for failure to carry registration.

19:57 - Caller reported that he thought he saw a dog off its leash at Second and D. It may have been Pit Bull mix or a Rottweiller mix.

20:22 - Saltwater Safari reported a REDDI that left Safeway inbound. It was a white Ford F150 with a dent in the right rear fender. Vehicle was not located.

20:37 - Verbal warning for failure to carry registration and driving with head lights off given near the Chamber of Commerce.

20:58 - Verbal warning for driving with head lights off given near Mile 2 Seward Highway.

21:56 - Verbal warning for head lights given on the Seward Highway across from Three Bears.

March 21

01:15 - Alehouse bartender requested an officer for two males fighting outside the bar. Officer responded. The two males were having a verbal disagreement and were split up by another male.

08:30 - PSMC caller reported they were unable to reach anyone with SeaView and they had a patient who needed evaluation. Dispatch tried both SeaView numbers and both were dead. Dispatch contacted an on-call employee and she contacted the hospital.

11:11 - A citizen found a yellow lab and took it to the shelter. It looked like it had been a stray for a long time. Animal Control took possession of the dog.

11:51 - Individual reported that the lagoon at Lowell Point was odoriferous.

15:16 - 911 caller reported they were stuck on the railroad tracks and AAA would not help them without the police being present. They were in a green Jeep Sarah pulling a small camper near Samson Tug & Barge. A fork lift from the barge company lifted the camper off the tracks.

19:40 - 911 caller requested an officer to the Taroka Inn where a woman in red pajama pants and a plaid shirt was beating a dog. Officer contacted the subject who was disciplining her dog. Officer examined the dog and found no injuries.

20:51 - Ambulance requested to Fifth for a suicidal, intoxicated 47-year-old woman who was bleeding from an laceration on her wrist. Officer cleared the scene. He then investigated the residence of the patient and where the injury occurred.

22:11 - Verbal warning for speed given at the Coffee Cup.

22:13 - 911 caller from PSMC requested an officer respond for a Title 47 patient who was trying to leave. Officer spoke with hospital staff, who had already convinced the patient to return to her room. Patient was advised that if she tried to leave again she would be restrained.

March 22

00:42 - Verbal warning for inoperable head light issued at Seward Highway and Bear Drive .

04:11 - Citation for proof of insurance issued to Charles Harris at Seward Highway and Coolidge. Verbal warning given for inoperable tail light and excessive muffler noise, and subject was advised they need to obtain an Alaska driver’s license.

13:40 - Report of the lagoon at Lowell Point was smelling badly. Public Works director contacted.

16:39 - Caller from SeaView reported that they received complaints in the previous hour from Glacier View residents of yelling, screaming and loud arguments coming from an apartment. Officer walked through the building but heard neither sounds of a disturbance nor any further information from the residents he spoke to.

21:10 - SAST requested an SPD officer to respond for 911 call advising of a physical dispute between two males, one being intoxicated. Officer contacted Ryan Jennings. Jennings was given a disorderly conduct warning. Trooper arrived on scene. Officer arrested Jennings for disorderly conduct and took him to SCJ. No charges were pressed for the fight.

March 23

23:33 - Officer noticed a vehicle at Ace Hardware/Seward Ship’s Chandlery loading something into the vehicle and then leaving. Officers contacted occupants of vehicle at Chevron. The subjects told officers they worked for Snug Harbor Seafood and were loading things from a boat into their vehicle after dropping it off at the chandlery.

10:53 - Burn permit issued to Alaska Waste transfer site for March 23 and 24.

13:19 - Male served court documents at Icicle Seafoods.

16:36 - Received a water flow fire alarm from SCCC. A correctional officer called, and said that the alarm is false and they are resetting it.

18:42 - Received a water flow fire alarm from SCCC. SCCC personal said they were performing maintenance on the sprinkles and to disregard the alarm.

23:16 - Officer secured the Seward Properties building after finding the door unlocked during a foot patrol.


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