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'Captain's Mast' - March 26, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 9

23:21 - Officers found the door to Seward Brewing Company open. The owners were contacted to secure the building after the building was swept for possible intruders.

March 10

23:53 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Afa Ulufanua at Third and Jefferson. Verbal warning given for speed, failure to carry driver’s license and registration.

02:25 - AST requested officer and medics to Meridian for a female who had been beaten up by her boyfriend, Brandon Armburst. SPD officer contacted the victim, and cleared the scene with trooper before SVAC and BCVFD were cleared to enter scene. Suspect Armburst returned to scene and was arrested for DV Assault IV. Victim was transported to the hospital and trooper took Armburst to SCJ.

14:27 - Individual requested an ER to speak with a client reference possible elder abuse. Officer responded.

17:20 - A trooper was requested to the jail to speak with Brandon Armbrust. SPD officer handled the case until a trooper arrived. Officer then wrote a search warrant and contacted Armbrust’s probation officer. After obtaining the search warrant, officer searched Armbrust’s belongings and charged him with Promoting Contraband I and MICS III.

18:46 - Individual requested to speak to an officer about to juveniles who burglarized her property on Chiswell Street. The reporting party identified the juveniles, and requested that the officer speak with their parents and have her items returned. Officer contacted the parents and juveniles at Pacific Park and Kimberly Court apartments. Officer, juveniles, and guardians then met with the reporting party and returned all of the stolen toys and items. No charges were filed.

19:24 - 911 caller did not have an emergency and was asked to call on the non-emergency line.

23:05 - SAST advised of a report they received of a black/gray Dodge headed southbound at Mile 9 Seward Highway. Officer stopped the vehicle in the Essential One lot. The driver was not under the influence and was given a verbal warning for swerving.

March 11

00:26 - AST requested SPD officers to assist a trooper investigating an incident between Clark Lane, who was at the Pit Bar, and another subject who was at their residence on Nash Road. Officers and trooper went to both locations, and contacted a third subject who was picking up the second subject. Lane was arrested by the trooper for DV Assault IV and taken to SCJ.

02:56 - The Pit Bar reported that a subject was refusing to leave. AST was notified and requested an SPD officer for an agency assist. When the trooper and officer arrived the subject had already left.

03:52 - The Pit Bar reported the subject returned and refused to leave. AST requested SPD officer assistance. Officer and trooper went to the Pit and transported the subject to the area of Ben’s Country Store to stay with his friend who agreed to care for him for the night.

08:58 - Individual reported a vehicle swerving from the side of the road across the double yellow line and back again from Questa Woods until he parked at Chinooks Restaurant.

12:00 - AST passed on that a silver Range Rover ,headed south from Mile 30 Seward Highway, was passing on the double yellow line.

12:22 - Individual reported a possible animal neglect situation on Third. The dog was outside on a chain with no protection against the cold weather. The dog was cold, unable to sit due to the cold and had been outside since 8 a.m. ACO officer spoke with the reporting party.

19:47 - Citation for speed issued to Kate Elizabeth Kent at Third and C.

20:15 - AST requested assistance for a break-in in progress at Roundtable Drive. The report came in fourth hand and a neighbor was walking over with a .32 to check the cabin. There was a silver car occupied by a female with a dog, and another woman on the porch standing guard for someone inside. Officers checked the area and saw no one in the area.

20:36 - Electric called out for a pole and transformer sparking in from of the SVAC Building on D. He was also advised of power glitches at city hall.

20:57 - A vehicle’s passenger was given a verbal warning about a revoked driver’s license. Verbal warning for speed given to driver at Seward Highway and Nash Road.

March 12

01:28 - Citation for speed issued to Heming Liu at Seward Highway and Iron Drive.

01:45 - Citation for speed issued to Bhavisha Bhalsod at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

02:09 - Officer stopped driver at Third and Jefferson because he was in wrong lane. Driver was lost. Officer gave directions to a hotel.

08:00 - 911 caller reported a vehicle in the middle of the northbound lane of Seward Highway in front of Safeway. Officer responded. Vehicle was unoccupied. The owner was found and he moved his vehicle. No damage occurred.

08:53 - DMV reported a counterfeit bill passed on March 11.

11:12 - Individual reported an abandoned gray mini van in his parking lot on D. Vehicle had been there for two weeks. Officer put an abandoned vehicle sticker on vehicle.

11:47 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.2, 180 miles south of Cold Bay. No tsunami danger.

12:16 - Individual reported that her fuel tank on Dora Way was emptied in the previous two days.

15:43 - Individual reported that a resident living above Tony’s had not been seen for a couple of days. The manager made arrangements for the officer to enter the apartment. Victim was deceased.

19:44 - Low tank alarm at Lowell Canyon.

21:50 - An ambulance was requested at Mountain Haven Fireweed Lodge at for a 62-year-old male with a high fever.

March 13

03:27 - SAST requested assistance for a domestic dispute in progress on Bleth. An upset female called SAST and requested a taxi’s phone number because she could not get a hold of one to pick her up. The female left the residence on foot, and SPD officer and trooper found her at Tressler Avenue and Bear Creek Road. She was taken to SCJ for protective custody.

15:17 - Caller reported a black and white van speeding down Fourth, headed heading north and almost hitting her. Officer unable to locate the vehicle.

15:24 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Neil A. Pinigis on Hemlock at Third. Verbal warning given for speed.

18:04 - Citation for speeding issued to Robert Ross at Mile 2 Seward Highway.

18:39 - Caller requested a welfare check on a hitchhiker at the wye who was dressed in a Carhartt jacket and one glove.

20:06 - Verbal warning for driving with head lights off after sunset given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

20:18 - Citation for expired registration issued to Christin Flemingon Third near Terry’s Tire. Verbal warning given for failure to carry proof of insurance and driving with head lights off after dark.

23:41 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Monroe.

March 14

00:44 - Citation for failure to carry insurance issued to Michael Wolfe at Third and D. Verbal warning given for speed and failure to carry registration.

02:07 - Verbal warning for speed given at the Chevron parking lot.

04:58 - 911 caller at Bear Mountain Apartments reported her father had been drinking, was yelling and calling her brother obscenities. Caller said her father was upset because he was looking for his mask. During the call she said that he found it, and was going to go to bed. She said they did not need help any more. Officer went to the apartment for a welfare check. No one answered the door, and the apartment appeared quiet from the outside.

05:26 - Simply Safe called to report a residential motion burglary alarm going off at Ash Street. Officer responded to residence. All doors and windows were secured and there appeared to be no signs of tampering.

08:40 - Simplex reported a burglar alarm at the commons building at Mountain Haven. An employee was en route to check the building and meet the officer. The employee advised that a dark colored pickup was in the area. Officer contacted several employees and the building seemed secure. Maintenance was called to check the alarm.

13:41 - Individual reported a blue Dodge Caravan weaving all over the road inbound at Mile 10 Seward Highway. SAST notified and SPD unit also responded. Officer located the vehicle and did not see erratic driving.

15:39 - Troopers arrested Bruce Davis for DUI and took him to SCJ

17:20 - Officer summoned Jack Walganski for DWLS at Seward Highway and Port Avenue. He left his vehicle secured walked to the Breeze Inn. He was advised that he may not move his vehicle without assistance. Verbal warnings were also given for failure to provide proof of insurance and carry registration.

18:09 - Individual reported a possible intoxicated female in a white Grand Cherokee leaving the Safeway parking lot and headed north on the Seward Highway. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

March 15

23:46 - Citation for no proof on insurance and expired tags issued to Peter Konovalov in the 72-hour parking lot. Verbal warning for head light.

02:15 - Caller reported that a subject was driving intoxicated after he left Hotel Seward en route to Anchorage in a green 2005 Dodge Caravan.

06:30 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued to Kim Lodzinkski on Seward Highway at North Harbor Street. Verbal warning for inoperable head light.

11:01 - 911 caller reported that Aidan Richardson climbed through her window to take their daughter after she told him he could not take the child. Richardson went to SPD advising that he had paperwork stating he had visitation that day. Richardson was arrested for interfering with a report of domestic violence.

11:49 - Individual reported theft from a boat.

14:04 - Individual reported a vehicle passed her in the median in the 25 mile per hour zone and was parked at the Taroka Inn. Vehicle was gone on officer’s arrival.

15:57 - Individual reported a green van spinning doughnuts and speeding driving down Ballaine toward the harbor. Officer stopped Benjamin Currier at Fourth and Ballaine. Currier was issued citations for crossing the center line and failure to provide proof of insurance.

16:03 - Citation for speed and failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Dennis Buffington in the post office lot.

20:12 - Verbal warning for failure to use turn signal given at Dairy Hill and Seward Highway.

21:16 - Verbal warning for failure to use turn signal given at Third and Jefferson.


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