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'Captain's Mast' - March 19, 2015'


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Feb. 25

23:35 - Citation for failure to carry license issued to Saran Benjamin on the Seward Highway at Sea Lion. Verbal warning given for failure to carry proof of insurance, proof of registration and failure to dim lights.

Feb. 26

00:53 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.0, 75 miles southwest of Atka Village. No tsunami danger.

05:06 - Verbal warning for speed given on Seward Highway at Nash Road.

06:30 - 911 caller from Safeway reported they accidentally hit the fire alarm. Deputy fire chief reset the alarm.

15:30 - Individual went into SPD to talk to an officer about a disturbance that occurred the night before on Port Avenue. The reporting party has a protective order against the subject and he was acting in a threatening manner towards her when she went to his place of residence to pick up the children.

17:06 - Individual from Mountain Haven requested an officer about problems they were having with the family of a resident. The family was not present but might come the next day. The subject was advised that she is trespassed from Mountain Haven indefinitely.

17:31 - Individual reported a fire alarm at Bayside Apartments. Complainant lives in the 1000 block of Third but she thinks it is on the other side of the building. Cooking problem located in the 1000 block of Third.

Feb. 27

10:35 - AST transferred a call from a subject who was upset that his son was trying to kick him out of the house and take the house for himself. An officer contacted caller at the Seward courthouse and together they went to SeaView for support and evaluation.

11:08 - 911 received for a 77-year-old man having a heart attack. Call came from Mile 18 Seward Highway. An ambulance was refused as the son was already driving him straight to the hospital.

13:35 - Individual lost her wallet in the Safeway parking lot.

15:53 - Individual requested an officer to the Breeze Inn for an intoxicated female outside the lounge. Officer contacted the subject who was taken to PSMC.

16:53 - Individual advised of complaints he’s just received of people speeding near the high school.

16:56 - Intoxicated 911 caller asked for officer assistance, and said that he was not in need of an ambulance but needed an officer. Officer contacted the caller in the 500 block of Second and provided him transport to his residence on Nash Road.

17:15 - SAST advised of a green and white ‘70s or ‘80s Bronco or Blazer reported to have been hot rodding on Grouse Creek Road. Vehicle was seen about five minutes before heading into the Seward area.

17:24 - An off-duty trooper advised an officer of a wanted male at the Fish House. SPD officer arrested Christopher Spiers on two $500 SAST warrants and took him to SCJ.

Feb. 28

00:40 - Caller reported that a street sweeper in the Safeway parking lot was disturbing his sleep. Officer responded. Sweeper was over half way done and did not seem to be excessively loud to the officer. Officer went back to Safeway parking lot at 01:15 with sound reader and sweeper was gone.

07:02 - Verbal warning for speed given at the Holiday Inn parking lot.

14:30 - A female went into SPD and reported a hit and run, with damage, with a building at the Seward Saloon on Fifth.

16:08 - Caller reported her vehicle stolen from Fifth and Adams. Officer found the vehicle at Safeway. Officer advised the theft was a misunderstanding. The reporting party’s mother had taken the vehicle without telling the reporting party.

17:06 - Caller reported injured brown dog loose near Third and Adams. Officer found the dog and took it to the animal shelter.

20:37 - Automated alarm received advising of a low tank at Lowell Canyon.

23:19 - Officer furnished transportation for a minor to the 400 block of Fourth from a high school dance.

March 1

00:09 - Verbal warning for speed given at the Three Bears parking lot.

00:24 - Verbal warning for inoperable brake light given on Seward Highway by the airport.

08:57 - Caller requested a boat to pick them up in Derby Cove. His girlfriend fell down the stairs on her face the night before night, needed stitches and was in a lot of pain. SAST was called as well as Miller’s Landing, Coast Guard, Harbormaster’s, and a fishing charter captain. Wildlife trooper and Trooper Jeffords were en route to pick them up.

10:55 - Individual requested an officer to the Phoenix Building for a door to the basement standing open.

13:47 - Dispatch received an automated phone call advising of a low tank at Lowell Canyon.

14:23 - Alarm at city hall lift station went off.

22:51 - Ambulance requested to Mountain Haven for a woman with a high fever and breathing trouble.

11:06 - Burn permit issued to the waste station for March 3 and 4.

March 2

16:41 - Individual reported an aggressive driver who almost hit a vehicle and was swerving. The reporting party said the vehicle just pulled into No Sweatt Auto. Officer stopped the vehicle on Seward Highway near Hemlock and contacted Jeremiah Morris, who was given a citation for failure to carry proof of insurance. Morris admitted to passing the reporting party. He was given verbal warnings for failure to carry driver’s license and vehicle registration, and failure to illuminate head lights on a highway.

17:09 - Citation for tail light requirements issued to Andrew Brough near the Harbormaster’s office. Verbal warning given for speed.

17:37 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Susan Willet in the Chamber of Commerce lot. Verbal warnings given for speed and failure to carry driver’s license.

19:30 - Individual requested an extra patrol around the 1000 block of Third Ave after receiving an unusual after-hours visit from a male at the Seaman’s Mission. Officer spoke to the reporting party and patrolled the area, finding nothing unusual.

21:26 - Individual requested an officer to the 300 block of Fourth in response to a keypad duress alarm. Officer responded and advised that the building was clear and secure.

March 3

05:47 - Citation for tail light requirement and proof of insurance issued to Nick Quinn at Seward Highway and Hemlock. Subject was advised to drive the rest of the way to work with his hazard light on and then to park the vehicle until the tail light was fixed.

17:15 - Individuals requested a civil standby while they signed papers.

18:00 - Individual requested an officer to the TYC about a juvenile with marijuana. Officer responded and spoke with the juvenile and parent.

18:39 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.1, depth 11 miles, 15 miles southeast of Valdez. No tsunami was expected.

March 4

11:01 - Caller reported her 47-year-old husband was having difficulty breathing. Ambulance requested to Questa Woods. SVAC and BCVFD dispatched.

16:36 - Reporting party from Safeway reported a shoplifter at the store. He works at Icicle Seafoods. Name is known but no charges filed yet.

1716 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign given in the 400 block of Fourth.

19:33 - Simply Safe reported an alarm showing interior motion in the 1800 block of Jesse Lee Drive. Officer reported that doors and windows appeared secure.

22:56 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.5, 30 miles northeast of Talkeetna. No tsunami was expected.

March 5

01:27 - Citation for head light requirement issued to Tekoa Wallace on the Seward Highway at Bear Drive. Verbal warning for obscured plate.

05:41 - Verbal warning for speed given on Nash Road at Bette Cato.

17:34 - Anchorage Adult Protective Services requested a welfare check on subject on Ballaine. Officer responded and she was fine.

19:02 - Verbal warning for driving with head lights off after dark given on Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

19:10 - Citation for head light requirement issued to Kevin George Christian near Third.

19:34 - 911 caller reported that he locked himself out of his apartment at Glacier View. The manager told him to call SPD which holds a master key.

21:26 - Caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked in front of the Safeway liquor store. The pickup was red with black trim and the caller believed the driver was smoking marijuana.

March 6

01:31 - Holiday Inn Express reported someone stuck in the elevator. Deputy fire chief responded. Subject was clear of elevator at 01:57 and facility was advised to shut down the elevator. It was the second time it happed that day.

01:41 - 911 caller requested an ambulance requested to Glacier View Apartment for a 54-year-old female having pain all over.

10:00 - Harbormaster’s office reported a vehicle was parked and blocking the boat lifts at SMIC, and needed to be moved. Officer contacted the owner who move it immediately.

18:30 - Citation for tail light requirements issued to Matthew Perkins at Seward Highway and Hemlock. Verbal warnings given for obscured plate and muffler requirements.

19:21 - Misdemeanor citation for driving without a valid operating license issued to Dana Erickson at Second and Adams. Citation issued for expired registration. Verbal warnings given for head light requirements and failure to provide proof of insurance.

21:48 - Verbal warning for failure to dim brights given at Fourth and D.

22:40 - 911 caller requested an officer check on his friend from whom he received an unusual call. The friend said he wanted his roommate out “right now” and disconnected. The call was forwarded to SAST.

23:37 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Jefferson.

March 7

00:24 - 911 caller reported that someone put a cigarette out in something that made a bit of smoke in the hall at Bayside Apartments. By the time the caller was connected to 911, he said he realized the smoke was gone and everything was fine.

0140 - Individual from the Breeze Inn Motel reported an intoxicated male was wandering around the motel lobby acting strange and telling the reporting party that he just wanted to chat with her. Officers contacted the male near Chevron parking lot. Officers discovered a vehicle registered to the Breeze Inn had been broken into by the male to use the cigarette lighter. Breeze Inn staff confirmed nothing was taken from vehicle. The male spoke with officer and realized he was in the wrong hotel, and was supposed to be staying at the Holiday Inn Express. Male’s friend escorted him to the Holiday Inn Express.

04:21 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.1, 120 miles southeast of Atka. No tsunami danger.

08:56 - Individual called the fire chief to request that on-call water personnel give her a call. Vigor neglected to get a hydrant-use permit and they needed water for a ballast to get a ship back into the water.

11:50 - Individual turned in an ATM card he found in the machine at Wells Fargo.

15:46 - Citation for speeding issued to Michael T. Green at Third and A.

15:58 - Verbal warning for speeding given at Third and B.

17:20 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign given at the AVTEC building on Leirer Road.

18:59 - Verbal warning for failure to have head lights on after dark given at Ballaine and Railway.

20:00 - Citation for speeding issued to Russell Ambacher at Mile 4 Nash Road.

20:04 - Simply Safe called in an interior alarm on Ash. Officer responded. House was secure.

20:54 - Citation for head light requirements issued to Krystal M. Vierkandt at Mile 2 Seward Highway.

22:26 - 911 - Multiple calls received about what sounded like large caliber shots fired or fireworks in the area of Dimond. Officers contacted the subject who admitted to setting off fireworks but said she would keep the noise down from then on.

23:34 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and B.

March 8

01:36 - Individual reported her roommate, Casey Davis, was acting strange and needed assistance. Officers contacted Davis who had PBD .146. Although he was acting strange, he said he was fine and refused medical treatment. Davis was arrested on a warrant and taken to SCJ.

06:05 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Nash Road and Johnson.

06:30 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

10:09 - Daniel Arthur Galloway arrested for DWLS by Trooper Jeffords and was taken from Mile 48 Sterling Highway to SCJ

17:09 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to George Navarre Fourth and Ballaine. Verbal warning given for speed.

19:25 - SPD dispatch received approximately 100 calls and one 911 call advising of power outages from Lowell Point to Mile 23 Seward Highway. SAST advised of a report of a tree on fire at Mile 24. MPVFD, BCVFD and SVAC responded. MPVFD reported there was no fire, but received reports of a transformer briefly throwing flames. MPVFD investigated the area for possible fire hazards before clearing the scene. Seward Electric responded.

19:35 - Caller requested and officer for two people trapped in the elevator at Glacier View. Officer responded with an elevator key, advising SFD was not needed. Subjects were safely removed from the elevator.

19:40 - 911 caller requested an ambulance requested to Hemlock for an unresponsive, breathing male whose oxygen supply was cut off during the power outage and he was turning blue.

20:25 - Individual reported a white blinking light on a railroad box at the crossing at Crown Point. Several attempts were made to advise Alaska Railroad personnel.

20:37 - BCVFD fire chief reported that the main radio consul in the BCVFD fire station activated a man down status and will not reset. The chief had already contacted ALMAR.

21:10 - Caller from Wells Fargo reported they lost connection to their ATM on Third. The caller was told of the power outage and an officer dispatched to conduct a security check. Officer advised that the ATM was still intact and that nothing appeared to be breached.

March 9

03:32 - 911 caller on Pinnacle View Road reported a fire in his dryer that he had been unable to put out. The resident was outside of the building. LPVFD, BCVFD, SVFD, SVAC responded and extinguished fire then turned the residence back over to the tenant.

05:18 - Verbal warning for speed issued on Coolidge near the cemetery.

06:10 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

06:32 - Verbal warning for speed issued in the Safeway parking lot. Subject advised he needed to register his vehicle in his name.

09:32 - Verbal warning for driving the wrong way down a one way given the Seward ship terminal.

15:55 - Individual turned in medication to be destroyed.

16:15 - Individual reported an unlicensed driver visiting a trailer in Bayview trailer park. The reporting party said the driver should be leaving shortly and was driving a red Explorer. The call information was forwarded to SAST and officers were advised.

19:19 - Ambulance requested to SCCC for an assault victim with possible neck injuries.

19:27 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued to Cathie Russell at Fourth and D. Verbal warnings issued for speed and improper display of tags.


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