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'Captain's Mast' - Feb. 19, 2015'


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Jan. 15

21:52 - Verbal warning for speed given at Essential One.

22:00 - Verbal warning for inoperable tail lights given at Second and Jefferson.

Jan. 16

06:52 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 3 Nash Road.

08:37 - Verbal warning for head light requirement given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

08:41 - 911 caller from reported a 50-year-old woman feeling sick. SVAC and SVFD were toned out. Before arrival, the patient was transported in a personal vehicle. SVAC and SVFD were canceled.

09:05 - Citation for head light requirement issued to Koal Backland Mile 2 Seward Highway. Verbal warning for failure to carry registration.

09:54 - Citation for speeding and no proof of insurance issued to David Phillips at Fourth and B. Verbal warning given for failure to carry registration.

11:31 - Individual reported they would be moving a building on Jan. 19 from Seward Rec Camp to Mile 6 Seward Highway, between 9 a.m. and noon.

14:17 - Verbal warning for passing in a no passing zone given at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

17:05 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate headlights given on the Seward Highway near City Express.

19:53 - Verbal warning for speed and tag light requirements given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

20:16 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third near the Rez Art .

20:27 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

20:42 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

21:04 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

23:03 - Individual advised of a vehicle in the ditch at Mile .8 Nash Road. SAST advised. Trooper responded and arrested Pamela Buck for DUI. Officer was requested to assist with the vehicle.

Jan. 17

00:05 - Verbal warning for speed given on South Harbor.

00:09 - Trooper requested an officer respond to 33500 block of Nash Road about domestic violence involving Matthew Mooter. Officer contacted Mooter and his infant child. Officer transported the infant back to mother at the grandmother’s residence. Trooper arrested Mooter for DV Assault IV and Theft V, and took him to SCJ. Officer remained on scene until a trooper could respond for further investigation.

01:14 - 911 caller, AVTEC dorm attendant, reported a 23-year-old man possibly over dosed with medications and alcohol. Officer contacted the reporting party and patient. SVAC/SVFC dispatched. Patient transported to hospital.

15:41 - Individual reported the Alaska flag on the ground at Benny Benson Park.

19:48 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.9, depth 71 miles, 30 miles northeast of Amchitka. No tsunami was expected.

20:28 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and North Harbor.

Jan. 18

00:11 - Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry driver’s license, after passing FSTs, issued at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

00:50 - Individual in the South 72-hour lot at North Harbor and Fourth was advised not to drive for the rest of the evening after FSTs.

04:00 - Individual reported that a subject was intoxicated and causing a disturbance in the 1900 block of Dora Way. Officer contacted the couple at the residence. Both were given disorderly conduct warnings for the night. No evidence of domestic violence was found and they agreed to go to bed.

07:36 - 911 caller requested an ambulance for a female with breathing problems. SVAC/SVFD responded.

Jan. 19

18:49 - Individual requested an officer to check on his vacant residence, where via security cameras, he could see a car parked in his yard. Officer found no vehicle parked at the residence and advised the property was secure.

20:16 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Van Buren.

20:55 - Verbal warning for speed given on Chamberlain.

Jan. 20

06:59 - Officer contacted a disabled vehicle at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

10:30 - 911 call came in from Seward Mountain Haven/Lupine for a family member yelling at the staff. Officer responded. Subject Theresa Martone is trespassed from Seward Mountain Haven indefinitely.

10:35 - Fire chief issued a burn permit to Alaska Waste for Jan. 21 and 22.

11:18 - 911 caller from the 11600 block of Eagle Lane for a 61-year-old woman with back pain.

12:17 - 911 - AT&T called to do a test call.

20:43 - Verbal warning for speed given on the Seward Highway near Marina Motel.

21:48 - Individual reported her 2000 Dodge stolen from outside of Bayside between 19:00 and 21:30. Shortly after the report, another individual advised that the stolen vehicle was on Eagle Lane, along with her own stolen vehicle which she reported to troopers. SPD officers and a trooper responded to Eagle Lane where the vehicle was located. Male was contacted at the residence and said that he had just purchased the vehicle and would produce a bill of sale the next day.

22:02 - Individual requested to speak to an officer in reference to his neighbor smoking. Officer advised that it was a civil issue.

Jan. 21

07:44 - Automated recording reported a Fire Alarm at Seward Military Resort. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. False alarm. Reset by Fire Chief and units were canceled.

08:51 - Public Works called in a vehicle for being parked illegally at Benson and Jesse Lee Drive. Officer placed a parking warning sticker on the vehicle.

09:42 - SCCC called in a 60-year-old man possibly having a heart attack. SVAC/ SVFD dispatched

11:57 - Seward Mountain Haven called to report a 71-year-old with a fever and difficulty breathing. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

12:16 - PSMC called to request a medical transport to Seward Airport to pick up a flight crew at 12:45. SVAC notified

16:04 - 911 caller from Mountain Haven requested an ambulance for an elderly patient with a severe hernia.

20:20 - PSMC requested an ambulance for a non-emergency transport to Mountain Haven.

22:28 - 911 caller reported a female was suicidal. The information came from her roommate who was in Anchorage. The caller reported the female had a knife in her hand. Officers spoke to the subject and her two teenage children who advised that everything was OK.

23:45 - Trooper requested an officer respond to Salmon Creek area by the beach, to contact a female who called the suicide crisis line making suicidal threats. Officer contacted the female, who appeared intoxicated, and took a knife from her. Officer transported her to the hospital for evaluation. PBT was .110. Advised hospital to call for an officer if they have problems with her or she tries to leave during evaluation.

Jan. 22

05:00 - Hospital called and requested medical transport for patient from hospital to Life Med. SVAC dispatched.

06:45 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 4 Nash Road.

08:45 - Verbal warning for failure to maintain own lane given on Seward Highway near Essential One.

10:00 - Public Works reported a stolen license plate registered to the City of Seward.

14:15 - Officer left an expired tags warning on a vehicle at Seward High School.

18:40 - Citation for head light requirement issued to Cheryl Edna Newtonfejes in Safeway parking lot.

18:47 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.9, near the Vanuatu Islands. No tsunami was expected.

21:18 - Trooper arrested Charles Oliver Johnson for DUI at Nash Road and Salmon Creek Road and transported him to SCJ.

21:31 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to 200 block Brownell for a male having difficulty breathing.

Jan. 23

02:16 - 911 caller, a 52-year-old woman, was having chest pains at the 1000 block of Third. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

15:54 - Citation for speed issued to Bristyl Comer at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

18:30 - Trooper arrested David Eldred for Felony DUI and took him to SCJ.

18:52 - Ambulance requested to Seward Mountain Haven Lupin Lodge for a non-emergency transport to PSMC.

20:48 - Citation for speed issued to Patrick Gregory at Seward Highway and Iron.

21:45 - Verbal warning for headlight requirements given on Seward Highway near the car wash.

Jan. 24

08:43 - PSMC requested an ambulance to the airport for a medical transport with Guardian.

Jan. 25

01:19 - Individual reported a disturbance that could become a fight. Officers contacted both parties involved and one left in a taxi.

03:38 - Road conditions: Lowell Point Road had packed ice and no rock slides

04:01 - Road conditions: Nash Road clear with patches of ice.

07:26 - Individual reported at ladder at No Sweatt Auto had blown over and was leaning against a power line. On-call Electric personnel notified.

08:15 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and Van Buren.

14:24 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Mountain Haven Lupine Lodge for a possible stroke.

14:25 - Subject needed assistance getting home. He had fallen on the ice a couple times.

15:56 - AST requested officer respond to Eagle Lane for a 911 domestic violence call in progress. The reporting party advised Russell Ambacher was at her residence with a gun demanding Christopher Campbell. Ambacher left while officers were en route. Shortly after his departure the reporting party said Campbell and his girlfriend started arguing and went into the back room when it became physical. Officer arrived on scene and contacted the reporting party and Campbell and secured the scene until troopers arrived. Campbell arrested for DV Assault IV and taken to SCJ. Ambacher was contacted shortly afterwards and arrested for Assault III and taken to SCJ.

20:35 - SAST requested an officer respond to Salmon Creek Road for possible domestic violence in progress. The caller on 911 said that the subject would not leave her alone and that she was frightened. Officer secured the scene, advising that there was no on-going assault. Trooper arrived and determined that no crime took place. The subject was given a disorderly conduct warning.

Jan. 26

04:02 - Road Conditions: Lowell Point Road, glare ice.

04:24 - Road conditions: Nash Road: Clear with ice patches.

12:26 - SCCC requested an ambulance for a 26-year-old man who fell and hurt his right arm and knee. Dispatched SVAC/SVFD

13:21 - Individual reported upon return home he found his home, in the 200 block of Marathon Drive, was vandalized by paint ball gun splatter.

13:39 - 911 caller reported her mother was passed out. A women could be heard in the background yelling at the caller to not call the ambulance. The caller hung up, saying she had to help her mother. Upon call back the subject said she was on the floor and asked if the ambulance was coming. She said there was no injury. Daughter hung up the phone twice while attempting to gather information. Officer sent on call. SVAC/SVFD Code Black. Subject refused transport.

14:10 - Written warning for expired tags at the high school.

17:52 - 911 caller reported a possible domestic dispute in progress in the 1800 block of Swetmann. While officer was en route, call said the involved male left on foot towards Bear Drive. Officer contacted the male who said the argument was only verbal and displayed no signs of a physical dispute. The second party, Michael Igou, was contacted down the road and arrested on a $500 Anchorage judicial warrant and taken to SCJ.

Jan. 27

01:30 - Road conditions: Nash Road, dry with small patches of ice.

05:59 - Automated SCCC automated alarm for smoke in the duct system received by dispatch followed directly by a call from the prison reporting that was burnt toast in the kitchen and no response was necessary.

07:55 - Individual reported a dog in the SPD parking lot almost got hit. Officer placed the dog in the animal shelter.

07:58 - Individual reported an abandoned vehicle on Jesse Lee Drive. Officer contacted the owner and was told the vehicle had to be moved by day’s end or it would be towed.

12:40 - Caller reported a vehicle for driving recklessly. Vehicle was found at First National Bank Alaska and subject was contacted who said he slipped on the ice on the road.

14:51 - Individual reported a little white poodle type dog running around the street corner at city hall. Officer attempted to catch the dog. ACO responded. Owner was contacted and reclaimed the dog.

23:27 - While on foot patrol of downtown area officers discovered the door to Seward Properties open. After clearing the building they secured the door.

23:29 - While on foot patrol of downtown area officers discovered the door to Thorn’s open. After clearing the building they secured the door.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMC, Providence Seward Medical Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence.


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