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'Captain's Mast' - Dec. 25, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Dec. 4

00:05 - Verbal warning for tag light requirement given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

00:07 - Verbal warning for inoperable head lights given at NAPA parking lot.

01:59 - Officers found Hanson Yazzie parked in front of Tony’s Bar with his vehicle engine running and asleep in the front seat. Yazzie appeared intoxicated and refused PBT. He was arrested for DUI and taken to SCJ. Yazzie requested a blood test at his own expense. He was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. Transported back to SCJ.

06:32 - Individual filed a missing wallet report.

08:03 - SCCC reported a car had been parked near the prison for the previous few days. The reporting party said that sometimes it was occupied and sometimes it was not. They requested an officer patrol the area for suspicious activity.

08:51 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate head lights given at Third and Madison.

09:17 - Hotel Seward requested an officer for a motor vehicle accident.

10:43 - Individual reported a dark green Volkswagen Golf with two kayaks strapped to the top which was driving recklessly down Nash Road towards the prison.

12:06 - Individual requested an officer about a truck parked on the sidewalk near Fourth and Adams.

15:05 - Metco would be blocking the alley overnight between Sixth and Seventh, and Jefferson and Adams for sewer repair.

17:41 - Essential One called to request a officer assist with a driver who refused to follow the parking rules of the facility. Driver left before contact was made.

18:38 - Verbal warning for having white lights in the rear of his vehicle given at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

21:11 - Seward Fisheries called in a blown fuse at the transformer.

21:13 - Citation for driving without a license issued to Daniel Holder at Safeway. Holder was also arrested for a misdemeanor AST warrant. Verbal warning given for head light requirement, failure to carry proof of insurance and failure to carry registration.

23:03 - Individual reported a group of people walking in the middle of the road on Third. Officer advised. Individuals were on the sidewalk.

23:05 - Coast Guard Anchorage reported a Trouble Condition, fire alarm, at the moorings building, 1507 X-Float Road. SVFD responded. No fire was present. The scene was cleared the alarm reset.

23:50 - Cassandra Benjamin arrested for DUI at Fourth and South Harbor Street, and taken to SCJ.

Dec. 5

11:52 - 911 caller requested an officer to the 1000 block of Fourth about her sister who attacked her. Second reporting party called 911 and advised of a male involved who was yelling outside. Officer responded and spoke to the subjects. All parties separated.

Dec. 6

06:56 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at stop sign given at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

14:26 - Individual reported that a construction trailer belonging to Harmon Construction next to the park on Dora Way was open and there were no workers working out or it. Dispatch attempted to contact Harmon with no answer. Officer contacted the homeowners. Homeowners would contact Harmon to secure the trailer.

15:48 - One of the Major Marine vessels sank in the morning at E-float. Harbormaster’s on-call was notified but they all ready were aware of it.

16:54 - A report of a silver Jeep passing Safeway headed to the harbor was called in. No contact made with the vehicle

18:30 - Citation for head light requirement issued to Helen Virginia Stewart at Third and A.

20:20 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Nick Lawrence Quinn at Safeway parking lot. Verbal warning for tail lights.

22:11 - Individual reported there were people playing the drums loudly in the 500 block between Second and Third. Officers contacted the subjects and advised them to lower the noise.

Dec. 7

01:34 - Citation for driving with an expired license under one year given to Annalee Brown at Third and South Harbor Street.

13:29 - 911 caller from Seward Mountain Haven Fireweed House reported a patient pulled the fire alarm. She said there was no fire. Seward Fire Chief responded to Fireweed House to check the alarm. No alarm was pulled but the tamper feature was tampered with. The staff was educated on the alarm system and the scene cleared.

14:41 - Individual from Parks and Rec called about a suspicious person walking out of a camper parked at Resurrection Campground. He was not the owner of the RV and he didn’t know the owner’s name when asked by park staff. He left the scene and was walking north along the bike path. Contact made with subject at Fourth and Van Buren. He was advised of his warrant out of Anchorage.

14:51 - Richard Setters turned himself into SPD on two AST warrants.

17:24 - Verbal warning for head light requirements given on Seward Highway at Dairy Hill Road.

17:39 - Ashlee Champion-Hibbets arrested on an SAST warrant for probation violation and taken to SCJ.

18:42 - Citation for head light requirement given to Karl Allen Vanbuskirk Jr. in Three Bears parking lot.

20:34 - Safeway reported a dog had been tied outside of the store for about four hours. Caller believed it was abandoned and wanted to have it picked up. Officer took the dog to the shelter

Dec. 8

10:56 - Upon request, an officer responded to the 200 block of Sixth about a vehicle blocking snow removal. Vehicle owner agreed to move the car further into the driveway.

12:35 - Individual turned in expired medication for destruction.

15:36 - Individual reported a possible diesel leak coming from the grey condos on 500 block of Fourth across from AVTEC. SFD officer contacted a Shoreside Petroleum driver. Driver was refueling a home, but had not spilled anything. No sheens were visible.

18:23 - The City Hall lift station and the Seward Community Jail 1 alarms activated. Jail personnel advised that they did not have a problem. On-call for Wastewater notified. They advised to call back if it went off again. Lift station checked at 19:45 and was OK.

Dec. 9

00:24 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street.

01:36 - 911 caller requested an ambulance for a 6-month-old baby who stopped breathing in Questa Woods. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

05:19 - 911 caller, Clifford Pringle, reported a verbal dispute between himself and his partner. It was found that Pringle had a SAST warrant for failure to remand. Officer went to the residence in 500 block of Second and spoke with the couple about their dispute. The officer then arrested Pringle and took him to SCJ.

05:46 - Officer responded to an AST call for assistance at the hospital.

16:57 - Fire officer requested an ambulance by radio to the 500 block of Fifth for a male having trouble breathing. He had taken two nitro tablets. CPR was in progress and three shock treatments were delivered.

Dec. 10

01:18 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Danny Crow at Mile 1 Seward Highway. Verbal warning given for speed.

03:16 - Annalee Brown given a citation for expired license under 90 days, and issued verbal warnings for tail light and tag light out. Passenger, Michelle Fillingim, was advised of her suspended/revoked driver’s license status in both Alaska and California.

14:50 - Individual requested to speak with an officer about an unknown male who stopped his vehicle and was approaching her child, but left abruptly after noticing her presence.

16:00 - Individual reported the theft of a laptop.

20:53 - 911 caller reported that his friend’s bike was at the dumpster near Seward Plumbing. The caller sounded intoxicated. He stated he didn’t want trouble from his friend and said he had permission to borrow the bike earlier that day. Officer responded to Seward Plumbing to retrieve the bike for safekeeping.

21:08 - Verbal warning for head light requirements given on Third near Van Buren.

21:21 - Individual reported that she had been threatened by a subject, her daughter and others.

Dec. 11

06:38 - Individual reported his girlfriend, Katherine Peltola, was upset and they were having a verbal altercation in their moving vehicle. Officer met them at Icicle Seafoods. Officer arrested Peltola for Criminal Mischief and took her to SCJ.

14:41 - A bus driver called in a state vehicle which failed to yield for his red lights. The driver was headed northbound on Second approximately six minutes before his report. Officer unable to locate the vehicle.

15:27 - Individual advised there would be brief road closures Dec. 15 on Lunar Circle in Nash Woods.

21:06 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

23:31 - Guardian Security reported there was a commercial burglar alarm going off in the 300 block of Third. Officer responded and building was secure.

Dec. 12

00:19 - AST requested medics at Mile 5 Seward Highway for a single vehicle rollover with two occupants. SVAC and BCFD dispatched.

00:40 - Verbal warning for tag light requirement given to Annalee Brown at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

05:42 - Staff from Holiday Inn Express reported a guest had $1,000 cash stolen from him by a suspect who was en route to Anchorage airport in Mike’s Taxi. Officer responded. Anchorage Airport Police were notified with description of suspect and information of suspected travel to question the suspect.

13:19 - Seward Community Health Center employee requested a welfare check on patient who had not been contacted since Dec. 3. The reporting party had also been unsuccessful in contacting his listed emergency contact. Case forwarded to SAST.

13:20 - Officer requested a case for fraud after speaking to an individual who reported credit card fraud.

19:17 - Verbal warning for head light requirement given near the Chamber of Commerce.

22:43 - Individual reported a 4-door SUV with a Redskins logo driving erratically and pulled over at the AVTEC cafeteria. Officer found the suspect vehicle, and contacted the driver of the car and passenger at Fourth and Madison. Officer could not detect alcohol or drug impairment, denied any erratic driving.

Dec. 13

00:01 - Caller from the Yukon Bar requested an officer to escort an individual out of the bar. Officers responded and arrested Nicholas Young for disorderly conduct. Sejanus McCleskey arrested for Assault IV. Both taken to SCJ.

01:32 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Port Avenue.

01:56 - Benjamin Kempker stopped for speeding and arrested for DUI at Seward Highway and South Harbor. FST performed. PBT .181. He was taken to SCJ.

01:58 - 911 caller reported he was punched in the face by a man wearing a gray sweatshirt and short hair by the First National Bank. Officer responded and had no contact with the suspect. The reporting party called back on 911 26 minutes later by the Seward Library reporting he was afraid to go home and requested an officer. Officer provided transportation home.

10:36 - Individual from Sports and Rec called in a theft of approximately 25 CDs valued at approximately $200 stolen from the gym on Dec. 6 between 4 and 6 p.m. No known suspects.

11:00 - Community Relations: Christmas Parade.

11:27 - Individual reported a car hit a juvenile eagle on Second. Alaska SeaLife Center contacted.

16:00 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the 900 block of Third for a 66-year-old man who was unable to keep anything in his system. The patient was on oxygen.

Dec. 14

01:19 - Officer contacted an individual near the Harbormaster’s Office who said she was out looking for her son who she had not seen since 3 p.m. and believed to be missing. Update: At 02:30 the subject had been located.

02:15 - Individual made a noise complaint at Bayview Apartments. Officer contacted building maintenance and was unable to contact the occupants of the apartment which had recently been rented.

15:00 - Individual waved down an officer at Phoenix and Seward Highway to ask for assistance locating his juvenile daughter who left the house 15 minutes before. The reporting party was unaware of daughter’s friends or her possible location. Update: Father and daughter went into SPD to speak to the officer at 15:41.

17:22 - Officer noticed a rock slide on Lowell Point Road and advised that it was still passable but there were several large rocks in the roadway. Street Department notified and they advised that if it was still passable, they would not come out in the dark but if it got worse to let him know.

18:00 - Officer notified of a suspicious vehicle in the Dora Way area. Officer responded but did not make contact with a vehicle acting suspiciously.

19:12 - Troopers arrested Donna Marie Norbert on an Anchorage AST felony larceny warrant.

21:17 - Lowell Point Road was getting worse. Street Department notified and they were deciding if they wanted to close the road.

Dec. 15

00:50 - SAST requested an officer to assist with a suspicious 911 call they received reporting a possible suicide attempt/drug overdose in Questa Woods. Trooper was en route. Officer responded but was unable to contact anyone at the residence and spoke with a neighbor who had not seen the subjects. Vehicle was in the driveway and lights were out in the house. The hospital reported that no one had been admitted for drug overdose. SAST advised.

02:40 - Warning for parking against the flow of traffic issued in front of Hotel Seward.

06:12 - 911 caller requested an ambulance for an 83-year-old man with asthma who was having trouble breathing on Laughlin Way. SVAC/BCVFD responded.

08:20 - Daniel Borja arrested for DWLR at Moose Pass and taken to SCJ.

08:55 - Individual reported a rock slide just past the fisheries on Lowell Point Road.

09:05 - 911 caller from SCCC requested an ambulance for a male having a seizure. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

09:25 - Individual turned in medications to be destroyed.

11:40 - Ambulance requested to 11800 block of Salmon Creek Road for an 84-year-old man who needed to go to the hospital for evaluation. BVCFD/SVAC dispatched.

12:10 - Wayne McNearney charged with Concealment of Merchandise at Three Bears.

13:03 - Scheduled fire drill at Mountain Haven.

17:27 - Rock slide on Lowell Point Road. Public Works en route.

19:54 - 911 caller reported a person standing near the intersection of Sixth and Monroe. The caller said it looked like they were going to try and walk toward Fifth. Contact made with Shirley Ann Ireland who had a PBT of .248. She was taken into protective custody and taken to SCJ. Ireland was later arrested for MICS IV and promoting contraband.

Dec. 16

07:23 - Icicle Seafoods reported that they would perform maintenance on their fire alarm system in the main plant until around noon. The fire alarms for the bunkhouse would still be active.

09:40 - PSMC requested an ambulance to the airport to meet and transport a flight crew at approximately 10:30.

12:58 - Individual reported a green Geo with pink tape on the passenger window speeding down an alley and driving erratically.

16:45 - Individual turned in a bicycle he found in front of the Video Store next to Hotel Seward. It had been outside the store for a long time.

18:25 - Individual reported a big bang and then an alarm in the area. She called back and reported that the alarm stopped. Officer did a drive through to check the area.

18:52 - Troopers arrested Joshua James Harrison on an Anchorage AST warrant for Failure to Appear on a Fish and Game charge

19:05 - SAST requested an officer to backup a trooper at the Farm B&B for possible domestic violence.

Dec. 17

00:34 - Individual reported a taxi driver in town had been spreading rumors about him. The reporting party spoke with an officer who advised him it was a civil issue.

06:59 - Citation for brake light requirements issued to John Cisar near Fifth and Jefferson. Verbal warning given for failure to stop at a stop sign.

07:58 - Burn permit issued to the Waste Transfer site for the day.

11:11 - 911 caller reported an intruder hiding in the closet of a Bay View apartment. Officers arrested Ryan Burnard for Criminal Trespass I and Theft of Services and took him to SCJ. Burnard also criminally trespassed from all Bay View property indefinitely.

11:11 - Officer arrested Ryan Burnard on an SAST warrant for Failure to Comply with conditions of probation.

13:11 - Officer requested a case for agency assist after aiding troopers in locating a juvenile on a CAC case.

13:53 - Individual requested an welfare check on subject who failed to arrive in South Carolina on a flight. The reporting party said that she had been unable to contact him and had not heard from him for about a week. At 14:46 the reporting party called back and said that she found the subject in South Carolina.

14:00 - Individual turned in meds for destruction.

15:28 - Trooper arrested Robert Thein on a $2,500 AST warrant for probation violation at Mile 12 Seward Highway and took him to SCJ.

17:47 - SAST phoned in a medic request to a single car rollover at Mile 2 Nash Road. Single male with possible injuries, he was acting odd. BCVFD and SVAC dispatched.

20:58 - Citation for not having proof of insurance issued to Amy Sherrow at Seward Highway and Nash Road. Verbal warning given for head light requirements.

22:00 - Citation for head light requirement issued to Hans Alderman at Seward Highway and Resurrection.

23:56 - Troopers requested information regarding a 911 call received from a female, attempting to locate her and a male. Information given to last known address of female and officer dispatched to last known address of male, was no contact with either subject. AST notified.

Dec. 18

00:29 - Staff member from the Ale House reported a group of males were bothering a couple at the bar. The staff member requested an officer to escort the couple home. Officer spoke with the male and female, they advised they were going to wait at the Ale House and then walk home.

15:12 - Officer requested a case for destruction of expired medications.

18:50 - Apollo Restaurant reported that a subject had not reported to work in several days. Officer informed. Update: Subject was located by officer.

21:55 - Caller reported a problem with the water on Benson Drive. The water was green with a strong smell of chlorine.

22:41 - 911 caller reported to SAST that Kandi Strickland left Thorn’s Showcase Lounge driving intoxicated. Officer arrested Strickland for DUI at Pacific Park Apartments. She was taken to SCJ.

Dec. 19

02:02 - Haily Ibarra arrested for DUI after FSTs at Third and D. PBT of .179. Ibarra taken to SCJ. Passenger Ramiro Golzales arrested for MICS 6 and released at the scene.

08:41 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to carry driver’s license given at Seward Highway and Van Buren.

09:40 - Individual requested a case for an accident involving her vehicle. The time and place of the accident was unknown.

10:11 - Officer assisted Children Protective Services in attempting to find and interview a suspect involved in a CPS case.

11:58 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the 33900 block of Laughlin Way for a 38-year-old woman who was seizing.

12:46 - Officer arrested Michael Lafland on a SAST warrant for fail to remand after he turned himself in at SPD.

13:48 - Trooper arrested Adam Rossm for false information and took him to SCJ.

15:13 - Guardian Flight requested an ambulance to the airport to transport a flight crew.

19:28 - Citation for expired registration given to Charles Allen Nerup on Seward Highway at Iron. Verbal warning given for failure to carry registration and head light requirement.

21:37 - Fire officer called SPD Dispatch and advised that SCCC called him on his cell phone about a smoke alarm and told him it was clear and not to send anyone. A few minutes later they called Dispatch and reported the same. Dispatch did not receive a call from SCCC alarm system.

22:57 - Verbal warning given at the Chamber of Commerce.

23:29 - Individual reported a taxi driver stole $20 from the reporting party. Officer met with reporting party.

Dec. 20

00:19 - Citation for operating vehicle with expired registration issued to James Keith Jr. at Three Bears and Seward Highway. Verbal warning given for driving with head lights off after dark.

01:20 - Verbal warning for inoperable tail light given at Ash and Dimond.

04:03 - Individual reported her ex-boyfriend was violating her restraining order against him. She reported he sent a text message saying he was outside walking by her residence at the Bear Mountain Apartments. Officers responded. The reporting party requested security checks on her apartment. Officers contacted ex-boyfriend via telephone, and told him to stop contacting the reporting party during inconvenient hours.

09:35 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate for road conditions given at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

09:58 - Animal Control requested officer assistance to remove an abandoned animal from Gateway Apartments. Animal had been without attention for four days and manager wanted the animal removed to safety.

11:37 - Burn permit issued to 200 Resurrection for the day.

16:05 - Automated call advised of a fire alarm sounding at 300 block of Fourth. On-call SFD officer responded.

16:20 - Individual requested an officer to the alley near First, between Jefferson and Madison about a group of kids speeding up and down on a 4-wheeler. Officer was unable to locate the offenders.

16:21 - Individual requested to speak to an officer about people harassing his fiancée.

23:13 - Verbal warning for driving with lights off after dark given on Fourth in front of AVTEC.

23:29 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

Dec. 21

00:17 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Aaron Henderson on Fourth in front of AVTEC. Verbal warning given for speed.

01:51 - Verbal warning for failure to come to a complete stop at stop sign given in the NAPA parking lot.

02:27 - Officer contacted two drivers and advised them they were trespassing at the Carlile building at the end of Port Avenue. Verbal warning given for driving with expired registration.

02:41 - Citation for failure to provide proof of insurance issued to Evan Pullins on Caines Street at Pacific Park Apartments. Verbal warning given for driving with expired registration.

02:57 - Received an automated call advising of a fire alarm sounding at the Seward Fire Department.

11:34 - 911 caller reported that in the 800 block of Fourth a woman in her early 20s fainted. She was conscious, breathing and responding to questions. Family declined medical attention.

17:37 - An automated fire alarm was activated at the Seward Fire Station. Nothing showing.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMC, Providence Seward Medical Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence; MICS, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance; DV, Domestic Violence; FTA, Failure To Appear; MCA, Minor Consuming Alcohol.


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