By Annette Shacklett
LOG Editor 

Down, but not out


Leon Youngblood | The Seward Phoenix LOG

M/V Spirit of Adventure sits upended at the end of the dock where the big boats live. Sometime during the night Friday, the Major Marine tour boat took on water and the stern sank to the bottom of Seward Small Boat Harbor. By evening, the coordinated efforts of Storm Chasers and Catalyst Marine had the water pumped out and the boat refloated, Deputy Harbormaster Norm Regis told The LOG. Fortunately, the fuel vents were not submerged and the salvage team hard-capped them before uprighting the vessel, Regis said. No fuel or oil entered the harbor. There was damage to the dock and at press time the harbormaster was awaiting divers to assess the damage to the dock and boat. The boat will need to be dry docked, and the engine and compartment will need to be flushed of corrosive saltwater, and repaired or replaced, Regis said. Calls to the owner were not returned by press time.


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