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Jamie Fredrickson was awarded a plaque as recognition for being elected as the Parks and Recreation Volunteer of the Year.

It is with great pleasure that Seward Parks & Recreation (SPRD) presents Jamie Fredrickson our 2013 Volunteer of the Year Award. There are not enough kind things to say about our dedicated volunteer and good friend. We have so many hard working volunteers that really are the foundation on which SPRD rests but Jamie is a true standout. From the start of her tenure at AVTEC she has served as a crucial liaison between the AVTEC students and SPRD and has helped create a much stronger bond between the two programs.

SPRD Director Karin Sturdy had this to say: "Years ago when AVTEC reorganized their student departments, Jamie arrived on the scene with skill and enthusiasm. One important contribution was Jamie's skill as the basketball coach and manager of their two AVTEC teams. What was once an adversarial relationship with SPRD and our officials became exactly the partnership with AVTEC and our AVTEC students we had been striving for. I will always give 100 percent of the credit to Jamie for her leadership in basketball. The community needs the AVTEC team for a league, and AVTEC needs the community players for competition."

Another huge commitment we've come to rely heavily on Jamie for is her role as the Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon (PCT) Pool Lead. This is our largest event of the year and the pool portion is by far the most complicated. Jamie has taken on the daunting task of coordinating up to 40 volunteers, keeping order among up to 300 racers and has streamlined the system greatly over her last three years with us.

Director Karin Sturdy spoke highly of Jamie's role with PCT: "Our Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon really equates to triple the work for SPRD and our volunteers. It's literally three races in one day. Jamie has been the Pool Director of the swim race for several years. The pool is arguably the highest traffic congestion, most customer-interaction and biggest stress-inducer for the results tabulator. Jamie stepped into the role as Pool Director with confidence and a needed, calming force and presence. She has improved our system every year with her understanding of what is needed, customer point-of-view, volunteer needs and systems-improvement mindset. Knowing Jamie is coordinating, managing, scheduling and running the pool with all the volunteers and 300 swimmers is a large burden lifted."

As Karin mentioned, Jamie has an incredible gift with her coaching skills and this extends to Seward's youth as she has coached SPRD's Summer Youth Soccer League for several years now. Jamie finds that perfect balance of discipline, mentorship and fun and has built a strong rapport with the kids over the years. Jamie has taken on the role of the High School volleyball coach this year which will extend her experience from Elementary aged kids up through to adults, which is an admirable coaching resume.

A few years back when SPRD was tasked with running the brand new rock climbing wall at AVTEC, Jamie was there with her expertise to guide us. None of the SPRD staff had the experience necessary to get the program off the ground and we owe its success to Jamie's tireless assistance with set up, implementation as well as ongoing maintenance, training and volunteer coordination.

For some of you reading this, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that acquiring and keeping officials is extremely difficult. SPRD has always been able to rely on Jamie to officiate. Jamie has served SPRD in this capacity for all of our sports in all of our leagues at one point or another. She can always be relied on to show up for the games she commits to and has often bailed us out in a pinch to fill in for another official.

The benefits we gain from knowing Jamie and having her on the SPRD team are difficult to quantify. Her positivity and enthusiasm for all things recreation make her a true joy to work with and improve our programs exponentially.

SPRD Recreation Specialist Melanie Hauze says this of Jamie: "Jamie has been a strong advocate of our programs for numerous years. Her natural teaching ability, passion for sports and dedication has made such a difference to the development of our department, and has impacted participants significantly. The talent and expertise Jamie has contributed is greatly appreciated and so important to the growth of our organization. Working with Jamie has been rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Through volunteers like you the legacy of our programs are renewed. Thank you for your commitment and service."

Director Karin Sturdy wraps up our tribute with these kind words:"Jamie, you have set the standard quite high for the next person who may be nominated as SPRD's Volunteer of the Year. You might even win again next year! We appreciate your constant smile, helpful attitude, strength and talents, leadership and, of course, the sheer hours you give to your community! Thanks, Coach!"

Thank you Jamie for your many years of commitment and dedication to SPRD. You truly are the heart of SPRD!

~Maggie Wilkins, Teen & Youth Center Coordinator


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