The Seward Phoenix Log - News of the Eastern Kenai Peninsula since 1966

'Captain's Mast' - Sept. 11, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

August 21

07:55 TRAFFIC COMPLAINT RP, reported LIC/FPB172, failed to stop for the red flashing lights on Phoenix. Officer advised.

08:00 TRAFFIC COMPLAINT RP, reported LIC/GCF792 failed to stop for flashing red lights at Bayview Apartments and the vehicle is now in the parking lot by Red’s. Officer advised.

08:55 DISTURBANCE RP, reported hearing screams in the woods near Cedar and Evergreen. Officer responded and made contact with subject and advised all OK and transported her to her residence.

12:00 FOOTPATROL Safeway

12:48 911 MISDIAL 911 pocket dial from (907) ****** at Windsong Lodge. Callback all OK. AST advised.

13:05 FOUND PROPERTY RP reported they had found property. Officer responded.

14:21 TRAFFIC STOP To GALLO EDUARDO, International License while driving LIC/GPR903 at 4th Avenue in the SBH for fail to stop at sign.

14:49 FOOTPATROL Gateway Chevron building

17:12 911-OPEN LINE Received a 911 open line call from, (907) *****. Call was in the area of the Seward High School Football field. Sounds of a football coach could be heard in the background. No sounds of distress could be heard. Message left on callback. Information given to officer.

18:01 911-OPEN LINE Received a 911 open line call from, (907) *****. Call was in the area of 1400 North Harbor Road. Talked to subject on callback who advised that no assistance was required. Information given to officer.

18:12 911-OPEN LINE Received a 911 open line call from, (907) ******. Call was in the area of the Seward High School Football field. Sounds of a football coach could be heard in the background. No sounds of distress could be heard. Message left on callback. Information given to officer.

18:14 PATROL REQUEST Anonymous RP reported people parking in the roadway in front of Eureka Pizza. Officer responded and was unable to locate any vehicles.

19:08 AST-DWLR ARREST Alaska State Troopers arrested CHRISTOPHER SPIERS, AK/OLN, at Hemlock Street for DWLR and transported him to SCJ.

19:56 911-OPEN LINE Received a 911 open line call from, (907) ******. Call was in the area of the Seward High School Football field. Sounds of a football coach could be heard in the background. No sounds of distress could be heard. Message left on callback. Information given to officer.

20:48 TRAFFIC STOP/CITATION Issued to, MICHAEL MEEKS, AK/OLN, driving, LIC/GAX127, at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Street for speed.

21:57 TRAFFIC STOP / VERBAL WARNING Given to, GONGXUN LI, driving, LIC/GLH414, in the Breeze Inn parking lot for operating a motor vehicle on the bike path.

22:11 AGENCY ASSIST / AST-ELUDING II ARREST Alaska State Troopers requested an officer to 4 mile of the Seward Highway to back up a trooper on a traffic stop. Officer responded and assisted troopers. Alaska State Troopers arrested, WESLEY SHERRILL, AK/OLN for Eluding II and transported him to SCJ.

23:09 PATROL REQUEST Chevron requested an officer for three black males who refused to leave the store. As dispatcher was gathering information the males left and headed towards Icicle Sea Foods. Officers responded and contacted the three males in front of the Holiday Inn Express where they were informed that when someone requests them to leave they need to do so and not have to wait till the police are called. The males stated that they understood and will not let it happen again.

23:16 MEDICAL Received a request for an ambulance to the Seward Medical Resort for a female who has been throwing up. Response form sent.

23:43 INTOXICATED PEDESTRIAN RP reported an intoxicated male walking north bound on 4th Ave. near Bayside apartments. Officer contacted male in front of Harbor Master’s Office and provided him transportation to Icicle Bunkhouse.

23:44 SECURITY CHECK Safeway

August 22

00:17 FOOT PATROL, SECURITY CHECK Downtown Area – Ale House, Yukon, Tony’s

01:00 SECURITY CHECK Pavilion, Skate Park

01:12 SECURITY CHECK Second Lake

01:18 911-CRIMINAL TRESPASS. SUMMONS RP reported an intoxicated man entered her residence, 200 block 2nd Ave. from the Alley. She screamed and he left heading north up the Alley. Officers contacted MATTHEW RAUPP, AK. OLN at 2nd Ave. and Jefferson. He matched the description of the man who entered RP’S home and admitted to Officers he was the perpetrator. RAUPP had fallen with possible injuries so SVAC/SVFD were dispatched but he refused care. RP contacted police at scene and stated she wished to press charges against RAUPP for criminal trespass in her home. Summons arrest issued (CIT/E1570007) and Officer provided transportation for RAUPP to the Major Marine Bunkhouse.

August 23

12:29 Received a report of an MVA-D in the Essential 1 parking lot. Officer responded and found both parties had left the area.

12:51 Harbor Master’s Office reported a found wallet belonging to, subject. Officer collected the wallet. Property was logged into Lost/Found Book.

13:36 Received a 911 call from (907) *****, and talked to subject who reported that her son swallowed a penny. She then stated that no assistance was needed and that he is fine.

13:36 Anonymous RP brought in a cell phone. Property logged into Lost/Found Book.

15:15 Anonymous RP brought in bank card. Property logged into Lost/Found Book.

23:13 RP reported a loud party on the property at the end of Caines Rd. The party was dispersed and they were told to clean up the area.

02:33 Chevron reported a white male drinking on property. Chevron employee removed the beer from subject and he left heading towards the docks near Chinooks. Officer spoke with Chevron employee and searched the Harbor Area on foot but was unable to locate anyone.

16:45 Troopers arrested COLTON JAMES DOUGLAS, AK/OLN, on a Misdemeanor FTA Warrant from Soldotna AST. Douglas was transported to SCJ.

17:22 A pocket dial was received from 541-******. A man and woman could be heard talking in a normal tone in a foreign language. On call back a male advised that he did not have an emergency.

17:31 A pocket dial was received from 907-*****. No sound was heard at all. On call back a message was left.

17:46 The ship in space E32 has a broken electric box and is concerned because he has three freezers on the ship that are full. Harbor on call was notified and they are finding him another slip for the night.

18:32 RP reported that she was driving North just past Safeway when someone threw rocks at her car and broke her windshield. She saw three subjects, two with hoodies and two were African American.

19:36 Officer was flagged down by a taxi driver that said he dropped off subject at the Yukon Bar and that he thought she might be suicidal. Officer talked with her and she said she was fine and had no thought of harming herself.

21:25 RP reported that he received a text 45 minutes ago from female (same subject as above) stating that she was going to OD on pills. Officer located her and took her to the ER for evaluation.

21:45 An ambulance was requested at the Resurrection Road House for a person who fell in the restroom.

August 24

15:35 A pocket dial was received from 907-*****. The sound was of someone walking. No sound of distress was heard and no voices were heard. A message was left on recall.

15:21 FM18 advised he was checking the Primrose area due to a large plume of smoke. It was a slash burn and all is OK.

17:47 A pocked dial was received from subject. On call back he advised that he did not have an emergency and that everything was fine. No sound of distress was heard

18:09 A pocket dial was received from 786-******. No one was on the line and no sound of distress was heard. On call back the voice mail was not set up.

18:39 A pocket dial was received from 907-******. Conversation was heard between a man and a woman and subject could be heard scolding his dog. On call back he advised that everything was fine and both parties were laughing.

19:05 A pocket dial was received from 760-********. A male who had trouble speaking English advised that he was at the Fish House and did not have an emergency.

09:17 Providence Seward Medical Center ER requested a flight crew transport. SVAC dispatched.

August 25

07:34 Given to EDWARD MUSZYNSKI, MA.OLN, LIC/GLP199 for speed at Van Buren and 3rd Ave.

09:22 Issued to Alaska Transfer Facility for today and tomorrow

09:55 911 pocket dial from subject at Seaview Plaza. All ok. Officer advised.

10:00 RP, reported losing his SSN Card and Permanent Resident Card at Icicle Tent City. Info in Lost/Found Book.

10:00 RP, reported there is a camper about 100 yards on the 1st Lake Trail.

10:30 911 pocket dial from (907) ****** in the Seward area. No sounds distress. Unable to call back. Officer advised.

10:41 911 911 misdial from the Commons Room at Mountain Haven. Callback all ok.

11:03 911 misdial from (JUV) at the High School. All ok. Officer advised.

12:20 911 pocket dial from (907) ****** in the SBH area. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

13:14 To ANDREE POLLOCK, OR OLN,while driving LIC/GVE680 at 1009 4th Avenue for fail to stop at stop sign.

14:05 Ambulance requested to Laughlin Way for 49 year old male who had a seizure. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

15:06 Seward Library advised of an intoxicated pedestrian that was at the entry of the Library. Officer responded.

22:03 Verbal warning Given to foreign national JOHNNY SONCH, LIC/GTE424 for driving without headlights illuminated at Seward and Sea Lion.

05:07 SCCC requested an ambulance for a patient who is unresponsive and has shallow breathing. Response form sent. SAST was advised of the call.

06:46 RP requested an officer to the bike path in reference to a man passed out in the ditch just north of the campground host station. Officer responded and contacted subject who advised that he will move to a different area.

August 26

08:10 DMV turned in a Alaska USA Debit Card. Info put in Lost/Found Book. AK USA will contact owner. Owner claimed the debit card.

08:48 Wells Fargo Security reported a silent alarm activated at 900 block 3rd Avenue. Officer responded and advised all OK.

10:20 RP, requested to talk to an Officer reference theft at the High School. Officer spoke with RP. Later determined no theft had taken place.

12:14 Anonymous RP turned in a Military ID Card. Info in Lost/Found Book.

12:18 RP, reported LIC/EUR658, was kicking up gravel in the Motorhome Fill Site off of Ballaine. Officer advised.

01:45 Ambulance requested to the Windsong Lodge for a 74 YOA diabetic male who is having difficulty breathing. Response form sent.

04:47 TelAlaska advised that they will be performing 911 test calls starting at 0500 hours.

06:53 Received a 911 open line from (330) *****. No sounds of distress were heard. Spoke to a female upon callback who advised the call was a misdial before abandoning the call. Information was given to officer.

16:26 RP reported that she lost her New Hampshire drivers license. She advised that she lost it several months ago and did not know where in Seward she left it.

17:25 RP pocket dialed 911 while at the Seward High School. He advised that he did not have an emergency and no sound of distress was heard.

18:07 RP requested an officer at the waterfront near the culvert. As she approached the area to fish a male, was screaming at another male who was fishing, calling him a child molester. The man just ignored him and when RP walked by, the first male yelled “here’s another girl for you to rape”. RP felt threatened and called partially because he had a large knife in a sheath. Officer met with RP and both males. The first male was advised the culvert was not the place to confront the second male about allegedly dating his juvenile daughter.

19:23 A 911 call was received from 907-****** requesting the phone number to the business line.

August 27

07:34 RP advised of a lab running in the highway between the Chamber of Commerce and the elementary school. ACO was advised.

10:18 RP, reported losing his IPAD on the KFT cruise yesterday. RP stated they had called KFT and they did not find one. Info in Lost/Found Book.

11:46 Verbal warning given to AUTUMN DELL, AK/OLN, while driving LIC/FBW848 at 3rd and Van Buren for failure to stop at stop sign.

12:30 Ambulance requested to ARR Train Depot for 25 year old female feeling disorientated. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

12:58 Ambulance requested to Safeway for male having a seizure. SVFD/SVAC dispatched and cancelled per FM31.

19:44 RP reported a male at the Yukon Bar that he felt was under the influence of drugs to the degree that he needed help. The man was in his 30s wearing a gray sweatshirt and ball cap. Unable to locate.

20:59 A pocket dial was received from 907-*******. The male caller advised that he stepped on his phone. When asked his name he hung up.

22:10 EARTHQUAKE / TSUNAMI INFORMATION 5.0 magnitude at a depth of 17 miles, located 85 Miles S of Cordova Alaska. No Tsunami expected.

00:17 RP from Chevron advised of a man in a wheelchair sleeping near the northern side of the building. Officer responded and spoke with the RP, who advised that the man is not bothering anyone and that he is just concerned for his welfare.

01:14 RP from Chevron advised of a white male who had come into the store, took several bags of chips, and ran off towards the Benny Benson Memorial. Officer responded and searched surrounding areas including 2nd Lake, but was unable to locate anyone. Officer then contacted JACOB DUFFEL, MO. OLN and BYRON DEPAUW, at the pavilion on the south end of the lagoon. Both parties were issued misdemeanor citations for minor consuming. DEPAUW was issued a second citation for minor possession of tobacco. DUFFEL, who was discovered to be the theft culprit, was brought to Chevron where he paid for the stolen items. No theft charges were pressed, but DUFFEL was indefinitely trespassed from Chevron. Advisement entered into APSIN.

05:34 RP requested an officer to the harbor in reference to an intoxicated male with a wheelchair who has fallen down several times. Officer responded and contacted subject who acted hostile, refused medical treatment and advised that he wishes to be left alone.

16:57 Given to, HANS GOERTZ, driving, LIC/GUU984, at 4th Avenue and Van Buren Street for failure to stop at a stop sign.

17:24 TRAFFIC STOP / CITATION Issued to, MICHAEL GRABER, CO OLN, driving, IC/GUS605, at Seward Highway and Airport Road for speed.

17:44 Received a 911 open line call from, (907) ******. Call was in the area of 1000 4th Avenue. No sound of distress could be heard in the background. Unable to leave message on callback. Information given to officer.

17:58 PATROL REQUEST / DISORDERLY CONDUCT WARNINGS x 2 RP reported two females yelling and screaming at each other at Bayview Apartments. Officer responded and contacted TILANI MEYERS, AK/OLN and DAISY MEYERS, AK/OLN. After investigation officer found this to be a small child yelling at her mother. Both parties were given disorderly conduct warnings.

19:00 Received multiple reports of a power outage in the Forest Acres area. Electrical Department was notified.

August 28

07:46 RP, reported RICHARD HUBBARD, AK. ID causing a disturbance outside of the Harbor Master’s Office. Officer responded and HUBBARD was given a disorderly conduct warning.

08:13 Verbal warning given to BRENDAN RYAN, AK/OLN, while driving LIC/ESY602 at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway for inoperative headlight.

09:53 DMV reported that subject came to the office and appeared to be possibly suicidal with what she was saying and left. Officer responded and searched around town and unable to locate. SeaView has been advised.

11:43 RP, reported a blue PT Cruiser, unknown plate, almost hit her at Salmon Creek and Nash Road. +AST advised.

15:05 911 misdial from the Marina Restaurant in the SBH. All OK. Officer advised.

01:48 ARREST – ASSAULT IV REUBEN BAXTER, AK. OLN was arrested by Trooper for assault IV and transported to SCJ.

07:30 Left on LIC/VFA950 at 5th Ave. and Washington St. for parking against the flow of traffic.

15:53 RP reported her wallet lost in the area of the Breeze Inn Restaurant. Property logged into Lost/Found Book.

17:48 Received a 911 open line call from, (907) *****. Call was in the area of Port Avenue. No sounds of distress could be heard in the background. Unable to contact anyone on callback. Information given to officer.

17:55 Breeze Inn Bar requested an officer after a guest refuses to leave. Officer responded and contacted FORREST KAUFMANN. KAUFMANN left the bar after officer advised him that the bar wishes him to leave.

18:40 RP requested to speak to an officer in regards to an incident that just happened at Chevron. Officer spoke to RP and informed him that this is a civil matter.

21:19 TRAFFIC STOP / VERBAL WARNING Given to, YANYAN MA, MA OLN, driving, LIC/GLA498, at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for operating motor vehicle with out headlights illuminated after dusk.

August 29

10:38 AKTWC reported a 4.5 earthquake located in the NWT of Canada. No tsunami expected.

11:06 RP, wanted to speak to an Officer reference fraud. Officer spoke with RP.

13:13 Anonymous RP reported a deceased dog on Nash Road near Rabbit Run. SAST and ACO advised.

23:16 Officer contacted LIC/EYY947 parked at 2nd Lake and the occupants who were advised that the all city parks were closed for the night.

02:23 TRAFFIC STOP VERBAL WARNING Issued to driver of LIC/GQB218 at 2nd Ave and Monroe St. for failure to maintain lane.

04:11 RP reported an intoxicated male passed out in Chevron. Officer woke up subject who provided a PBT of 0.19. Subject was found to be able to care for themselves and refused transportation to his quarters at Icicle but started walking there instead.

16:54 A red zippered binder full of personal papers including a passport and vehicle title owned was found at the Suds and Swirl. Owner was contacted and will pick up his property.

17:13 Mt Haven-Fireweed Lodge for an elderly female who had been vomiting all day. All personnel will need full gowns, masks, gloves and booties.

20:40 Extra Patrol was requested by Mt Haven because a traveling nurse was let go tonight and was exhibiting strange behavior. They did not have any name or description of the person.

20:59 A female wishing to be anonymous reported her neighbor yelling at his family. She advised that the female has suffered injuries in the past. There are at least 4 children in the residence. Contacted was ELENA PHYLLIS MILLER. AK/OLN AND DAVID MILLER, AK/OLN and they were given a disorderly conduct warning for noise.

21:31 Verbal warning given to BERT ANTHONY SPAETH, OLN/MN while driving YYX890 on Seward Highway for driving with lights off.


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