The Seward Phoenix Log - News of the Eastern Kenai Peninsula since 1966

'Captain's Mast' - Sept. 4, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

August 17

23:09 RP requested an officer to the north side of the building where two intoxicated minors are sitting outside. RP advised the two males had just left the store after causing a scene. Officer responded but was unable to locate the two, described as a Hawaiian male and an African male. RP advised the officer to criminally trespass the two from Chevron if located. RP called back on 911 advising that the Hawaiian male had returned briefly before walking towards the J Dock. Officer responded but was unable to locate the male.

22:53 RP called to report her overdue husband, advising that he was due home from Fox Island early this evening. RP advised she last spoke to her husband yesterday around 2200 Hrs. RP was transferred to Sector Anchorage Coast Guard.

23:02 RP advised of a call received in reference to a passed out male near the Petrol Plaza. Officer responded and contacted subject with PBT .143. He was transported to his residence.

23:17 VERBAL WARNING x2 Given to SERGIU CIORBA, AK/OLN, LIC/GRW612 for driving the wrong way down a one way street and for unauthorized lights and colors at the Ak RR depot.

August 18

00:09 RP of Resurrection Taxi stopped an officer and turned in a purse which was found in Safeway. Item was logged into Lost/Found.

00:39 CITATION Issued to PETER DEMIENTIEFF, AK/OLN, LIC/GRV649 for speed on 3rd Ave in front of the AVTEC Dorms.

01:18 Officer contacted subject at the Gazebo near the lagoon and advised him that the Gazebo closed at 2200 Hours. Subject agreed to go back to his apartment. 01:58 Received a 911 call (911) ******, phase two at William’s Tent camping. RP was not understandable and unable to clearly state a location before abandoning the call. Unable to call back. Information was given to the officer, who patrolled William’s Campground, 5th Ave, 6th Ave, Ballaine and Resurrection Campgrounds, but was unable to locate anyone.

02:02 RP of Resurrection Taxi requested an officer to meet him after discovering that his wallet had been stolen. Officer responded and met RP at the Icicle Bunkhouse, where his last fair was dropped off. Officer contacted the night watchman, who escorted him to tent where the suspect allowed the officer to search his residence. Officer found no wallet, however a drug pipe was seized for destruction.

03:21 Officer was contacted by a Breeze Inn employee who advised of a passed out male in the hotel lobby. Officer contacted KYLE ALTHAUSER, AK/ OLN with PBT .210. ALTHAUSER has no contacts in Seward and was placed into Protective Custody for the night and transported to SCJ.

04:10 RP called advising of a kitten which wandered into the store. Officer responded and brought the kitten to the shelter.

06:30 Received two 911 calls from (573) ***** at the end of Northwestern Circle. No sounds of distress were heard and a message was left upon the second callback. Information given to officer.

07:48 PARKING WARNING x2 Left on vehicles LIC/EZV769 and LIC/FMW694 for parking against the flow of traffic at 303 Adams St.

07:59 HMO requested an Officer to the end of F Float for a boat that had the lines cut and there was a backpack.

09:00 Anonymous RP turned in a wallet that was found on the beach. Called father, who will stop by to pick it up.

11:57 KFT reported that their vessel, the Orca Voyager, had a passenger having a heart attack and was heading to Seward with an ETA of 1300. SVAC/SVFD dispatched. Fireboat John Foster responded. SVFD SVAC

12:57 Downtown area

15:00 Officer advised of large pothole at 4th and Ballaine. PW advised.

17:28 RP, reported that she lost her purse. It is a black, brocade Coach 9x9 with a long strap. She last saw it on her boat.

17:59 RP found a dog that she had not seen in the neighborhood. It does have a collar with a 2012 Seward Tag. Medium sized blonde dog.

17:59 Permission was given to subject to park GMW702 in the Bus Only lot on 4th Ave due to mechanical problems. He will move by morning.

19:00 RP from AVTEC, reported a small black and white dog with a collar around AVTEC. It is very skittish. Unable to locate.

20:57 PSMC requested an officer for an unruly patient. Officer stood by while patient was sedated.

21:06 RP called 911 and requested a 12 hour custody hold on himself because he was becoming violent. His PBT was .191.

21:12 RP dialed 911 to request the business line number. He has been hitchhiking all day, has no money and no where to stay. Dispatch called the Seaman’s Mission and they are going to pick him up at Safeway and let him stay there overnight.

22:01 CITATION, VERBAL WARNING Issued to DEBRA HAFEMEISTOR, AK/OLN, LIC/ITSDEB for negligent driving at 6th and Monroe. A verbal warning was given for failure to stop for officer.

August 19

00:23 CRIMINAL TRESPASS RP requested REBECCA WILLIAMS, AK/OLN be permanently trespassed from all of his properties. Advisement entered into APSIN


00:57 SECURITY CHECK Deb’s Hair Salon, Thorn’s, Ak Shop, Seward Properties, Body Abode, Child Advocacy Center, Urbach’s, Chattermark, Russian Store, Jaffa Construction, Flyin’ Skein, Starbird Studios, Cover to Cover Books, Alehouse, Sew and Bee Cozy, Patagonia, Mt. View Sports, Sweet Darling’s, Nellie’s, Yukon, Cristo’s, Tony’s, Seward Brewing Co

01:12 ENDANGERED PERSON. AGENCY ASSIST RP called from Texas advising of texts and hysterical phone calls he is receiving from his girlfriend which imply she has been sexually assaulted. RP was unsure of her location and SAST was advised and dispatched a Trooper. At 01:55 RP received another call from RP who advised she is in trooper area and has asked someone to take her to the hospital. Officer contacted male who advised that female showed up at his house requesting help. Officers followed male and female to the hospital where they were met by a Trooper.

01:33 COMFORT ONE SAST requested medics to **** Nash Rd to respond to a comfort one death. SVAC

02:17 EARTHQUAKE / TSUNAMI INFORMATION 4.1 magnitude located 60 NW of Iliamna, Ak. No Tsunmai expected. NAWAS

02:58 SECURITY CHECK Essential One

05:27 911 – OPEN LINE Received a 911 call from (907) ****** on 3rd Ave just north of S. Harbor St. No sounds of distress were heard. Unable to call the number back. Information given to officer.

07:36 FIRE ALARM MAINTENANCE RP from Simplex called to advise that they will working on the fire alarms at (Mountain Haven).

08:46 Ambulance requested to Polar Seafoods Bunkhouse for 36 year old male having DT’s. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

12:49 RP, reported a red sedan, with plate similar to LIC/CWZ239, passed her on a double yellow southbound coming into town. Officer responded and could not find the vehicle in the area.

13:09 TRAFFIC STOP To LINDA CREAMER,AK/ OL while driving LIC/GHB155 at the Chamber of Commerce for speeding. Verbal warning given for registration.

13:30 Essential One requested an Officer for a duffel bag, shoes and an IPAD that was found at the Car Wash. Officer responded. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

14:49 911 pocket dial from (JUV) who dialed while at the TYC. All ok. Officer advised.

15:03 RP, was at 4th and Adams looking for his wife who was to be coming from the Library. RP advised he sees his wife and all ok. Officer advised.

16:12 TRAFFIC STOP Officer came upon a vehicle driving in the turn lane on the Seward Highway at Sea Lion. Vehicle plate GNW191.

17:17 FOUND PROPERTY Officer was flagged down and given a New York drivers license. License was placed in property.

18:25 911 MISDIAL A pocket dial was received from SUBJECT while she was at work at Three Bears. She did not have an emergency and there was no sound of distress.


19:53 WELFARE CHECK Three children under the age of 9 year left alone for long periods of time at 1000 blk 4th Ave. The complainant wished to be anonymous.



23:34 911 – PATROL REQUEST ORLANDO LAWS, requested an officer to the Breeze Inn lobby, advising that he was being followed and felt uncomfortable. RP also called from the Breeze Inn advising that LAWS is not a guest and refuses to leave. Officer responded and contacted LAWS, who refused all officer assistance. LAWS was advised to stay off of Breeze Inn property for the night.

August 20

00:14 SECURITY CHECK 1st Lake

00:15 SECURITY CHECK Essential One, Three Bears

00:19 – 0050 FOOT PATROL DTA

00:23 SECURITY CHECK Cristo’s, Tony’s, Seward Brewing Co, Yukon, Ak Nellie’s, Sweet Darling’s, Mt.View Sports, Patagonia, Sew and Bee Cozy, Alehouse, Cover to Cover Books, Starbird Studios, Flyin’ Skein, Chattermark, Urbach’s, Seward Properties, Child Advocacy Center, Body Abode, Ak Shop, Thorn’s, Deb’s Hair Salon

00:53 911 – PATROL REQUEST RP called 911 requesting an officer meet him at Chevron. Officer responded and spoke with RP.

01:53 SECURITY CHECK Essential One

02:18 SECURITY CEHCK Ace Hardware, Smoke Shack, Sailing Inc

02:47 MICS VI ARREST, DUI ARREST, MOCA ARREST. MCA ARREST, VERBAL WARNING x2. Officer arrested CASMIR BILLSBOROUGH, AK/OLN, LIC/GHA314 for MICS VI, DUI, MOCA, and MCA with PBT .122 on Seward Hwy near the Marina Motel. Her vehicle was parked in the Marina Motel lot at her request. Verbal warnings were given for speed and parking on a sidewalk.

02:52 PATROL REQUEST RP requested an officer to William’s tent camping in reference to a party. Officer responded and patrolled the campground was unable to locate any party.

04:20 SECURITY CHECK William’s Tent Camping

04:23 SECURITY CHECK Playground, Pavilion

07:33 VERBAL WARNING Given to KEVIN NOBLE, CA.OLN, LIC/GTU226 for speed at 3rd and C St.

07:53 MEDICAL SAST requested an ambulance to Bear Creek RV Park for 33 year old female that was assaulted last night. Troopers were responding. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

08:08 BURN PERMIT D80 issued burn permit to Vigor Alaska at Mile 7 Nash Road for today and tomorrow.

08:10 TRAFFIC COMPLAINT RP, advised that LIC/GMW420 drove by while the school bus was stopped with red flashing lights on picking up children at 205 Coolidge. Officer advised and responded to the High School. (JUV) was issued Citation for Failure to Stop at School Bus.

08:38 911 MISDIAL 911 pocket dial from (206) ***** at the SBH area. Unable to call back. Officer advised.

09:42 911 THEFT RP, requested an Officer to Gateway Apartments, for report of prescription medication taken from her residence. Officer responded.

09:50 DV ASSAULT IV ARREST GLEN GOOZMER, AK/OLN was arrested for DV Assault IV at Stoney Creek and transported to SCJ.

11:06 MEDICAL Glacier Family Medical requested an ambulance to Camalot for a male having a possible reaction from a blood transfusion. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

13:16 PERJURY Officer requested case for perjury on for falsifying documents. Under investigation.

13:18 EARTHQUAKE INFO AKTWC reported a 5.5 earthquake located 35 miles West of Buldir Island. No tsunami expected.

13:37 MEDICAL Ambulance requested for transport from SCCC to PSMC. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

13:41 FOOTPATROL Downtown area

14:44 MVA-D RP, reported a MVA-D just past Metco. SAST advised.

16:45 LARCENY FROM AUTO RP reported a theft from his boat behind ACE Hardware. RP spoke to officer.

19:16 FLIGHT CREW TRANSPORT Providence Seward Medical Center ER requested a flight crew transport. SVAC was dispatched.

19:42 SECURITY CHECK Second Lake

19:51 SECURITY CHECK First Lake

19:58 PATROL REQUEST / VERBAL WARNINGS x 3 Anonymous RP reported several individuals drinking at the Lagoon Pavilion. Officer responded and contacted, KYLE HAFFORD, AK/OLN, DEIBYS SEGARRA, AK/OLN and SIBOMANA BUTERA, ME OLN. All parties were given verbal warnings for open container and poured out their alcohol at the request of the officer.

23:11 CASE UPDATE : SUICIDAL Officers contacted subject who spoke with Officers and said she was not suicidal. Her mother was also at the residence but Officers were unable to speak with her because she was already in bed. Officers provided subject with numbers for the Seaview Crisis Line and Seward PD Dispatch.

22:12 SUICIDAL Received a report that, subject is posting suicidal threats on Facebook. Officer spoke to RP and made multiple attempts to contact subject.

23:30 FOOT PATROL, SECURITY CHECK Downtown Area – Deb’s Hair, Thorn’s, Body Abode, Seward Properties, Child Advocacy Center, Jaffa Construction, Urbach’s, Grants, Ale House

23:35 MVA – D RP reported a car accident involving her rental car LIC/GUV144. Officer issued her a PAR form and inspected the damage on her vehicle.

23:38 SECURITY CHECK Mt. View Sports, Nellie’s, Yukon, Seward Brewing Co., Tony’s, Christo’s.


23:59 TRAFFIC STOP, VERBAL WARNING Issued to JOSEPH LOPRESTI, CA.OLN, LIC/GPP421 on 4th Ave. near the Breeze Inn for speed.

August 21

01:01 INTOXICATED PEDESTRIAN Intoxicated male reported at Chevron. Officer responded and contacted male who was eating food in Chevron without having paid for it. He refused a PBT sample but paid for the food and after being assessed as able to care for himself allowed to return to the Breeze Inn where he was staying.

01:06 ASSAULT IV, SUMMONS (VICTIM) reported being Assaulted at the Yukon by a female who punched him in the temple with a closed fist. The bouncer was now detaining the female outside because she was still trying to return inside the bar. Officers responded and contacted FALEPULE MATAUTIA, who received a summons arrest for ASSAULT IV. She was also trespassed indefinitely from the Yukon. Trespass entered in APSIN. Officer furnished transportation for MATAUTIA to her residence in the modules at Icicle Seafood Bunkhouse.


01:49 SECURITY CHECK 2nd Lake

02:00 ALARM SOUNDING. RP reported hearing an alarm coming from harbor area. Officer found the Kenai Fjords Visitor Center had the alarm going off and discovered and open window on the NE corner of the building. Officers entered and cleared the room but found the door into the rest of the building locked. Chief Ranger was contacted and sent a Ranger down to inspect building and turn off alarm. Also said he had been contacted by their security company about alarm.

02:08 911-PATROL REQUEST. DC WARNING RP reported a female screaming for help and for the male who was with her to stop kicking her. Officers contacted NELLIE PIATT, AK.OLN and JOSHUA HUDSON, AK.OLN both of whom denied and showed any signs of DV. PIATT had a bloody toe which she explained she had stubbed. Both were given DC warnings for the night.

03:07 DC WARNING Night Watchman at the Icicle Bunkhouse reported a possible DV in progress in the Modulars. Officers responded and contacted DANIEL LINTON, and KAYLA STUART, TX.OLN. No evidence was found of DV and both were told to go back to their room in Mod 7C. Both were also given DC warnings.

03:31 SECURITY CHECK Icicle Plant, Bunkhouse and Mods.

03:35 SECURITY CHECK Chinooks, Terry’s Fish and Chips, Marina Restaurant

04:45 SECURITY CHECK Elementary and Middle School

07:07 MEDICAL EMERGENCY Ambulance request to SCCC for a Male patient who had a seizure which resulted in a head injury. Patient was conscious and alert but had low blood sugar.


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