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'Captain's Mast' - May 22, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

May 10

02:07 - Yukon Bar requested an officer’s assistance with a customer who refused to pay his tab. Officers arrested Ian Rabb for drunk on licensed premises and took him to SCJ.

03:48 - Two 911 callers reported a noise disturbance at the Breeze Inn. One of the reporting parties said that they could see a male in the parking lot kicking vehicles. Officers caught Richard Geist near the Lagoon after he ran from the scene. Two individual were identified as victims since their vehicles had been damaged by the subject. Geist was placed in protective custody for the night and given two charges of Criminal Mischief IV.

06:16 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.5, 35 miles northwest of Homer, 110 miles southwest of Anchorage. No tsunami was expected.

08:07 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

11:37 - A coal terminal employee reported that a male left a backpack and bike under the conveyor belt in a restricted area and was walking down Port Avenue. Officer contacted Edwin Demott and advised him that he was indefinitely trespassed from all railroad properties.

12:03 - Karrie Brown arrested for DUI next to Bayside Apartments and taken to SCJ.

16:00 - Individual reported a 7- or 8-year-old boy was walking in the middle of the road. Reporting party contacted the young man and had a weird feeling about the boys’ response. Officer contacted the 9-year-old boy, who said all was OK. Officer provided transportation home and released to him to a grandparent.

17:10 - Individual reported that his vehicle was stolen from his residence in the 200 block of Bluefield. The vehicle was last seen at 10 p.m. and he left the key in it. He noticed the vehicle was gone when he woke up at 8 a.m. He did not report it, hoping one of his friends had borrowed the vehicle. Officer advised the vehicle was impounded on at 23:29 the night before.

17:10 - Individual reported that a red two-door sports car ran him and another vehicle off the road approximately Mile 8 Seward Highway and was southbound. Caller said there were no injuries or assistance needed, and then service was lost. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

17:41 - Individual requested an officer for a 3-year-old who was missing in the skate park/playground area. The child was found 20 minutes later.

18:10 - SAST requested Moose Pass medics to Mile 21 Seward Highway for an accident. Single vehicle possibly hit a rock wall, 1 or 2 passengers, maybe more, unknown injuries. MPVFD dispatched, SVAC with mutual aide from BCVFD dispatched, MP Fire Chief requested mutual aide from SVFD. At 18:25, MPFC advised SVFD could stand down. MPVFD advised SVAC was still needed for 8-year-old with injuries.

19:03 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Glacier View for a 51-year-old who was unresponsive with shallow/short breaths. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

21:21 - 911 caller and several other non-emergency number callers reported a subject sitting in front of Three Bears shivering with blood running down his legs. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

22:12 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the Military Resort for a 22-year-old female expressing abdomen pain and vomiting.

May 11

00:06 - Officer contacted a subject lying down on the ground near AVTEC. Officer provided transportation to the Van Gilder Hotel where she was staying.

00:43 - 911 caller reported that an intoxicated woman just left the waterfront campground headed north in a green Ford Explorer with two children sleeping in the vehicle. Officers contacted Stacy Graves in the Holiday Inn Parking lot. Graves was arrested for DUI and two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, and taken to SCJ. Her two children were placed in the care of a foster family for the night per Kenai OCS. The two dogs that were in the vehicle were dropped off at the Seward Animal Shelter. At 04:36, the children’s grandparents arrived at SPD and said that they could take the children. OCS was contacted and approval was granted.

02:34 - Multiple 911 callers reported two males shooting paintball guns downtown on Fourth near the Sourdough Lodge and the Van Gilder Hotel. Officers patrolled the surrounding areas but were unable to locate the suspects.

07:28 - Caller reported that a fellow camper just left in a silver crossover headed towards Anchorage. The reporting party said that the subject was intoxicated and irritated.

13:00 - Individual reported the power pole behind Glacier View was hit the day before. Officer responded and observed that the pole was hit. Electrical Department notified.

16:04 - Individual reported she lost her Oregon identification.

23:45 - Individual requested officers to Resurrection Campground on behalf of an elderly woman who advised of a group of six or seven people having a bonfire. The reporting party said that the group was being disruptive and were not campers. Officers contacted the three subject and all were given disorderly conduct warnings. They extinguished the fire and dispersed.

May 12

01:20 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third between Washington and Adams.

01:49 - Verbal warning for speed and failure to maintain own lane given at Mile 2 Seward Highway.

01:58 - AST requested an officer to the 11400 block of Eagle Lane about a verbal dispute between Katherine Simpson another individual. SAST advised that the two were separated and requested that officers keep them separated until AST arrived. Officers contacted all involved parties and stayed on scene until AST arrived. Simpson arrested for DV Assault and taken to SCJ.

08:27 - Individual reported some white foamy stuff coming from behind the Captain Jack’s. Officer found the owner had been cleaning out tubs and it was the cleaning substance.

08:35 - Burn permit issued to 2400 block of Elm for the day.

08:43 - A City of Seward Park employee turned in a child’s bike that was left at the skate park.

10:00 - Burn permit issued at the rear access road of the 100 block Caines Street for the day.

10:15 - Burn permit issued to the 2600 block Dimond, Alaska Waste, for the day.

12:08 - Alaska Railroad conducted a training exercise in collaboration with Seward Fire Department, Seward Ambulance, Bear Creek Fire Department and Seward Police Department. Scenario involved a passenger train versus van.

13:54 - Individual reported a continuing garbage problem originating from a property in the 200 block of Fifth. Officer spoke with the reporting party who said she had repeatedly spoken with the subject about the problem. Problem remained unresolved.

14:54 - Individual reported a male by a truck yelling at a 6- or 7-year-old girl in front of Dr. Moriarty’s office.

16:40 - Individual reported that between March 1 and April 10 his boat was broken into and several item stolen including a 2-gauge Remington single-shot shotgun. No serial number was available and the weapon is about 20 years old with a value of $100. Several items of clothing were taken, five pound packs of Seattle coffee, and $100 worth of candy. The boat, FU/Kuskogale, was dry docked in the winter storage yard at Raibow Fiberglass.

16:31 - Individual reported that there was a boating accident earlier in the day and some of those involved did not want law enforcement to respond. Reporting party requested an officer to Slip O due to the damage to his vessel.

20:09 - Verbal warning for speed given near the 1000 block of 4th Ave.

21:09 - Citation for speeding issued to Douglas Lawrence Rupiper on the Seward Highway near the chamber of commerce

21:48 - A driver with Carlile Trucking reported subjects in their late teens or early 20s trespassing on the property. They had a bonfire and appeared to be drinking. Contact was made with Nathan Emery Chamberlain and six other subjects. Chamberlain was arrested for criminal trespass and taken to SCJ.

22:35 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.8, depth 21 miles, south of Panama. No tsunami was expected.

22:51 - SAST advised they were looking for a suspect in an assault case. Last seen leaving the Bear Creek area, suspect was wearing a black sweatshirt and grey beanie.

23:13 - Trooper requested an officer to accompany him to the Breeze Inn Lounge to contact a suspect in an assault case. Officer responded and Joseph Dotomain was arrested for DV Assault IV and taken to SCJ.

May 13

01:07 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Joshua Cameron at Seward Highway and Dairy Hill. A verbal warning was given for speed.

01:47 - SAST advised of a report of an intoxicated male lying in the middle of the bike path between Preacher’s Pond and Spenard Builders Supply, and requested that an SPD officer respond. Officer contacted the subject with PBT .069. Subject said that he was fine and was hitchhiking to Anchorage.

08:38 - Seward Senior Center requested a wellness check for an individual who slept on their bench the night before. Officer was advised and had already seen the subject.

12:53 - 911, officer requested ambulance for a 58-year-old man who had swelling and redness with possible infection in his legs. SVAC/SVFD dispatched with officer to remain on scene with responders. Patient refused medical assistance.

13:05 - Multiple individuals reported a silver 2014 Impala that was parked in the road area at Second and Van Buren.

13:33 - Street department advised they would be closing Fifth from Adams to Railway for cleaning.

16:03 - Verbal warning for speeding given in the 1000 block of Fourth.

17:46 - Individual reported that he was being harassed by a subject at Red’s Burgers over an accident that happened months ago.

18:23 - Individual reported that there was a vehicle parked out front of Woody’s Thai Restaurant with two children inside under 5 years old and the engine was running. Officer responded and the vehicle was gone. Restaurant workers said that the vehicle was only there a few seconds to pick up food.

May 14

00:03 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and North Harbor

01:54 - Individual requested a welfare on subject who was sitting at the corner of Third and Adams in a wheelchair. Officer contacted the subject who said that he was fine and in no need of assistance.

05:28 - 911 caller requested an officer to Alaska SeaLife Center where a man was lying in the road. The caller said that it appeared the man hit the curb while riding his moped, and was uncertain if he was intoxicated or concussed. Officer arrested Jarod Walker for DUI and took him to SCJ. The vehicle owner was contacted and met with the officer. The owner pressed charges for Vehicle Theft I and Criminal Trespass II for breaking into a vehicle parked at the owner’s residence. Walker was additionally charged with no valid operator’s license and reckless driving.

06:36 - Citation for parking where posted prohibited Issued in front of the 200 block of Fifth.

06:30 - Citation for parking where posted prohibited Issued in front of the 200 block of Fifth.

06:33 - Citation for parking where posted prohibited Issued in front of the 200 block of Fifth.

06:36 - Citation for parking where posted prohibited Issued in front of the 200 block of Fifth.

06:40 - Citation for parking where posted prohibited Issued in front of the 200 block of Fifth.

18:03 - 911 caller requested fire/EMS to the Trail Lake Lodge for a smoldering fire.

18:54 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

19:03 - 911 caller from Seward Mountain Haven Raven Lodge reported a fire drill. SFD requested to be toned out for drill practice. Per the fire chief, hydrant 15708 was out of service until further notice.

19:11 - Citation for speed issued to Rasesh Parekh at Seward Highway and the Chamber of Commerce.

19:45 - Individual turned in medication for destruction.

20:28 - D90 with SFD requested an ambulance to Seward Mountain Haven turn around for a possible broken ankle.

21:31 - Individual reported a male yelling at Little Bear Mountain Apartments. Officer contacted David Miller who was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to SCJ.

23:21 - SAST requested that an SPD officer assist a trooper conducting FSTs at Bear Paw and Rabbit Run. Jacob Boulden arrested for DUI and taken to SCJ.

May 15

00:18 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.6, east of Caroline Islands, Micronesia. No tsunami was expected.

02:25 - 911 caller said that he was at the apartments across the street from No Sweatt Auto and that someone just hit him in the head with a thrown object. Female was heard shouting in the background. He then hung up. On call back the, complainant said he didn’t need medical assistance, did not want to meet with an officer since he had separated himself from the assailant who he identified as female but refused to give more information. Officer searched the at Bayside Apartments area for the complainant or any sign of a disturbance, but was unable to find any.

15:47 - Individual turned in medication for destruction.

16:15 - A city employee turned in a female wallet that was found at the City of Seward office.

17:41 - Individual reported a vehicle speeding and passing in the center lane from the lagoon to Alaska SeaLife Center. Officer contacted the subject in the ASLC parking lot and gave them a verbal warning for passing in a turning lane.

18:00 - Verbal warning given for speed next to the Air Force Rec Camp.

18:12 - 911 caller reported that one of the train’s wheels was on fire. The caller said that the train was headed out of town. Alaska Railroad emergency line was notified and would check into it. Alaska Railroad advised that the train was stopped and the wheel checked, and reported that a brake got bound up and hot.

19:09 - A call from Lifeline reported a alarm activation at Glacier View Apartments. Officer assisted medics with entry into the room.

20:21 - Verbal warnings for speed and faulty brake light given on Ballaine.

21:06 - Individual reported that his tenant just received a note on her door on Birch Street that said, “You better explain this $#!@?” Officer contacted tenant.

23:06 - Individual reported a little red car getting gas at Essential One with no head lights on. Officer reminded the owner to turn on their lights after they were done getting fuel.

23:10 - Verbal warnings for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and failure to obtain an Alaska operator’s license after 90 days given at Three Bears.

18:27 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.0, Kotzebue. No tsunami danger.

May 16

00:12 - Caller reported that he was seeing smoke up the mountains behind Three Bear. Officer confirmed that there was a smoke-like haze in the canyon behind Japanese Creek water tower but that it looked like it could be fog since the officer didn’t smell smoke or see flames. Fire officer was notified and agreed that due to the weather forecast, it was fog.

02:07 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

02:28 - Charles Swanson arrested for DUI at Seward Highway and Herman Leirer Road after officer conducted FSTs and the subject refused PBT. Swanson was taken to SCJ.

06:52 - SCJ informed dispatch that Swanson agreed to a PBT and had a 0.146 reading.

08:14 - Individual requested an officer for subject who was camped out in front of the main entrance of Petro Plaza. Officer gave the subject a warning on littering.

09:03 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the boardwalk next to the Williams Park RV Campground for a 66-year-old man having a possible stroke. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

11:19 - Harbormaster’s Office requested an officer about a vehicle that hit a pedestrian at Seward Highway and Port Avenue. Harbormaster’s Office said that the pedestrian was OK and did not request an ambulance.

12:00 - Alaska Railroad would be doing road work at the Airport Road crossing, and would close that road and provide detour to Port Avenue from May 21 through 24.

1422 - Officer assisted Adult Protective Services at Fourth and Adams with a subject.

16:56 - Individual reported that her wallet was stolen from her vehicle while it was parked in front of her apartment at Pacific Park Apartments. Also taken were her debit card, Social Security card and $21. The vehicle was not locked. There were no suspects.

17:42 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at Seward Brewing Company apartments for a possible stroke. A 55-year-old woman was unable to move one leg and one arm.

18:00 - Verbal warning for speeding given on North Harbor.

1806 - A silver pickup on Fourth near the condos was reported to have run up on the sidewalk and almost hit a pedestrian. The driver had a shaved head and the vehicle was headed southbound.

18:07 - An older motor home on Nash Road weaving across the road. It turned southbound on the Seward Highway. “Chateau” was written on the back of the camper.

18:12 - Individual reported his Pomeranian dog missing from his residence on Second. A few moments later, a subject reported finding the dog at Resurrection Bay Campground North.

19:20 - An individual requested an officer to the pavilion for a subject who was inside and requested to speak to an officer. He requested an ambulance to take him to the ER.

20:02 - Individual reported that there were 10 or 12 individuals who had been drinking and starting to fight at the gazebo at 1st Lake. He said that one of them pulled a knife and threatened him. He said he went to the top of the trail to get away and had his 6-year-old daughter with him. After being unable to locate at first, contact was finally made at 20:23. Citation issued to Darren Lackey for endangering the welfare of a child. (PBT .242)

20:02 - Individual reported that a male reported that his dog and another boat owner’s dog got into a fight. ACO notified and would check into it.

20:51 - Wilford John Pavloff turned himself in on SAST warrant with the original charge of DUI.

21:19 - A caller picked up a cat near Fifth and Jefferson, and asked that the shelter be opened and the cat brought in. The officer met the girls at the shelter and the cat was incarcerated.

22:22 - Caller requested an officer to the corner of Sweatman and Bear for a noise complaint. Resident advised to keep the noise down.

23:27 - Individual requested an officer to the Yukon Bar because they were too loud

May 17

00:05 - Trooper arrested Dennis Backstrom for probation violation and took him to SCJ.

01:36 - Individual complained of a party with loud music coming from across the street from his home on Sixth. Officer contacted the party and they agreed to turn off the music and keep their voices down.

02:18 - Individual reported a vehicle that was all over the road traveling southbound on Seward Highway passing AVTEC. While on the phone with the reporting party the suspect vehicle put on their hazard lights. Officer contacted the vehicle at Third and Jefferson, and found that they had a flat tire.

07:55 - Multiple 911 callers reported large amounts of smoke coming from a chimney in the 300 block of Third. A reporting party then said that the smoke has gone down. Officers confirmed that the owner of the residence just started a fire in their wood stove and that all was OK.

08:03 - Verbal warning for stopping in a red zone given in front of the Sea Life Center.

08:21 - Individual turned in a cell phone found at Bear Lake.

10:16 - Providence Seward Medical Center ER reported that a subject had been discharged from the ER and refused to leave the entry way. The ER said that he had been harassing people as they come in and out of the ER. Officer transported him to the Small Boat Harbor area.

12:22 - Individual reported gun shoots in the area of 2.5 mile Nash Road.

14:59 - Individual reported that he found a laptop in Three Bears parking lot. He said that if someone called about it, that his number can be given to describe and reclaim it.

15:04 - 911 caller reported that he opened the door at AVTEC Gym and the alarm went off. The AVTEC dorm said that Yukon Fire was doing alarm testing.

15:07 - Individual reported that a truck at the Fisherman’s Memorial appeared to have been broken into. Officer contacted the reporting party and the vehicle. Officer took pictures of back window of vehicle, which was missing the glass, and left a message for the reporting party. Nothing appeared to be missing.

16:18 - The manager of Ray’s Restaurant requested an officer for a subject who was requesting Officer Brockman. The manager advised that he was sitting inside the bar door and would not move on.

16:32 - 911 caller reported a white Honda Pilot driving erratically. It was parked at Subway.

16:35 - Individual reported a man down in a yard across from the Post Office. He looked like he had a prosthetic leg. Officer contacted the subject and advised he was able to care for himself, and he was given a ride to the 500 block of Second.

16:36 - Individual reported that she takes care of a 91-year-old woman in the 1100 block of Second who was having trouble breathing due to a fire the neighbors were having in their fire pit. Fire officer responded and asked that the fire be put out.

18:05 - A camper in the tent area at the beach reported that a male with a blue shirt with a 12 on the back, was intoxicated and attempted to take their firewood. The suspect walked away towards the skate park and pavilion. Contact was made with a Ethan Bailey Hill and a citation issued for MCA. His guardian was contacted and he was allowed to stay with these people and they would bring him home the next day.

18:22 - Verbal warning for speed given on Railway.

20:50 - Citation for speeding issued to Christopher Michael Parker near Third and D.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMCC, Providence Seward Medical & Care Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence; MICS, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance; DV, Domestic Violence; FTA, Failure To Appear; MCA, Minor Consuming Alcohol.


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