By Wolfgang Kurtz
LOG Editor 

Carrier loads coal in Seward on maiden voyage


Wolfgang Kurtz | The Seward Phoenix LOG

The loading arm of the conveyor driven coal loading tower swings along the length of the Crimson Monarch dropping coal into cargo holds.

The Crimson Monarch arrived Saturday to take on a load of Alaska coal bound for Chile. The Singapore-flagged large bulk carrier with a crew of 19 out of India sailed straight for Seward from the Japanese shipyard where it was constructed after picking up fuel for the trans Pacific voyage in Russia.

The Seward Chamber of Commerce held an open house on Monday at Chinooks Waterfront Restaurant to greet the ship and crew. The event was attended by city officials including mayor Jean Bardardson and city manager Jim Hunt as well as the Alaska Railroad's local authority, Louis Bencardino, who all welcomed captain Kadam and his officers to the friendly shores of Seward.

The large cargo ship will spend the next month in transit to South America. Kadam says that it is typical for them to sail for very long periods out of sight of land and this will be no exception. This is his second visit to Seward and his first as captain. He's not clear on the date he was last here as chief officer, but he is determined to pack some salmon back to India on this trip. Kadam remembers that clearly.

When asked by The LOG about a tour of the new vessel, Kadam demurred citing security concerns. He sails the world through some dangerous waters where piracy is prevalent. When the recent movie "Captain Phillips" was mentioned, he laughed and said if his wife ever saw that film, he'd never be allowed to leave home again.

The vessel is one of 12 scheduled to load on coal at the Port of Seward this year. Aurora Energy's Mike Hanson, who oversees the local coal loading facility, is looking forward to boosting that number next year and was enthusiastic about hosting the Crimson Monarch and the warm reception that the ship and crew have received.


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