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Captain's Mast - Feb. 13, 2014


Leon Youngblood | The Seward Phoenix LOG

Now, the hairpin turn near the Bear Creek weir sports a barricade of concrete Jersey barriers that vehicles can bounce off instead of taking a 20-foot drop to the creek bed.

The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Feb. 2

21:49 - Individual reported an open door at a residence on Sixth. Officers found a person who was staying in the house and accidentally left the door open. All parties found to be OK, no assistance needed. Person was advised of his revoked driver's license status.

Feb. 3

00:02 - Verbal warning for speed given at North Harbor and Third.

01:05 - Verbal warning for obstructed license plate given at Alice and Resurrection.

01:28 - Tracy Jensen arrested for DUI at Third and North Harbor Street. (PBT of .334) She was taken to SCJ.

09:15 - Officer requested case number for random CDL breath test of a city employee.

10:50 - 911 misdial.

12:47 - Individual reported a vehicle was traveling southbound on Third and was crossing the double yellow and fog lines. Reporting party said the vehicle turned onto Port Avenue. Officers located the vehicle at the freight dock and contacted the driver, who was negative DUI.

15:18 - 911 misdial.

16:35 - AST requested FIRE/EMS to Mile 12 Seward Highway for a motor vehicle accident with injuries.

17:46 - Verbal warning for driving with parking lights illuminated given at Third and Van Buren.

18:45 - Individual reported that a person just left Essential One gas station and smelled of alcohol. Essential One advised that the subject left in a dark color SUV. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Feb. 4

05:48 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the 600 block of Third for a male having trouble breathing possibly due to a reaction to new medication. SVAC/SVFD.

08:00 - PSMCC requested ambulance to the airport to pick up the LifeFlight crew. SVAC dispatched.

09:39 - Harbormaster's Office advised of an accident that occurred in the harbor sometime over the weekend.

12:14 - PSMCC tested their alarm system

13:05 - Middle school conducted a fire drill.

13:25 - Kenai probation arrested Wyatt Williams for probation violation at SCJ.

14:42 - Individual turned in expired medication at city hall to be destroyed.

16:58 - AST requested an officer to City Express for a possible assault. Officer contacted two subjects until troopers arrived on scene.

17:45 - Individual reported water on the road at Fourth and Van Buren that looked dirty. Officer responded and found that the Public Works crew was working on the water system earlier in the day and that nothing looked out of place.

18:38 - Individual reported that her son lost his temper and was damaging things. Officer contacted the reporting party. Officer arrested the juvenile for one count of DV Assault IV and one count of DV Criminal Mischief IV. The juvenile was taken to the Seward Police Department pending Juvenile Probations being contacted. Juvenile later released to parent custody.

21:28 - Individual reported that a silver Dodge Caravan, that has been identified as a "Carpet Cleaner," came into her driveway, flashed its lights and then left.

22:00 - Individual requested an officer for Ian Hodge, who was passed out against his door and would not leave. Officer contacted with the reporting party and Hodge. Hodge was arrested for criminal trespass and taken to SCJ.

Feb. 5

01:34 - 911 caller reported she could hear a female yelling, "Get off me. Don't touch me," in Kimberly Court Apartments. Officer contacted with subject. The female said that a male left just prior to the officer's arrival, and she did not want to press charges or provide name of the male.

07:28 - 911 pocket dial.

09:16 - Officer responded to a request for a welfare check at Bayside Apartments.

11:37 - Elementary School advised they were having a fire drill.

12:07 - 911 misdial.

15:25 - Individual reported an intoxicated male who was staggering on the sidewalk of Adams. Officer advised the subject just released from SCJ and all was OK.

15:54 - Male reported that a green van, parked on Third in front of the Native corporation building, was leaking gas.

17:05 - 911 misdial.

18:19 - Citation for headlight violation issued to Joanne Marie Hinton on the Seward Highway near Dairy Hill Road.

18:35 - Citation for headlight violation issued to Laurajean Grace Hughes on the Seward Highway near Hemlock.

18:37 - 911 caller from the Yukon Bar requested an ambulance for a customer who might be having a stroke. There was a nurse present. Patient was transported to PSMCC.

19:20 - 911 misdial.

19:25 - 911 misdial.

19:26 - Individual requested a civil standby while a person picked up property at a residence on Third.

Feb. 6

02:57 - AST requested an SPD officer and then an ambulance to the Farm B&B on Salmon Creek Road for a subject having a medical emergency. Subject was transported to the hospital.

03:56 - GCI called saying that they had a power alarm going off at their cable landing station and asked if a power outage was reported. Dispatch informed them that there was not one reported but that dispatch would contact the Electric Department. Electric Department went to investigate report but found the gate to the cable landing station locked. GCI was called. They decided not to send someone to open the gate and deal with it in the morning.

08:26 - 911 misdial.

09:07 - Officer requested a case number for fraudulent use of credit card.

09:45 - SAST advised of a white tractor trailer, with Alaska Logistics on the side, that was swerving southbound at Mile 10.

11:21 - Individual reported something in the middle of the field near Seward Highway and Sea Lion. Officer responded and said it was a jacket frozen to the ground.

12:00 - Individual requested to speak to an officer about harassment. Officer spoke with the reporting party.

12:21 - 911 misdial.

16:16 - National Weather Service called to advise that we were under a blizzard warning from midnight until 7 p.m. Friday. High winds were expected and about 13 inches of snow.

16:47 - Caller from Spenard Builders reported that the fire alarm went off and it was a false alarm.

17:56 - Citation for speeding issued to Robert Douglas-Henderlong on Seward Highway near Hemlock.

18:12 - Citation for speeding issued to Tahnee Anne Whitehead on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

18:28 - Citation for headlight violation issued to Jacob Edward Platt on the Seward Highway near the old food bank.

18:42 - Citation for expired registration issued to Mary Angelena Hribernick on Fourth near the Holiday Inn. A verbal warning for not carrying current insurance was given.

18:44 - 911 misdial.

20:20 - AST contacted Floyd Nagel at residence on Chamberlin and served an Ex Parte 20-day Protection Order.

20:37 - 911 misdial.

Feb. 7

04:08 - 911 caller reported that an intoxicated male just left Chevron and was walking down the Seward Highway towards Safeway. The caller was worried that the man might not make it home. After searching Clearview Subdivision and the high school area, the officer was unable to find the subject.

04:17 - Verbal warning for taillight requirement issued at Phoenix Drive and Dora Way.

10:34 - BCVFD advised that they were out at Tony's Wood Lot putting out a small brush fire.

15:57 - Verbal warning for improper display of license tabs given near Essential One.

16:43 - 911 caller reported that it was his weekend to have his son and he was having difficulty getting him. His son is 13 and was at the Teen and Youth Center.

17:16 - Animal Control picked up an old husky from Sea Lion.

17:58 - Three-vehicle accident at Mile 6 Seward Highway.

18:07 - Citation for headlight violation issued to Quinton Dean Thornhill on the Seward Highway near Safeway.

18:31 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Van Buren.

18:41 - Summons for having a revoked license issued to Devin Loomis on the Seward Highway. He was also given a verbal warning for a defective taillight.

21:38 - Verbal warning for failure to dim lights and window tint given on the Seward Highway at the Chevron.

22:13 - Verbal warning for headlight requirements given on Coolidge Drive near the cemetery.

Feb. 8

00:29 - Citation for failure to carry driver's license issued to Michael Wolfe at Third and Van Buren. Verbal warning given for driving with headlights off.

01:14 - Officer noticed flashlights on Mount Marathon above Providence Hospital. A vehicle was found at the Lowell Canyon gate and thought to possibly be associated. SVFD was contacted to consult and said to keep an eye on activity but even if a rescue was needed it wouldn't be attempted until the morning. Officer tried calling the registered owner of the vehicle, but there was no answer.

09:49 - Caller reported that there was a broken water line in the dry dock area.

11:54 - 911 misdial.

12:16 - Verbal warning for speed given on the Seward Highway near Coolidge.

14:41 - Citation for speed issued to Aaron James Hewlette-Sorenson on Nash Road near Jellison.

17:07 - 911 caller asked a few questions about the volcano threat. Caller was asked to call the non emergency number.

17:42 - Citation for expired registration issued to Madison Valadez at Dimond Boulevard and Birch.

18:17 - Citation for headlight requirements issued to John Cisar at Seward Highway and the old food bank.

18:48 - Citation for headlight requirements issued to Matthew Hershock at Fourth and Jefferson.

19:08 - Officer assisted a vehicle pulling a trailer at Seward Highway and Phoenix Road after observing the trailer disconnect from the vehicle. Officer stayed on scene until the trailer was reconnected to the vehicle.

19:15 - Verbal warning for operating vehicle while headlights not illuminated given at Seward Highway and Resurrection Road.

19:51 - Verbal warning for operating vehicle while headlights not illuminated issued at Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

21:53 - Verbal warning for obscure plates and trespassing in a no trespassing area given inside the gate at the Air Force Rec Camp.

Feb. 9

01:06 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign given in the alley behind Terry's Tires.

02:07 - Individual was given a verbal warning between North and South Harbor on the Seward Highway. The passenger Ashley Beck was arrested for disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, and taken to SCJ.

10:35 - Individual requested a welfare check on her neighbor. She was unable to contact her and was concerned. Officer responded and neighbor was fine.

11:40 - 911 misdial.

17:44 - 911 abandoned call.

17:49 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to a residence on Bear Lake Road for a male who accidentally over medicated himself.

20:20 - Troopers requested an SPD officer to Nash Road to locate an intoxicated person who called 911 stating he was, "possibly shot." Officer contacted the subject on Nash Road. After further investigation, the officer found that he was involved in a altercation with another male. He did not wish to press charges. The officer stayed on scene until Troopers arrived. Subject was placed into protective custody by the Troopers and taken to SCJ.


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