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Positive ideas about health care


Whenever we are baited with political schemes that seek to use taxpayer dollars in order to buy votes, I am reminded of the mythical village hypothesized in Economics 101. It is a village where the inhabitants sustain their economy by taking in each others’ laundry.

This hypothesis helps to explain why government-run health care systems are generally inferior to those in the private sphere. However, this is not an economic treatise It is a letter to the editor.

Recently I was inspired by another letter to the editor written by Lori Draper, the theme of which was peaceful conflict resolution. (I mean this sincerely, as Lori Draper’s goal is most laudable). Part of resolving conflicts peacefully consists of offering positive ideas instead of merely negative criticism.

With this in mind, here are eight positive ideas about health care, to be contrasted with the statism of Obamacare:

1) Restore the doctor/patient relationship with no intermediaries.

2) Eliminate tax preferences for employer-sponsored health care.

3) Provide flat tax credits to all Americans for their private health care expenditures.

4) Add health care subsidies to unemployment compensation.

5) Permit high deducible health care savings accounts.

6) Permit catastrophic event insurance to be sold across state lines.

7) Enact meaningful medical malpractice tort reform.

8) Fix Medicaid so that more doctors would be willing to treat the poor and chronically sick.

I hope this letter sheds light on the continuing health care debate and inspires others to join this debate. Obamacare is unworkable, costly, intrusive and desperately needs to be revisited.

Once again I am grateful to all you Phoenix LOG readers who devoted your time and attention to this letter when you could have so easily turned the page.

Yours truly,

— August Cisar


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