The Seward Phoenix Log - News of the Eastern Kenai Peninsula since 1966

Captain's Mast - June 20, 2013


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

June 11

09:34 - Caller stated that she last heard from her sister the previous Sunday when she was in Sterling getting her car from being impounded. Caller was advised to contact SAST since last known sighting was in AST area.

11:51 - 911 abandoned call.

13:27 - Individual spoke with an officer about a black Dodge Durango that almost hit her. Officer requested patrol to be on lookout for black Dodge Durango driving erratically.

14:08 - Once in a Blue Moose reported that a group of seven people took two wood carved knives and were last seen on foot northbound on Fourth. Officers were unable to locate a group with the knives.

14:30 - BCVFD responded to residence on Bear Paw for a controlled burn. Occupants were advised to put out the fire.

15:45 - Street department advised that street closed signs were up on Washington from Third to Fifth.

16:15 - BCVFD responded to residence on Bear Paw Drive for a controlled burn. The fire was extinguished.

16:16 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Eagle Lodge at Mountain Haven Nursing Home for a woman with a slight fever and respiration problems.

16:41 - 911 misdial.

17:16 - 911 misdial.

18:38 - Individual advised that a vehicle had been driving erratically for the last 25 miles she was behind it, and that they were nearing Bear Creek. Officer advised. Information given to SAST.

21:29 - Trooper requested assistance with the pursuit of a suspect who stole gas from Essential One.

22:56 - Individual advised of two young individuals messing around a white truck with a boat parked on Diamond Boulevard. Reporting party advised they boarded the boat several times and was concerned it might not belong to them. Officer found the truck and boat. No one appeared to be onboard.

23:22 - Individual advised of a man on the side of the road flagging down cars near Mountain Haven. When he stopped the vehicle, the man asked him strange questions before telling him to leave. Information given to SAST.

23:46 - Citation for speed issued to Michael Owens on Fourth near Apollo.

23:53 - Verbal warning given for speed.

June 12

00:47 - Caller reported that two possibly intoxicated males appeared to try to get into a dark colored vehicle. Officers gave verbal warnings to both for disorderly conduct. At 01:25 the reporting party requested that officers return because the two males continued to disturb guests. Dennis Hollen arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Disorderly Conduct, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance VI, and transported to SCJ.

02:36 - Several callers reported that power was out in Old Mill Subdivision since 00:20.

02:44 - 911 misdial.

04:15 - SCCC reported a smoke alarm had gone off and all was OK.

05:37 - Officer responded to a request from PSMCC for help with an unruly patient. Officer found that subject left the hospital.

10:40 - KPB Maintenance doing fire alarm testing at the Seward Middle School.

11:45 - KPB Maintenance doing fire alarm testing at the Seward Elementary School.

13:40 - Individual turned in a Washington operator’s license that was found on Lowell Point Road.

13:45 - Individual advised of the plate number of the black Dodge Durango that almost hit her the day before and was is parked in front of Urbach’s.

13:50 - KPB Maintenance doing fire alarm testing at Seward Landfill

13:52 - 911 misdial.

15:12 - Individual flagged down an officer at Resurrection Campground to complain about the dogs barking all night at the animal shelter.

16:25 - 911 caller requested assistance on Mount Marathon. SAST/SFD/SVAC notified. At 22:23 fire chief advised that the patient and one fireman were at the hospital.

16:33 - Caller requested Fire/EMS 1 mile up Resurrection River Trail for a 31-year-old female with a possibly dislocated right elbow. SAST/BCVFD/SVAC notified.

16:59 - 911 misdial.

17:32 - 911 misdial.

18:36 - 911 misdial.

18:42 - 911 caller reported a red flare on Mount Marathon. Reporting party was advised that the flare was from the search and rescue crew and that all was OK.

19:04 - Verbal warning for improper uses of roadway given at Leirer Road and Alameda.

20:28 - Five 911 misdials.

21:00 - 911 misdial.

21:40 - 911 caller advised that a female would not leave her residence on Bear Drive. As caller was calling 911 the female left the area. Caller advised that no further assistance was needed.

June 13

00:32 - Individual reported she found a bicycle that was reported stolen

02:31 - Officer responded to a request for an officer to check the Forest Acres area for an intoxicated male who was yelling at houses and traffic. Officer arrested Damon Capurro for disorderly conduct and issued a summons for minor consuming.

08:18 - Citation for passing a school bus with the red lights on at Fifth and Adams issued to Xin Zhang.

08:54 - Individual requested extra patrols at Kimberly Court Apartments.

09:00 - Individual turned in expired medications to be destroyed.

11:42 - 911 misdial.

11:48 - Individual reported neighbors were setting a fire to one of her structures on Grouse Creek Road.

13:07 - Officer responded to high school football field for a dog encountering a moose.

13:56 - Individual reported a black Kona Ahana mountain bike was stolen from Great Bear Circle.

14:34 - 911 caller advised of a black Chevy Tahoe speeding and passing vehicles northbound on Seward Highway past Safeway. Officer and SAST advised.

15:08 - 911 misdial.

15:30 - Caller from Boys & Girls Club reported teens smoking pot at the skate park.

15:37 - 911 misdial.

17:07 - 911 misdial.

17:50 - AST requested assistance with a traffic stop at the end of Stoney Creek Road. Officer contacted AST and Toby Welch. Welch was arrested for DUI and DWLR, and transported to SCJ. At 20:20 Welch was charged with Theft III.

22:22 - AST requested assistance with a traffic stop at Old Nash and Nash roads. Officer contacted AST and Collin Papuga. Papuga was arrested for DUI, and transported to SCJ.

June 14

00:10 - Individual reported an alarm was sounding on the F/V Bergen.

03:49 - Officer responded to report of four possibly intoxicated males being disruptive at Marathon Campground. Officer informed the subjects of the open container law and advised them to keep the noise down.

06:59 - Verbal warning given for parking facing on coming traffic.

09:30 - Individual reported his bike went missing from the public boat ramp.

09:42 - Mountain Haven called to report a fire drill.

09:53 - 911 automated call from Mountain Haven during a fire drill.

09:31 - AST arrested Steven McKinley, while driving a motor coach northbound on the Seward Highway, for DUI and 44 counts of reckless endangerment at Mile 11 Seward Highway. McKinley was transported to SCJ. (Datamaster .341.)

09:58 - 911 caller reported a vehicle was speeding on Fourth.

10:40 - Individual reported her passport was missing.

11:36 - Individual reported a large motor home was taking up most of the lane on Fourth.

11:50 - 911 misdial.

12:00 - Verbal warning for operating an illegal vehicle (ATV) on the roadway given at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

12:18 - 911 caller reported that her 14-year-old son fell and was bleeding on the beach behind the new playground. Officer responded. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

12:40 - Individual reported seeing smoke from a neighbor’s house next to Bear Lake Road. BCVFD/SVAC/SVFD dispatched. BCVFD advised someone started up a wood burning stove.

12:54 - SeaView Services reported a patient was threatening employees. Officers contacted the subject, who was placed in protective custody and transported to PSMCC for evaluation.

14:41 - 911 misdial.

15:24 - Fire chief advised individuals who were burning a brush pile near the airport of the burn ban, and asked them to extinguish the fire.

15:35 - Officer with BCVFD requested two engines for a large brush pile in Harbor View Subdivision. BCVFD dispatched.

16:06 - Trooper transported a male to SCJ for protective custody.

17:19 - 911 misdial.

17:28 - Individual with Wells Fargo advised that a man in a red Jeep pulled into the drive through and told the teller that he was really drunk. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

17:49 - Verbal warning for driving erratically given in Red’s parking lot.

19:16 - Officer was requested to the emergency room at PSMCC to watch over an aggressive patient while staff changed shifts.

20:43 - Verbal warning for failure to provide passenger with a helmet and no motorcycle license given at Sixth and Railway.

22:20 - 911 caller advised that a black four wheeler was speeding down the sidewalk near Safeway. Officers contacted the driver at Essential One. Subject was provided transportation to pick up their truck before going back to retrieve the four wheeler.

22:50 - Officer advised of an unattended burn at the Glacier Towing lot near the airport. Fire chief responded and advised the fire was remnants of a fire in a burn pit. The fire was smoldering, but well contained and attended.

June 15

00:09 - AST called to notify of a possible agency assist for an underage party on Meridian. Assistance was not needed.

01:05 - Citation for speed issued to Holly Hylen on D between Third and Fourth

01:06 - Dispatch received an administrative message from Anchorage Police Department advising contact was made with an individual per locate entered by SPD. Carroll County Sheriff’s Office advised they were no longer looking for the person.

01:14 - 911 caller requested an officer at Williams Campground about a campground issue.

01:19 - Verbal warning for speed issued to Michael Chya at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

01:37 - David Leonard arrested for DUI at Mile 1 Seward Highway. (PBT .230.) Citation issued for speed.

02:13 - Officer responded to a noise disturbance at Harborview Inn. Officer contacted manager who stated they issued a key to a guest who had locked herself out of her room and was pounding on the door to wake her boyfriend. All was OK.

07:20 - 911 misdial.

09:00 - Individual requested a welfare check on her employer. She was concerned that she wasn’t answering her door. Officer found that all was OK.

09:35 - Earthquake: Magnitude of 6.6 at a depth of 6 miles near the coast of Nicaragua. No tsunami was expected.

10:20 - National Marine Fisheries officer reported a black pickup truck, driving south on the Seward Highway at around Mile 8, was passing illegally and speeding.

10:40 - Individual found a wallet at Grant Electronics.

12:20 - 911 misdial.

12:30 - Individual reported her black iPhone was missing. She saw it last at the Yukon.

12:56 - AST reported that a caravan of four cars at around Mile 45 Seward Highway were speeding, passing illegally, throwing trash from the vehicles, taking up both lanes of the highway and ramming into each other. Reporting party thought they were headed towards Seward.

16:09 - Verbal warning for an illegal turn given at Seward Highway and Madison.

16:54 - 911 caller from Kenai Fjords Tours advised that a cyclist fell off his bike and needed to be seen. Caller disconnected the call after advising the cyclist had got up and appeared to be OK.

17:34 - 911 open line call.

20:08 - Several 911 callers requested an ambulance to a residence on Seward Highway for a woman who had suffered from a seizure. Lifemed dispatched.

21:54 - Fire chief responded and investigated a report of lots of smoke coming from a bonfire on Bear Paw Drive.

22:33 - Individual advised of a small dog that had been barking for the previous two hours. Reporting party believed the dog was somewhere on Sixth near the 200 block.

22:55 - 911 abandoned call.

23:54 - Caller reported heavy smoke coming from behind AVTEC/1st Lake area and could hear noise. Officer made contact with a large group of people from Icicle Seafoods. The group agreed to put the fire out and clean up the area.

June 16

00:31 - Verbal warning given for crossing over the lines.

01:00 - Verbal warning for no taillights given at Fourth and Jefferson.

01:09 - Citation for speed issued to Eddy Kounduangta at Third and Madison. Verbal warning given for expired registration.

01:28 - 911 open-line call.

03:41 - Officer stopped a vehicle driven by Luke Spiers for swerving into oncoming lane at Salmon Creek Road. Spiers was arrested for DUI and transported to SCJ. (PBT .080.) Verbal warning issued for studded tires.

07:58 - 911 misdial.

11:50 - Individual reported that her white 21-inch specialized mountain bike was stolen the night before from in front of the Seward Brew House.

12:29 - Individual reported a white car passing in the center turning lane next to the Lagoon. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

14:25 - SFD officer advised that the horses on Phoenix are out. Owner was notified and she stated that it was just the little black one grazing.

16:17 - Individual requested an ambulance to provide transport for a crew of two to and from the hospital.

17:35 - Individual advised of an abandoned bicycle on Phoenix Road. Officer described the bicycle as a grey Cannondale.

17:49 - Officer responded to a report of two people near the middle school having sex out in the open. Officer searched the area but was unable to locate the couple.

18:14 - 911 caller reported his grey Cannondale bicycle was missing. Reporting party was advised the bike was found earlier and given it’s location.

19:13 - 911 open-line call.

19:28 - Individual reported her white iPhone 4 was lost on Mount Marathon and that it has a black and white striped spade case and was inside a Ziplock bag.

21:32 - 911 caller reported that a woman staggered out of the Yukon Bar and drove north on Third in a red truck with the word “Raptor” or “Rapture” written on the side. Trooper stopped the vehicle on Third near the Army Rec Camp, arrested Mari Banas for DUI and transported her to SCJ.

22:07 - 911 open-line call.

23:11 - Ambulance requested to Seward Highway near the Army Rec Camp for an unconscious and breathing male who fell on his bicycle. Officer was requested to the scene for a possible stolen bicycle. Officer contacted victim. The suspect, Nicholas Storch, was transported to the hospital for his injuries. Officer charged him with Theft III.

23:25 - Harbormaster responded to a report of a boat alarm sounding on a tug boat docked at the Z float.

23:28 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third at Wells Fargo.

23:43 - Individual reported his men’s white and blue Diamondback mountain bike was stolen from Safeway approximately fifteen minutes before. The bike has a front suspension and a shock in the seat post.

23:51 - 911 open-line call.

June 17

00:02 - 911 open-line call.

01:06 - 911 misdial.

01:36 - Citation for speed and failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Richard Trierweiler at Seward Highway and South Harbor. Verbal warning given for failure to register.

01:44 - Verbal warning for taillight out given on Third between Adams and Washington.

01:55 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

08:16 - 911 abandoned call.

09:05 - 911 misdial.

09:25 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to a residence on the Seward Highway for a male who was not breathing and no pulse. MPVFD/SVAC/LifeMed dispatched. Trooper responded.

10:00 - Individual reported that he found his bike.

10:58 - Individual turned in a black Samsung Galaxy phone that was found in the men’s bathroom at the Harbormaster’s on June 13.

11:33 - 911 misdial.

13:56 - Four 911 misdials.

14:50 - Individual reported a blue truck headed towards Seward on Lowell Point Road was speeding, swerving and passing illegally. Officer contacted operator. Operator stated he passed a slow vehicle that had swerved towards him.

15:16 - Verbal warning for operating an UTV on the roadway given to the driver of a Polaris UTV at Third and Van Buren.

16:19 - Individual advised of a rock slide about one mile down Lowell Point Road. The lane was still accessible.

16:26 - Individual with Major Marine Tours requested an ambulance to vessel Glacier Express at E Float for a woman with a possibly broken femur.

16:30 - Individual turned in a brown denim wallet. Officer contacted owner’s father who picked up the wallet.

16:54 - Individual reported two moose calves at Mile 12 appeared to be motherless and that people were blocking traffic to view the calves. Trooper responded to the scene and discovered that they were bear cubs.

17:48 - 911 open-line call.

19:33 - Individual advised that her daughter found a wallet near Three Bears and would turn it in to SPD the next day.

21:25 - Verbal warning for no front plate given in Three Bears parking lot.

21:26-21:50 - Five 911 open-line calls.

22:13 - Individual advised that he was almost hit by a vehicle on Ballaine near the pavilion. Officer met with reporting party on Ballaine, just past Jefferson and was advised the driver was also swerving and was parked in front of the playground. Officer investigated, but believed it to be the wrong vehicle and continued to search the area.

22:29 - Officer met with two people in the South Harbor lot who had a dead battery and helped them contact a taxi for a jump.

23:34 - Individual reported a horse loose on Phoenix. Owners contacted.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMCC, Providence Seward Medical & Care Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence; MICS, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance; DV, Domestic Violence; FTA, Failure To Appear; MCA, Minor Consuming Alcohol.


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