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Captain's Mast - April 18, 2013


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 29

16:27 - Soldotna Troopers requested that Moose Pass Fire and SVAC be dispatched to residence on the Seward Highway for a possible suicidal subject. Subject transported to the hospital.

18:54 - Individual requested ambulance for a male with a hurt knee. Patient transported to the hospital.

20:13 - Citation for speed issued to Adrian Hurstak on Third at Wells Fargo.

23:14 - SFD and SVAC dispatched to Third for a female who fell, hit her head and could not feel her legs.

23:14 - SAST received several 911 calls from the Murphy Motel, and requested that a SPD officer check. Officer was unable to locate anyone at the address given. Soldotna dispatch given the information.

23:27 - Fire officer requested an officer to a residence on Third.

March 31

21:54 - Verbal for speed warning given at Seward Highway at Hemlock Street.

April 8

01:04 - Caller advised that Mathew Dotomain was intoxicated and was attempting to break his door down to get into his house. Officers contacted both subjects. Dotomain was arrested for DV Assault IV, Criminal Mischief IV, and Disorderly Conduct and transported to SCJ. PBT .210

09:00 - Charges were updated on the case at Chevron. ATN was added to case. (D)Levi Buffington arrested on charges at Bayview Trailer Court and transported to SCJ at 15:40.

12:20 - Essential One reported that they had a $20 bill that was used yesterday by (D)Levi Buffington, sometime between 09:00 and 14:00. Buffington arrested on one count of each offense.

13:55 - Officer requested in reference to a situation at the middle school. Responding officer found it to be an AST case.

15:46 - Citation for brake light issued to Matthew Gray at Seward Highway and He Shall Provide. Verbal warning issued for seat belt.

15:58 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Airport.

16:09 - Verbal warning for headlight given at Seward and South Harbor.

17:32 - Individual initially called 911 for her husband choking at their residence on Heather Lee Lane but advised that he was able to get it out, was OK and did not need any medical attention.

18:25 - Citation for speed issued to Troy Liptak at Third and Madison.

20:08 - Individual reported that a vehicle was swerving into town and had pulled into Safeway parking lot. Officer made contact with the driver who was on his cell phone. Subject’s DUI results came back negative.

20:38 - Individual advised that she was having a dispute with people at Taroka Inn and wanted to talk to an officer.

20:52 - Verbal warning for no front bumper, obscured plate and window tint given at Third and NAPA.

22:17 - 911 misdial.

April 9

00:48 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and A.

14:56 - Individual requested an officer to Essential One in reference to counterfeit currency.

21:23 - Individual requested an officer to Safeway for an intoxicated male who was harassing staff and then left on foot toward Chevron. Officer made contact with the subject at Essential One.

21:52 - PSMCC advised that a male subject had been dropped off and was very intoxicated but otherwise fine. Officer contacted the subject who provided a PBT sample of .304. Officer was able to contact a friend who picked up the subject.

April 10

00:53 - SAST requested assistance for a domestic disturbance at a residence at the corner of Rabbit Run and Nash Road. Officers contacted female resident. Her boyfriend left on foot before they arrived. Officers were unable to locate the boyfriend.

01:19 - Verbal warning for an inoperative break light and an inoperative headlight issued on Seward Highway at Air Force Rec Camp.

02:28 - Individual from the Holiday Inn advised that an adult male in jeans, Xtratufs and a black jacket was passed out in the hotel lobby. Officer contacted the subject. PBT .149. Officer provided transportation for the subject to his boat on Z Dock.

03:40 - SVAC and SVFD dispatched to Fifth for a male who believed he was having complications with medications he was taking for a recently broken arm.

17:58 - 911 misdial.

20:56 - Verbal warning for lane usage given at Seward Highway and Airport Road.

21:28 - 911 misdial.

21:33 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

April 11

00:06 - Verbal warning for headlights given at Third and B.

09:01 - A 4.1 earthquake occurred 75 miles northwest of Kodiak City. No tsunami was expected.

14:43 - 911 misdial.

18:17 - SAST reported a fire on Lowell Point beach under a tree. LPVFD/BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

18:29 - Individual reported that 30 Clanazepam pills were stolen from his wife.

19:04 - Spring Creek requested an ambulance for a male who fell 12 feet and hit his head.

April 12

01:03 - Subject was stopped in the parking lot of the Cup for failure to dim high beams. It was found that his high beams differ only slightly from his low beams. Driver advised that he would have his headlights looked at.

02:20 - Caller reported a set of three keys on a standard key ring were lost somewhere downtown. One key had a black ring around it, one was a post office key and one was a house key.

11:06 - Parking warning given across from Hotel Seward.

14:32 - 911 misdial.

15:00 - Individual spoke to officer in reference to losing money in the Seward area.

15:24 - Individual reported that a vehicle passed a school bus with red lights flashing at Phoenix and Bear.

15:32 - Individual advised of an intoxicated male who was lying on the ground at Fourth and Railway. Officers contacted subject. Subject refused PBT and was placed into protective custody and transported to SCJ.

16:53 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 3, Nash Road.

17:05 - Individual reported an avalanche on Lowell Point Road.

18:10 - Caller requested an ambulance to the airport for a skier with a head injury who was coming in on a helicopter.

20:52 - The Oriental Garden reported a small fire in the walls.

20:52 - Verbal warning for crossing the center line given next to the Air Force Rec Camp.

23:33 - Verbal warning for driving without headlights illuminated given in the Three Bears Parking lot.

23:45 - Kyle Murphy given a verbal warning for speed, a citation for PBT refusal, and arrested for DUI at Seward and South Harbor. Passenger opted to walk and the vehicle was pulled off to the side of the road. Murphy was transported to SCJ where he was given an additional charge of BTR.

23:46 - Individual advised of an intoxicated man with long white hair walking towards Tony’s. Officer contacted the subject, who had fallen and cut his forehead, in front of Tony’s. Subject transported to the hospital. After medical clearance, he was transported to SCJ for protective custody with PBT .213.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMCC, Providence Seward Medical & Care Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence; MICS, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance; DV, Domestic Violence; FTA, Failure To Appear; MCA, Minor Consuming Alcohol.


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