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This week’s Rocking the Boat comes from the April 11 Nome Nugget

It seems like politicians and the makers of their TV ads think the public is really stupid. Maybe they are right but sometimes ya have to say, “What … ?”

It is always interesting to see who is paying for these political messages. There was one not too recent ad where the “Paid for” part was in white letters on a dirty snow background and zipped by in a fraction of a second. There was no way it could be read. There is one out there now damning Sen. Begich for something and it is paid for by “numbers.” Now who the heck is numbers and what creek in the Lower-48 did they crawl out of? Then there’s the kerfuffle over Rep. Scott Kawasaki giving a crude gesture while Rep. Mike Chenault was speaking about a gas pipeline bill. One wonders hmmm… What kind of a crude gesture was it? Was it ummm… the single finger salute? Well, it turns out he made a funny face and stuck out his tongue. For all the silly flack he is taking, he should have waved to the birds.

Such tongue-in-cheek silliness just makes us marvel at the petty antics of politics. It takes our minds off the billions of dollars the politicians think we want to give away to big oil. Don’t they understand that Alaskan’s don’t want to give away the store? We are not the fools that the governor and his cronies think that we are. We are in a political shell game and the only winner is Shell Oil.


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