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A look at history: Prudhoe oil flows into Valdez

Rocking the Boat


The following is from the editorial page of the Jan. 24, 1974 Seward Phoenix LOG.

After six years of waiting, the go-ahead has finally been given for the trans-Alaska oil pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. This came about yesterday,Wednesday, Jan. 23, with the signing of the pipeline permit by Interior Secretary Roger Morton. Morton called it an “historical document” and so it must be considered. Its impact will probably bring more change in Alaska in a few short years than the Gold Rush, building of the railroad, Native Land Claims or Statehood have brought in the last hundred.

There is little we can add to all that has and will be printed about the pipeline. Our simple hope is that as Alaskans we will honor our obligation to bring about progress – while at the same time safeguarding the treasured things that brought or kept us here in the first place – clean air, pure water, the wide open spaces and relative freedom of the individual.

The following is from the editorial page of the May 2, 1974 Seward Phoenix LOG.

Last week was a perfect example of one of the biggest problems faced by a weekly. We had “put the paper to bed” to use an expression peculiar to the business, when we received a “hot top” and an invitation to get a “scoop,” to use a few more news-oriented terms.

Seems that the scrap ship in the harbor had illegally discharged waste into Resurrection Bay. What followed was a veritable invasion of State Troopers, police, officials, etc. to handle the situation. The skipper was arrested and all the environmental folks got involved. But we were out of business for the week.

Much the same happened on a grander scale on Aug. 4 two years ago when the largest bank robbery in Alaska history happened right under our collective LOG noses on a Wednesday. That time we still could cover the event (even though we had to use hearsay as Ye Olde Editor had managed to miss the whole thing despite the fact it was right across the street – and I won’t soon live that one down. We did manage to be in on the capture and got the first special edition of that sort in our history. The whole point is that the robbery was on Wednesday.

Naturally it was a Wednesday! Any weekly newspaper editor could have predicted that. If the world was to come to an end it would surely happen on a Wednesday – but at least we wouldn’t be expected to cover that.


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