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Captain's Mast — Jan. 31, 2013


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department.

Jan. 21

06:52 - Verbal warning for failure to carry proof of insurance and inoperative headlight issued on Seward Highway at Dieckgraeff Road.

10:20 - SAST advised of caller who stated he needed an ambulance at Sea Bean. SAST transferred caller who stated that he was calling from Thorn’s and wanted an ambulance but did not say why and then hung up. Officer was unable to locate caller or anyone needing an ambulance at Thorn’s or Sea Bean.

10:46 - PSMCC requested an officer for a male who was brought in and was waving something around in his hand. Officers made contact with subject. Investigation revealed the subject was the one who called 911 from Thorn’s and Sea Bean.

12:21 - Caller reported a motor vehicle accident with damage at Spenard Builder’s Supply. Caller was given number for SAST.

16:21 - Caller reported that a male wearing a blue shirt and black pants was trying to get into the apartment across from hers. He had been there for 10 minutes prior to the call. Individual called back to say that her husband had contacted subject and everything was fine.

17:20 - Verbal warning for headlight issued on Fourth and Monroe.

Jan. 22

14:56 - Ashley Hilton arrested at Pacific Park Apartments, for Federal Warrant — Felony in Possession of Weapon. No bail. Hilton was transported to SCJ.

15:16 - Officers provided transport to a juvenile from Pacific Park Apartments to SPD for civil paperwork, and then returned to Pacific Park.

16:09 - Individual reported heavy smoke behind the SFD/Satellites. SFD was notified. Persons were burning without a permit.

16:52 - Caller reported seeing flames on the lines at Mile 6 Seward Highway by the Nauti Otter.

16:57 - Individual reported finding a dog that did have tags and took it to the shelter. ACO notified.

Jan. 23

06:50 - Wells Fargo security reported a silent burglary alarm from the ATM building on Third. Officer responded that nothing seemed to have been tampered with.

07:04 - Summons for driving without a valid license issued to Carl Wetzel at Fourth and Ballaine.

07:05 - Verbal warning for inoperative brake light issued on Third at South Harbor Street.

09:46 - Wells Fargo Security reported a silent burglary alarm at the Wells Fargo Bank. Officers responded and advised it was a false alarm.

12:08 - Citation for speeding issued to Ruben Gonzalez at Seward Highway and Ballaine.

16:30 - Individual reported that he lost his black Motorola Quantico cell phone in an alley.

17:32 - Verbal warning for driving with head lights off given on Seward Highway next to the Air Force Rec Camp.

Jan. 24

03:22 - Juneau Coast Guard advised of an Emergency Locator Transmitter signal they received from Seward and requested that an officer check the bay area near the airport. Officer was unable to locate anything. USCG was updated.

04:00 - Individual hit a moose at Mile 0.5 Nash Road. Charity from the road kill list contacted to retrieve the moose.

11:03 - Shoreside reported that a trailer parked at Sixth and Adams slid into the roadway and someone was coming to move it. Move was completed by 11:16.

13:01 - SVAC/SVFD dispatched to Mountain Haven for a male who hit his head and was found on the floor. Patient was transported to PSMCC.

13:49 - Dale Kuller was arrested for prostitution at Eagle Lane and transported to SCJ where he was booked and incarcerated.

14:46 - SVAC/SVFD dispatched to Fifth for a female who was dizzy, vomiting and unable to get out of bed. Patient refused treatment.

16:58 - Individual took an old medication to SPD to be destroyed.

17:30 - Individual turned into SPD a wallet belonging to juvenile. Officer spoke with juvenile’s mother and advised her that the wallet could be picked up anytime.

22:36 - SAST requested assistance with a disturbance in progress at Salmon Creek Trailer Park. Individual reported that her two sons were fighting, one of whom threw her dog. Officers responded to secure the scene until a trooper could arrive. Officers searched for suspect, whom they were unable to locate.

Jan. 25

07:41 - Arctic Elevator Company called 911 to test the emergency functions of an elevator in city hall. All was OK.

09:35 - Individual reported fuel was taken from his residence on the Seward Highway. He stated that he would call AST.

09:55 - Elevator call button tested at the Senior Center. All OK.

10:00 - Individual reported fuel was taken from her residence at Second.

11:01 - Officer requested case in assisting AST with arrest at Eagle Lane on Jan. 24 at 13:49.

12:18 - Elevator call button tested at the Resurrection Lutheran Church at on Third.

12:47 - Citation for speed issued to Beverly Agler at Metco.

13:12 - Elevator call button tested at the Resurrection Lutheran Church. All was OK.

14:18 - Individual reported that after a vehicle was being driving slowly and all over the road, it was parked at Shoreside Petroleum. Officer made contact with driver and advised that all was OK.

16:00 - Officers assisted in arrest of Fritz Barras at Salmon Creek Trailer Park on warrant — OC assault III DV and interfering with the report of a DV. $5,000 cash bail.

16:45 - Individual reported that she had lost power at her residence on Dimond Boulevard.

19:50 - Multiple callers reported that transformers were arcing next to SVAC ambulance barn and the American Legion.

22:36 - Individual advised of a fallen tree blocking the lane of traffic on Ravina Street.

Jan. 26

02:05 - Citation for speeding issued to Ronald Meaden on Fourth. Subject given verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to use turn signal.

04:44 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Eric Lucas at Seward and North Harbor Street. Subject was given verbal warnings for failure to carry proof of registration and speeding.

05:15 - Summons for driving without a valid license and citation issued for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Justin Thomassen at Seward Highway near the Air Force Rec Camp. Thomassen was also given a verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign, taillight out and failure to carry proof of registration.

08:15 - Individual reported a smoke alarm going off at Pacific Park Apartments.

13:44 - Seward Fisheries advised that they would be conducting a fire drill at 14:00.

15:59 - Officer stopped to remove trees that had fallen into the road on Third by Bayside Apartments.

17:15 - Individual reported his sons’ residence on Eagle Lane was broken into. Call transferred to AST.

18:25 - Seward small boat harbor was conducting its weekly test and advised to disregard any bells heard.

20:03 - Individual stated that there was an intoxicated male in a bright orange down jacket on Fifth by Chinook’s. Subject kept falling down and trying to stop traffic. Officer placed subject in police custody and transported him to SCJ.

Jan. 27

10:30 - Individual requested a welfare check on person at Glacier View Apartments. Officer responded and all appeared to be OK.

10:46 - SVAC/MPVFD dispatched to the Moose Pass Community Church for a male who was having a seizure.

13:23 - Individual reported that a window at Four Seasons drydock was open. A message was left for owner. Officer found the building secured.

16:17 - Individual reported an alarm going off at the Student Service Center on Fourth. There was no fire. Someone had walked through the wrong door.

18:21 - Individual called to report the red light going off at Ray’s Restaurant on Fourth. Ray’s building maintenance was notified.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail; ACO, Animal Control Officer; BCVFD, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department; MPVFD, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department SAST, Soldotna Alaska State Troopers; AST, Alaska State Troopers; PSMCC, Providence Seward Medical & Care Center; SCCC, Spring Creek Correctional Center; USCG, United States Coast Guard; SMIC, Seward Marine Industrial Center; PBT, Portable Breathalyzer Test .; BTR, Breath Test Refusal; DWLR, Drove While License Revoked; DWLS, Drove While License Suspended; DUI, Drove Under Influence; MICS, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance; DV, Domestic Violence.


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