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By Wolfgang Kurtz
LOG Editor 

Former LOG editor writes novel


Generally, I like books written by chicks, but I hardly read them preferring less depressing fare like the Google news aggregator. Or Facebook. Maybe it’s not a question of preference but a question of availability.

Cinthia’s Ritchie’s new novel became available as it was dropped on my desk. I’d like to say it was endlessly entertaining, a rip roaring first person account of the roller coaster life of a single parent. But it seems too much like novelized real life with the author having come out the other end more or less in one piece. Or one set of orbiting pieces. I’m still looking down the barrel of more than few more years.

Girls, women, what have you, seem to prefer working their issues out verbally or in print. I used to get those notes dropped on me from to time. Nowadays it’s texts. I don’t answer the phone much anymore.

Guys find other outlets. Some aren’t mentionable in polite company, others are far too acceptable.

So Cinthia Ritchie’ new novel, “Dolls Behaving Badly,” is a chick book. The first time I read a chick book it was a choice between and Erica Jong and Richard Bach. I wisely chose Erica Jong. Anais Nin was next, then Ayn Rand. I don’t think Nancy Drew applies.

So I laughed, I wanted to cry but, hey, I’m male. Ritchie’s stories are hopeful, hilarious and real to the extent that a novel can be. When you read these books, it’s typical to assume there’s some degree of autobiographical detail involved. That would be pretty weird but I guess no stranger than my life. What am I saying!

Single mothers and those with families and friends who are merely quirky and not downright insane will likely dig it. Other people should read it to find out what the heck I’m talking about. That’s probably impossible.

Cinthia Ritchie used to live in Seward doing my job. In a way we have a lot more than that in common. However, I think that single mothers are smarter than single fathers. I can’t go into detail because I might get slapped. Or one of those texts.

Cinthia Ritchie’s new novel was partially written in and about Seward. It is being published by Grand Central Publishing, and will be available worldwide Feb. 5.


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