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President Obama Gets Our Vote . . .

Four years ago the country elected Barack Obama as the country was sliding into the Great Recession caused by a decade of deregulation of the financial industry and tax cuts while fighting two wars in a region with a history of instability. It has been a slow recovery made more difficult by the right’s assaults on women’s rights, safety nets for the poor, and health care reform. The right’s continuing refusals to work with the president on budget and economic issues while they protect the wealthy has no doubt slowed recovery because of their inability to focus on combatting the recession. Governor Romney is a reflection of that intransigence. It does not serve the country well.

When history is written, we are confident that it will conclude that President Obama prevented another Great Depression. Were it not for the stimulus bill, millions more would be unemployed and the poor would be without food stamps, jobless benefits, and healthcare.

While we at times have disagreed with President Obama, we have more hope in him that he will rein in Wall Street and the transnational corporations than we do in Governor Romney. There are many big and decisive issues in this campaign such as healthcare, the economy, and foreign affairs but the biggest issue for us is the Supreme Court. Whomever is president will no doubt have at least one appointment to make in the next four years. A new justice on the high court will likely increase the chances of overturning Citizens United, a terrible decision that defined a corporation as a living, walking, breathing human being with human rights. Since the Citizens United decision in early 2010, corporations have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into electing people who will do their bidding by lowering taxes for the wealthy and passing the burden onto the poor. Citizens United has been called the worst Supreme Court decision in a hundred years and it will likely not be overturned by a justice appointed by Romney. President Obama offers us our best hope for defining government by the people for the people and not government for the corporations.

We Endorse Ron Devon . . .

For the first time in almost forty years Seward is connected by road to all parts of the state senate district. District N is a new district and not easily defined. Though within three hours driving distance from one end to the other, it is diverse with many different industries from fishing and fish processing to the oil and gas industry. The kind of person who should represent such a widely diverse district should be one who is willing to listen and willing to work with all of us regardless of our party affiliations. Ron Devon is just that person.

Alaska is an incredibly wealthy state, blessed with a tiny population of less than 800,000 people and billions of dollars in a permanent fund. Even if we didn’t have the permanent fund, we’d still be a wealthy state with a resources base that is beyond comparison with any of the other 49 states. Our resources make us attractive and sometimes we think we’re so poor we have to develop our resources right now without concern for the future. If you believe some of the ads in this campaign, you’d think all Alaskans were walking around in threadbare socks with not a dime in the bank.

Devon is a thoughtful, dedicated Alaskan. He doesn’t believe a legislator should be committed to working with only republicans but all legislators, regardless of party affiliation, profession, or where you live. Politics, after all, is the art of compromise. That’s how the U.S. Constitution and the state of Alaska constitution were crafted.

We’re voting for Ron Devon because he’s willing to work with all of us, from Anchorage to Nikiski and everywhere in between. He believes, like many of us, that our resources belong to those who are here today and those who are yet to come. He’s concerned about our future, Alaska’s future!


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