Opinion: Providing ANCSA benefits to younger generations

January 13th 3:32 pm

I have given considerable thought of how best to include Alaska Natives born after Dec. 18, 1971, to benefit from the corporations created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Opinion: Recounting 2010 and the fish that were

January 6th 3:00 pm

Alaska's seafood industry worked hard this year to ramp up its message to policy-makers, especially those from Railbelt regions who tend to overlook the industry's economic significance.

Opinion: Shipping pollution a danger around Bering Sea

January 6th 2:50 pm

With climate change reducing Arctic ice, Aleut and Pribilof people will find themselves living at [...]

Opinion: Tax changes must bring jobs, oil

December 23rd 9:22 am

Few subjects provoke more controversy than oil taxes. If oil is taxed at too high a rate there's a risk that crucial investments don't get made in the state's most important industry.

Opinion: Snowball fights for grown-ups? About time

December 16th 9:21 am

This is one of those perfect ideas that will leave thousands of people muttering, "Duh, why didn't I think of that?" It is so obvious that 620,000 Alaskans never mentioned it.

Opinion: Polar bears deserve enough space to survive

December 9th 12:51 pm

When I visit the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage the highlight is stopping at the polar bear enclosure. The largest gathering of polar bears I ever saw was at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois.

Opinion: Alaska's legal climate far from harsh

December 1st 11:49 am

In light of the Obama administration's health care reforms, Alaska's approach toward doctors is a model worth noting.

Opinion: Numbered or numberless, state's salmon are amazing

December 1st 11:46 am

When I read the recent prognosis of state fisheries biologists suggesting that the 2011 Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run might be 38.5 million fish, I nearly fainted.

Opinion: Federal education mandates prove punitive in rural Alaska

November 24th 9:54 am

Schools in Alaska and across the nation struggle to meet the mandates imposed by No Child Left Behind despite budget cuts, layoffs and increasing class sizes. The mandates are unreasonable, difficult if not impossible to meet, and punitive, particularly in rural areas of Alaska.

Opinion: 'Dialogue' on mining is talk in one direction

November 24th 9:35 am

On Dec. 3, the Pebble Limited Partnership will unveil its latest round of tactics in quest for North America's largest copper and gold mine planned for the headwaters of Bristol Bay's prolific salmon fishery.

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